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The Wallabies Thread


Rod McCall (65)
1. Sio
2. Moore
3. Holmes
4. Douglas
5. Simmons
6. Fardy
7. Hooper
8. Pocock
9. Phipps
10. Foley
11. Horne/speight/Tomane
12. To'omua
13. Kuridrani
14. Horne/speight/Tomane
15. Folau

16. TPN/Hansen
17. Slipper
18. Smith/Faulkner/Cowan
19. Mumm
20. Mccalman
21. Stirzaker
22. Lealifano
23. Beale

I think we'll be OK :)

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George Gregan (70)
Don't bother naming a team - Cheika has already wiped the slate clean. He had 12 months to get us to a RWC and has - by all measures - exceeded expectation.

The sponsors hopefully come back. The fans should fucking come back. The drive for rugby in an Olympic year is irresistible.

Cheika now gets time to pause and get onto the new direction. Every player in the country should be doing hill runs starting tomorrow morning because world domination is where we're headed, fuckers.

Get on board, the bandwagon is leaving!


Ken Catchpole (46)

Moore, Kepu, Horwill, Palu, Genia, QC (Quade Cooper), Giteau, Mitchell and AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper)

Those who won't play in Japan 2019 by age:

Holmes and Fardy

Out by 7s:

Speight, McMahon?

The starting XV for the coming years:

1 Sio
3 ?
4 Simmons
5 Douglas
6 ?
7 Hooper
8 Pocock
9 Phipps
10 Foley
11 Horne
12 To'omua/Kerevi
13 Kuridrani
14 Tomane
15 Folau

16 Hanson
17 Smith
18 Talakai
19 Skelton
20 McMahon/Liam Gill
21 Stirzacker
22 Leali'ifano/Kerevi
23 Beale


Bob Loudon (25)
Timani; Enever; Taniela Tupou somewhere in the mix? Maybe wider squads?

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Phil Kearns (64)
It will be fascinating to see which choice Chubby makes between consolidating and rebuilding.

IMHO, we need to do some rebuilding, we cannot win consistently with our current generation of locks and wingers.

We need at least one winger with a lot of toe, and we need two locks who are big, safe in the set-pieces, and aggressive in both attack and defence.

That means rolling the dice a bit and throwing some of our young prospects into the cauldron of international rugby.


Alfred Walker (16)
I don't see any reason for Kane Douglas not being part of the side moving forward.

But you're right, we lack depth in key positions. I can't think of too many obvious up-and-comers, whereas we know New Zealand have them coming through on a conveyer belt.


Ken Catchpole (46)
Timani; Enever; Taniela Tupou somewhere in the mix? Maybe wider squads?

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Timani could be an option at the backrow, Luke Jones too. Tupou has no experience even at Super Rugby level. So he's an unknown


Desmond Connor (43)
Hope your right Pfitzy! We need lots of attention to developing a world class line out and becoming kings at restarts. Hoping to see the start of some new talent and depth coming through from the NRC. There's some serous talent in there. Can't wait for 2016!

Omar Comin'

Chilla Wilson (44)
Wouldn't need to happen in 2016, but I wonder if Fardy might move into the row at some stage in the 2-3 years in an effort to make 2019. He's tall enough, and would only really need to put on another handful of kg's. He's a young 31 in rugby terms so could potentially make it. Lock might be more suitable in his mid 30's than 6.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
There are some good locks coming through the NRC & while jumping is a huge part of a successful lineout, Lifting and Throwing are also critical aspects.

Unfortunately from the NRC, Lifting and Throwing has been rather inconsistent across most teams.

As Super Mario has done wonders for the Aussie Scrum, and Cam Blades will apparently be running a series of Scrum Schools for the Coaches, we need to follow the lead and establish a Lineout School, particularly focusing on Throwing and Lifting.

Hookers/Throwers need to approach their task with Wilkinsonesque determination and dedication to perfect their throwing skills.