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Sydney Subbies 2020


Stan Wickham (3)
I was surprised when we were dropped all the way to a 1 team comp, numbers wise we always had 2 teams, even if they 2nd wasn't the best quality.

Not necessarily so..... At the time we needed to confirm 2 teams for the season we were unable to due to lack of numbers. On the 7th July we only had 32 registered players. When the season started we could put a Halligan's team on the field for round one but still uncertain if we could maintain for the season. We didn't play a Halligan's in round 3 due to lack of numbers. From there we had an influx of players and were able to front a side each week.

Hopefully, all those guys will come back next year and we can maintain the rebuilding process.


Allen Oxlade (6)
Still a bit of semi-local rugby going on. Central Coast Rugby up to Preliminary Final stage this weekend and is being live streamed on YouTube. Hornsby blew a 20 point lead last week to go down against Ourimbah.
Also Sunday arvo's on NITV (Ch 34) there is W.A and S.A. Premier Grade rugby.