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The new Wallaby jersey


Watty Friend (18)
That jersey is just horrendous, seriously how many marketing and designer consultants were involved in this “Project”. Is that the best they could come up with?!

I understand that is about winning the World Cup but Jesus how many jersey are they expecting to sell?!

I used to buy a Wallaby Jersey every year and at one point I had 7 different jerseys but I stopped buying them 2 years ago and probably won’t buy one ever again!


Dick Tooth (41)
Looks worse in real life


Cyril Towers (30)
They represent the sea. You know, the bit that our land is girt by.

lol oh so that's the path they went down. Where's the bit that represents our natural resources?

Oh well, given the turn over with these things now at least we only have to wait a year for the next effort.

Who knows, maybe in the next 10 years one of these companies will work out a jersey that isn't over thinking everything and we get a nice clean gold jersey with just a little green on the cuffs of the sleeves

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Tony Shaw (54)
That's terrible.

Worse than aesthetically terrible TWAS - which it truly is and defines bad, thoughtless design in almost every aspect - it looks as though, on the last assessment stage, the whole thing was presented to the ARU's Cost Management and Avoiding Bankruptcy Committee and they insisted the final version was made as cheaply as possible in Outer Mongolia and should look so to persuade the world that the ARU wasted not a cent on its RWC jersey.

How could any self-respecting ARU board member pass as glaring an atrocity as is this Wallaby jersey? How the fuck could you not reject this version in under 30 seconds?

Everyone here knows I don't rate the general competency of the ARU, but this effort (if true) surely plumbs new depths.

the sabanator

Ron Walden (29)
Other problems:
Not Gold, made by Asics, stupid colour, stupid shoulder. I can't believe it but worse than last year. KooGa had put out a few good jerseys and now we gets this clowns. Not happy ARU