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Super Rugby Trial Rebels v Brumbies 23JAN20 Greenfield Park Albury 345pm


Desmond Connor (43)
Great work by the Albury Steamers to have secured the "Battle of the Border" down on the river next week, there are loads of events on around these two matches - Sportsmen's Lunch, Foundation Course, plenty of local press and "meet and greet" opportunities. Check out the Steamer's FB page for all the details.


Local fire charities are also being supported in practical ways by the club. Yes, there are donation options on the day but the club is also rounding up players and club members to head up to assist with cleanup for the Dunn's Road Fire.

Emergency Services personnel get free entry to this event and the club is throwing in some drinks also.

The Steamers have negotiated this game off their own back, they have skin in the game for this and it would be great to see plenty of local support for this event.

I believe tickets are all being sold online for this event. Link below, be there or be square.



Desmond Connor (43)
Then again, it rubs up against the long weekend.. Could be a very good way to spend some cash in towns hit by the fires this summer.

Do it, you won't regret it mate.

Buy your fuel in town, take the scenic route via Bright etc and have lunch. Buy some meat from the local butcher, pick up some beer or cider from the breweries up that way...


Desmond Connor (43)
Rebels and Brumbies could market this match as a way to support country towns and make big waves in the media.

I'm sure the brainstrust at the Steamer's are all over this angle and will be promoting this match at every possible level. They've got some great local politico support which will hopefully open some doors also.


Tom Lawton (22)
Thanks YMS, the timing hasn't been great any which way you cut it. However I think we are making the best of a bad situation. There will be some public announcements about direct support for RFS early next week.

In the mean time though, we are basically getting the chance to watch 2 full squads of Super Rugby teams go at it in two games, about a week before the season starts.

The club has got together a great afternoon of entertainment with food vans, kids stuff, Sportsmans lunch featuring Nick and Tim - we're on first name basis now but for punters that's Nick Farr-Jones and Tim Gavin, and quite a bit more. The auction items at the Sportsmans Lunch are phenomenal and both the RFS and our club are humbled by the generosity of the Brumbies, Rebels, RA and others.

We believe Fox Sports is officially launching the season from the game as well, with a live cross at 2pm.

We think the location is perfect. Greenfield Park is looking spectacular - it has to be the greenest piece of real estate in South East Australia. The Albury City Council has done a cracking job. And Albury itself is roughly 3 and a half hours from both Canberra and Melbourne, so day trippers are covered. And of course there are a multitude of accommodation options in the region - especially given the after party at the Railway Hotel. :) I will be officially dialling out at 9pm on Thursday and maybe unavailable for comment by 10pm.

Brumby Jack

Steve Williams (59)
Staff member
Brumbies squads for tomorrow:

Game 1
1. Harry Lloyd
2. Lachlan Lonergan
3. Tom Ross
4. Tom Hooper
5. Nick Frost
6. Rory Scott
7. Jahrome Brown
8. Luke Reimer
9. Issak Fines
10. Bayley Kuenzle
11. Guy Porter
12. Reesjan Pasitoa
13. Len Ikitau
14. Tom Haddad
15. Mack Hansen
Billy Pollard, Fred Kahea, Bo Abra, Callum McDonald, Zeph Tuinona, Lachlan Osbourne, Lachie Albert, Isaac Henry, Billy Carberry, Dennis Waight, Tony Alofipo, Luke Gersekowski

Game 2
1. Scott Sio
2. Folau Fainga'a
3. Allan Ala'alatoa (c)
4. Murray Douglas
5. Darcy Swain
6. Rob Valetini
7. Tom Cusack
8. Pete Samu
9. Joe Powell
10. Noah Lolesio
11. Tom Wright
12. Irae Simone
13. Tevita Kuridrani
14. Solomone Kata
15. Tom Banks

Connal McInerney, James Slipper, Caderyn Neville, Will Miller, Ryan Lonergan, Andy Muirhead, Toni Pulu


John Hipwell (52)
^^^^That game two side looks pretty bloody good to me. Second row is the big question with the Brumbies for me this year.


Will Genia (78)
Staff member
Pretty clear indication of the first choice Brumbies side.

Any notable players aside from Lachie McCaffrey missing from these squads?


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Lots of interesting names in that 1st team. Will be fascinating to see if Billy Pollard can cut it with men.

Mr Wobbly

Alan Cameron (40)


John Eales (66)
Pretty decent indication of the preferred backline. Forwards still have some stars on the bench to be swapped in. Where’s Uelese and English?

Mr Wobbly

Alan Cameron (40)
Pretty decent indication of the preferred backline. Forwards still have some stars on the bench to be swapped in. Where’s Uelese and English?

Quite a few missing that I would have expected to have seen named: Uelese, Killingworth, Ainsley, Kemeny, Fa'amasili, Magnay, Louwrens.

Edit: Plus Tuttle and Tupou.

English, I think only finished up in Japan last weekend.