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Wallabies 2023

Wallaby Man

Trevor Allan (34)
My 2 cents on this is society sits on extremes. Previously society didn’t handle issues well and we didn’t talk about things, now society talks to much about things that people self diagnose and mentally talk themself into issues that don’t exist. We need a more balanced approach. Just like we need a balanced back row and that’s my transition back to the Wallabies


Chilla Wilson (44)
There is a sincere and reasonable discussion to be had re: overprescription of medicated solutions to mental health issues in order to keep the working life machine going rather than taking the time and space to make appropriate lifestyle changes,

However, your comment is a fairly archaic way of thinking, that fails to acknowledge that there have been material changes to society that have occurred over the previous 50 years around both deinstitutionalisation and the constant but shallow interconnectivity that makes up much of socialisation and information gain, rather than the more substantive interpersonal connections of the past, that have gone a long way to change how mental health issues are common and visible.

And that's well before you even consider the substance abuse, suicide/self-harm and (sexual/domestic/animal) abuse that made up the majority of the coping mechanisms of the past that would have been either socially acceptable or swept under the rug.

As such, your comment was given an appropriate level of mockery. Particularly given the subject matter of the thread at hand.
Well written - sent a note to you.

Wallaby Man

Trevor Allan (34)
Nongoor to come off the bench as Tupou isn’t quite there yet, although is now in full training. Article I read on the roar said only started scrummaging recently. So suspect will see him next game


Chilla Wilson (44)
Rebels playmaker Gordon, meanwhile, looks set to be included as a replacement. Slipper injured at training and may not play.

Brumby Runner

David Wilson (68)
I am not thrilled by the prospect of a debutante at 6 and M Hooper at 7. Michael H has not been in good form in Super Rugby this year and his efforts at test level over a couple of years have left a bit to be desired. I just don't see the backrow being effective in this makeup;

If M Hooper is to play, then Holloway should have the 6 spot. I would like to see T Hooper eased into test rugby from the bench during the RC and probably also during RWC unless there is an injury to Holloway. The other alternative to Holloway would be Rob Leota in the 6 spot.

In the 7 spot, I'd experiment with Kemeny as a bigger body and more aggressive player who can also pilfer effectively while we have established players in 6 and 8.

Truthfully, imo Michael Hooper's time in the test arena should be at its end. He is not a match winning pilferer and while his workload has always been exceptional it is no longer effective against the bigger bodies being played by our oppositions.

liquor box

Peter Sullivan (51)
Nongoor to come off the bench as Tupou isn’t quite there yet, although is now in full training. Article I read on the roar said only started scrummaging recently. So suspect will see him next game
I am so happy about this, there is nothing that brings me to the edge of my seat quicker than a new props first scrum. It is a joy to behold and if they win the contest it is awesome and makes my day.

Good on Zane, hope he does himself proud.

In the words of Buddha, Go you good thing!


John Eales (66)


Chilla Wilson (44)
Lolesio has had a tough trot. No great fan but he is no worse than Donalson or any of the other current Super Rugby 10's, except Gordon. Not surprised and I agree with his call But we currently have Gordon, Cooper (last season?), Harrison if he can stay fit and then back to Donaldson. So we could be 2 injuries away from looking for a 10 again!

The Ghost of Raelene

Andrew Slack (58)
Good on them getting some games/paid.

Id personally like to see Noah spend the offseason where he’s not with the Wallabies in the gym. Never going to be a beast but he seems to still be light on physically and he’s not nimble like McKenzie to make up for it.