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The Politics Forum - PLEASE READ




There has been quite a lot of debate around the politics threads, and an equal amount of complaints about the direction and form some of the discussion is taking.

Please be reminded that the Politics forums are subject to the same rules and values as the rest of GAGR. In a nutshell, that means we treat each other with respect, we acknowlege differing opinions without having to agree with them, and we don't cut and paste enormous chucks of other peoples words into the threads.

If you need to refresh yourself on the rules, they can be found here:

You may also recall a transformative change to the site some time ago, where we wanted to put some focus on the "vibe" of the place. That means that we wanted an upbeat, thriving community of people that was both welcoming and accepting to new and old members alike.

We didn't want nastiness, abuse, intolerance, and plain old fashioned bullying. The general idea can be found here:


The upshot of all this is that we need to make sure those standards we hold so highly in other areas of GAGR, also get to see a bit of sunshine in our non-rugby forums.

We understand that Politics, (like QC (Quade Cooper), Richie McCaw, Robbie Deans and almost anything to do with the Reds and Tahs), generates passion, excitement, and a general desire to hammer your point home.

We are all for free debate, a free exchange of ideas and a bit of banter. What are not for is anything that breaks the rules, or contributes to a lowering of the vibe from sunny to cloudy.

So, have at it. Enjoy your discussions and wang on about anything you like. The Mods will be floating around to make sure we all get to enjoy this great place equally. Any questions, feel free to ask the men in dark green.


The GAGR Team.


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Staff member
Good one Daz.

I'd also add that if a mod gives you a hint to change your game in some way, then it'd be a good idea to pay heed, even if you think you're "within the rules".

We're in line to be doing some 'remedial pruning' to pick up the vibe of the politics forum via enforced holidays.


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Staff member
Dear all,

The politics forum is having a rest. G&GR is clearly a rugby forum and we only have so many human resources to moderate rugby related discussion. To paraphrase Tone Abert's immigration policy, "right now we're full".

If you really need a political outlet in the meantime, find a political forum, join twitter or go to your nearest park and rant.

--message ends--