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Wallabies 2020


David Codey (61)
Hes a dick if he leaves now, this is his time.
Yes and no. The deal with Pau is only for the end of this year/early next year and was signed at the height of the Covid situation. He will back for the end of SRAu/TT and certainly for the inbound tests. I think the ball is completely in his court, given he’s now locked in a Wallabies jersey until RWC2023 he might be inclined to break the deal, but on the other hand RA should have no issues if he honours it.



Larry Dwyer (12)
A good captain will always TAKE THE POINTS, what happened in the Argentina game was inexcusable

Always respect the opposition
it’s not that simple. When you have a 60% kicker there is a good chance that going for the points on the first instance will just lose you the ball and the momentum.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
So you are saying Hooper should go for goal more but the kicker is a 65% (granted there are reasons) and not back the lineout? You do realise he did both during this match.

I've got a better idea why don't the players just execute their skill areas. BPA throwing straight, Phillip calling the right jumper, jumper catching it and the rest of the forwards correctly setting the maul.
I will keep saying this until I'm blue in the face - the captain is just the pointy end of the decision making spear. Behind every decision to take the 3 or kick for the corner are hours of plotting, game scenario analysis, and discussions with the coaching team before every Test. Additionally we now have a board meeting of the leadership team on the pitch just after the ref awards a penalty. Let's not mention the "water boy" running onto the field frantically waving the kicking tee - or not - as an additional hint as to the instructions from the coaching box.
The days of a John Thornet making an on-field decision unilaterally, based on his experience and game understanding in the moment, have been replaced with concepts like inclusion, team buy-in, and collective responsibility.
Hooper's decision making is fine.


Alex Ross (28)
And all those kickable penalties won’t necessarily add up on the scoreboard. If a penalty is given for collapsing a maul in an attacking position and we kick to the corner, set another maul which is collapsed and penalised, that’s not going to equal 6 points.


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
As of today, none. With an eye on the future Wilson, McReight and Petaia.

At this very early stage in their careers, Wilson would have to be the likeliest out of those three.

Apart from any other qualifications, he is a born and bred New South Welshperson!!!


Ted Thorn (20)
It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. In juniors McReight has been preferred. Plus he's a Queenslander - i went to uni with his old man in Toowoomba.


Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Sorry if this was mentioned earlier but Hooper was named a vice captain of the Wallabies when he was 22, I believe he had only played about 15 tests and some from the bench. He was then promoted to Captain a few games later when Moore went down for the remainder of the year. Was he placed in the role too early and now it’s burnt him out? Too many people in his ear telling him how to captain and now he’s a little brain dead with it all.

I agree that Wilson looks to be good captain material, his lead from the front attitude has been a standout all year, although I haven’t heard him speak much or seen much media with him. But then of course you’ve got that issue where Wright likely will remain Reds captain until he decides to leave.


Ken Catchpole (46)
it’s not that simple. When you have a 60% kicker there is a good chance that going for the points on the first instance will just lose you the ball and the momentum.
Momentum maybe. 90% of the time you get possession back at halfway from a 22 drop out or a clearance if the ball isn't dead.


Jim Lenehan (48)
The two best captains in SRAU were To'omua and Wright.

To'omua is very pragmatic in his decision making. However he is a little on the injured side and wouldn't solve a long term issue.

Wright captains very well for a youngster but isn't good enough to make the team currently, he also potentially going to be overtaken at club level (or already has) at his best position.

The other captains;

AAT - will never be a regular starter as long as Tupou is around
DHP - to old and as a Rebels fan makes strange decisions on the park (eg. almost never takes the points, the team is considerably better under To'omua's captaincy)
Simmons - leaving and realistically wont be in starting side in 12-18 months time.
Prior - good captain but a mile away from selection

If they're happy with a short term change id go To'omua considering hes the preferred 12 option when fit and appoint a youngster as VC that could take the reigns 12month out of the WC.

We need a mentality change in Aus rugby that sometimes applying scoreboard pressure is the attacking strategy, it will mean teams would be less likely to infringe and piling on points can open up the game with the opposition feeling they need to play catch up in 5's and create opportunities to do the flash stuff then.

Id go out on a limb here and say over the past 50 tests, we have won maybe 2-3 games from kicking to the corner/taking scrum option when points are on offer but lost 8-10 games from not taking the points


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Staff member
There are several good options for the future - Wilson, Wright, McReight just to name a few, and these guys give the impression they'll be long term Wallabies unless they go overseas. Props won't really work in the current game set-up - they rarely play more than 50 mins. A 9, 10, 12 or 13 certainly might be. I'd agree with Rebels3 that To'omua could be an option but he isn't locked in at the moment in the team for various reasons.


Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Wilson is a professional shithousery merchant. Shouldn't be anywhere near the captaincy. Let him be a niggly twat in the thick of it and lay on some borderline illegal tackles. Give the arm band to someone else who plays a calmer game.

You heard of this bloke called Richie McCaw?


Steve Williams (59)
You heard of this bloke called Richie McCaw?
Yeah McCaw was niggly too but IMO he hid it well with a school boy innocence. Wilson makes no attempt to hide it and is audibly bullying people through out games which I love but if I can hear it so can the ref.


Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Fair point but I definitely won’t be putting a line through him. I think he’s in a similar mould to Matera who’s turned out to be the leader the Argies need. Intense and in your face, willing to run into a confrontation and niggle. But I’ve also never seen any outright dirty play for him either.