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Wallabies 2021


Peter Fenwicke (45)
You may be right, but I think Wright has been largely unimpressive. Daugunu is brilliant in attack, a great defender and awesome over the ball. He has some flakey moments, but also plays closer to Koroiebete than anyone else.

As for the bench, it covers all positions. Beale is our only back up 10 and 15 it would seem, while Perese was close to the form Aust back of Super Rugby and is overdue a shot.
They'll have to bring someone else as 10 cover into the squad, like Harris or DP.

but yes I like your team. I like Leota but I feel (and have written about it previously) that Swintons lineout work will be necessary with Skelton there and Samu the backrow cover.


Allen Oxlade (6)
Like the team Reg. Personally I would look for Perese to start but on one of the wings. He brings that tackle breaking ability that we will miss with no Koroibiete.

I am also questioning the 15 position. I have always been an advocate for players playing in a regular position. Kellaway has had such a great season at 14 that I would be keen to see him develop in this position rather than move him around. When Hodge and Banks are fit he will likely be behind both of these players (with Hodge also likely to be 15 at Rebels). Whilst it may not be a popular choice I think having Beale slot into 15 will work for this tour with the injuries that have been encountered is best option.

If QC (Quade Cooper) does not travel I expect we will see To'omua back in the mix, likely as bench cover for 10/12.


Geoff Shaw (53)
Just exactly what do we do if JOC (James O'Connor) gets his knee wrecked in the first five minutes of the Scotland game? We have two more games, England and Wales, who are absolutely top class teams. All we have at 10 is Beale, who has been playing 13 and 15 since he left for France. Say he gets injured too, a not totally unlikely scenario given that opposition coaches will target him with their big fast boppa's. We then do not have ANYONE to play 10 except maybe Harris if he will come.

Its a situation that may mean we have to play White at 10 in the run-on side. That'll be interesting! Not saying he wouldn't be good at it but IMO he'd be the best alternative if JOC (James O'Connor) and Beale go down. And who on earth would the back-up 10 be?


Allen Oxlade (6)
Only guys that have experience at 10 that I can think of in Europe other than Beale are Harris, Holmes, Paia'Aua, Walsh. Piers O'connor at Wasps is Aussie eligible but think he plays more of a 12. Not sure if Hansen has played 10 but think he is looking at Ireland caps now.


Fred Wood (13)
I get that we'll miss Kerevi getting over the gain line - but we are looking at having Tupou, Skelton, Valetini, Bell, Arnold in the pack.
Let's adjust our gameplan accordingly and don't see why we can't do v well on this tour


John Eales (66)
just one thing I will say over all this who is available and who isn't. Wasn't a problem when players weren't picked from overseas, you knew who you had and who you didn't!! All the rule 9s in the world don't work if like here the players seem to be saying we not available ie; it will cost us money in the long run, and that is more important.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
No. He would be desperate to play. I reckon we will see him back in Oz soon.
I don't think so. He is going to look after himself so he can play for the wallabies at the big tests next year in Australia and at the WC in 2023. PLUS do what his japanese club wants and maximise earnings.

Best of both worlds.

Slim 293

Nathan Sharpe (72)
Wright was very good last weekend, so I doubt he's going to be replaced for the next test...

I would assume he and Petaia will retain the wing spots, with Kellaway shifting to fullback.


Steve Williams (59)
Wright was very good last weekend, so I doubt he's going to be replaced for the next test...

I would assume he and Petaia will retain the wing spots, with Kellaway shifting to fullback.

i thought he was good in attack but his defence for Japans 1st try was pretty poor, had come in off his wing too far, and then made a pretty weak missed tackle for the try.