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Sydney Colts - 2015

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Quick Hands

David Wilson (68)
When it was too wet at School for Phys Ed to be done outside, we had to learn the Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, Waltz, quick step, Foxtrot, and several other dances with names that have been forgotten.l


I well remember learning the Gay Gordons, Pride of Erin etc for our primary school dances. Those were the days.:)

EDIT: For the benefit of younger viewers, I should add that in those more innocent times, the common usage of the word "gay" meant happy and carefree.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Tipped 3 1/2 out of 5 last week after claiming the almost draw as a 1/2 point. Finally got a tip right for the Beasties, and one club who's official nickname is the same as an Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang under performed.

Round 15 Tips

Randwick v Eastern Suburbs. Beasties are coming good at the right end of the season but against the backdrop of the Eastern Beaches festival of hate, they will come up short by 15 points. Using reverse psychology and my lack of success in tipping any game involving the Tricolours from Rose Bay, that could mean that I actually think the Beasties will win.

Eastwood v West Harbour. Fresh from the Bye the Woodies should win comfortably, but that is what was tipped the first time they played this season, which ended in a 22 all draw. Woodies by > 12.

Northern Suburbs v Manly. The Shoremen will be full of confidence having thrashed Gordon by 1 point last week, and should be too strong across the park. Red and Black by 15+

Parramatta v Gordon. Like the Beasties, the M2B are a team on the improve. Match of the round for me and I'm tipping the upset of the round to occur at Death Valley. M2B by <7.

Southern Districts v Sydney University. Seemingly they don't like me talking about them, so Those Who Don't Like Being Named will get thrashed by The Corporation.

Warringah v The Bye. The Rats are on a roll and will comfortably record back to back victories, taking max points from a 28-0 drubbing.

Quick Hands

David Wilson (68)
Seemingly they don't like me talking about them, so Those Who Don't Like Being Named will get thrashed by The Corporation.



Bob McCowan (2)
Parra are certainly on the move, with the Bye next week and then Wests. The last round against Easts at home (Parra lost by 2 points last time, and were up 3 minutes from the whistle). The same 15-17 players keep doing it each week and have done for 6-7 weeks Our number 10 is O/S at the moment, and the replacement went down in the warm up, so it was a great effort by the reserve no.10 to play a second full gameThe forward were dominate again, and at one stage TB were down to 13 players. could have been a lote better, but the Stags fought back in the last two wwith yellow cards playing a big part of the overall score, Still a might effort.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Round 15 Results

W. McMahon Memorial Shield - Colts 1
Randwick 31 Eastern Suburbs 13
Eastwood 43 West Harbour 27
Northern Suburbs 25 Manly 29
Parramatta 38 Gordon 24
Southern Districts 38 Sydney University 48
Warringah 28 The Bye 0

Shell Trophy - Colts 2
Randwick 41 Eastern Suburbs 10
Eastwood 22 West Harbour 31
Northern Suburbs 27 Manly 22
Parramatta 14 Gordon 50
Southern Districts 7 Sydney University 47
Warringah 27 Penrith 20

Bill Simpson Shield - Colts 3
Randwick 24 Eastern Suburbs 5
Eastwood 24 West Harbour 29
Northern Suburbs 26 Manly 29
Parramatta 17 Gordon 21
Southern Districts 19 Sydney University 32
Warringah 29 Penrith 0

Round 16 Games - 11 July
Manly v Warringah
Eastern Suburbs v Eastwood
Southern Districts v Randwick
Gordon v Sydney University
Penrith v Parramatta (Bye in Colts 1)
West Harbour v Northern Suburbs


Alfred Walker (16)
As per last year, Uni are good at scoring points but their defence is porous. You cannot win a comp this way. Is anyone at Uni in charge of defence?

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Eric Spilsted Shield (Colts Club Championship) Watch:
The Gallopers maintain a lead of more than 1 round of maximum points on The Corporation and it should prove to be unassailable. In turn, the Corporation has established a lead of more than a rounds maximum points over the Shoremen in third place.

Predicted mid table jockeying occurred, and I reckon that there will be more of the same next week.

There are a maximum of 55 points available to a club each week, based on all 3 colts teams winning with a 4 try BP.

Randwick, 760 points
Sydney University, 700 points
Northern Suburbs, 619 points
Gordon, 562 points
Eastwood, 419 points (up 2 places)
Eastern Suburbs, 416 points (down 1 place)
Southern Districts, 413 points (down 1 place)
Manly, 352 points
Parramatta, 325 points
West Harbour, 269 points
Warringah, 155 points# (up 1 place)
Penrith, 122 points (down 1 place)

How the Colts Club Championship table is calculated.
The competition points from the individual competitions are multiplied by the following factors and then added together.
Colts 1 - 6
Colts 2 - 3
Colts 3 - 2

# Warringah deducted 4 points for a Late Forfeit in Round 1 Colts 3, and 2 Points for a Forfeit in Round 2 Colts 3.

The Butts

Herbert Moran (7)
As AussieDominance said "congratulations to Parra for a great win".

But . . . I would say the real turning point in the game was when the ref decided to even up the penalties in the last 10 minutes. Three tries from that point.

The last yellow card for Parra was when they persistently kept collapsing the driving maul/scrum right on their try line. This happened quite a few times, and the funny thing was, the Parra player started walking off before the ref could even reach into his pocket ;)

In any other game this would have been a penalty try.

Parra deserved to win, but the refs really need to be accountable for the very lop-sided penalty count, and the missed shoulder tackles and elbows. Just can't win a game when being starved of the ball for 90% of the first half.

Not a whinge, just an observation :D

Dave Beat

Paul McLean (56)
Looks to be an easy round to tip,so undoubtedly there will be some upsets!
Wicks 30+
Woods 15+
Norths 20+
Gordon 10+
Uni 20+
The Riff to get up in 2's!

20+ ha ha.
Good to see you got up in 1's on Saturday;) - that's back to back wins for you.

Looking forward to this weekend then, solid hit out for us against 3rd placed Nths who'd had only lost 3.
Pack was outstanding and the outside backs dominated at the crucial moments of the game. Scott Williams is coming back to say hi for this game, as well as Kane Ladhams.
Derby day.

I like to watch

David Codey (61)
Yep kudos to Manly for an unexpected win in what's been a dismal year for them, in all colts grades.
But don't gloat too early Dave,I'm tipping a huge win for the Marlins colts next week.
And I seem to get most Marlins games wrong........


Billy Sheehan (19)
Well, I've been reading all the comments about Penrith on other threads etc. Guess what?

The snouts tell me that the Penrith 2nd Grade Colts side that is doing so well this year are all going en-masse to West Harbour next year.

Quick Hands

David Wilson (68)
Well, I've been reading all the comments about Penrith on other threads etc. Guess what?

The snouts tell me that the Penrith 2nd Grade Colts side that is doing so well this year are all going en-masse to West Harbour next year.

It will be so difficult for the club to recruit or even retain players the way things are going. I can even foresee the club itself going under if it tries to stay in the top division.

It's not something I'm happy about, but the current situation is untenable.
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