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UN Women - Sydney Bledisloe - Free Tickets


Alex Ross (28)
Morning all,

UN Women is the United Nations body dedicated to guarding the interests of women. They do great work, and their Australian arm is an active and successful fundraiser for a lot of their overseas efforts.

They are having a coin donation drive at the Sydney Bledisloe (16 August, ANZ Stadium), and need volunteers to assist. You get there at 5pm before the game, collect coins before and after with a bunch of cool people, and you get a free ticket to the Bledisloe courtesy of Pulver & Co.

It's a good chance for young guys to get to a game you might not be able to afford, and to do some good for the world while you're at it. If you're interested, PM me your name, phone number and email and I'll pass them on to the organiser (who might use them or might not - depending on uptake from within the organisation, etc.).

Obviously don't volunteer if you're not going to do it properly - this is an important fundraiser for these guys - and everyone else keep an eye out and think about donating a few coins.