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The new Wallaby jersey


Will Genia (78)
Staff member

Photo from Sam Bruce via twitter.


John Eales (66)
So it's a carbon copy of the Springboks one then with the colours swapped around?

Springboks don't have a piping around the sleeves, Wallabies do. Also Springboks have some lame detailing on the side of the torso. But both done by ASICS, you'd expect the jerseys to be the same.


John Eales (66)
I'm liking it. Didn't like it initially, but I think it's as classic as you can get in 2019 with modern fabrics. Good stuff.

The torpedo

Peter Fenwicke (45)
That World cup logo is horrendous.

Collar kinda reminds me of the ones on the old (as in the founding era) rugby league jerseys

Also a Southern Cross is defs needed


Simon Poidevin (60)
Not a bad Jersey, I like it, very simlar to one of the current ones I already have (Ive got a tone), I do miss the southern cross on it, just indented at the bottom in the same color would have been nice.