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Wallabies 2023


Allen Oxlade (6)
I said it at the time but geez Slipper/MHooper co-captains was such an awful call, there's no way Eddie didn't know Bell was a far superior player and that MHooper (even injury free) was very non-secure in his position.

The only explanation to me is he did it to see who else stepped up in a leadership role, it's kind of smart really, give the captaincy to two veterans rather than make a rash decision before he's fully evaluated other candidates properly.
I think that's exactly what he was doing, fully intending on switching to someone else once they put their hand up (White, McDermott, Bell and McReight being the obvious candidates)


Allen Oxlade (6)
Surely you take MHoopen on tour purely for his experience and leadership even if he’s not going to play. He’s going to add more overall than the 40 mins that Donaldson plays against Georgia.
Maybe there's a judgement that he'd be a bad influence on the team, and that his "experience" isn't wanted?

Brumby Runner

David Wilson (68)
This is such a dumb argument. 'You know all of that top level international experience? That's actually a *bad* thing'.

How good would a team of complete newbies be at the World Cup. They've never lost anything - undefeated!!!!

I'm even off Fraser McReight. What have the Reds won since he's been there? Did we win the U/20 World Cup with him as skipper? Nope. Face it guys, the bloke is a capital-L Loser and it's time to move on. Let's cut our losses before we invest too much in this guy.

Tom Hooper has a 0% win record as a Wallaby. Bloke has literally never won a game. I'd be looking at holidays in South East Asia in the next few months if I were him, as there's no way he will be heading to France.
I assume Barb that you are a keen supoorter of Pete Samu to take the last backrow spot off Langi Gleeson?


Ken Catchpole (46)
wtf. Donaldson as the backup to Gordon. This is bad. Quade will have to be with Aus A in europe.

Some of this is wild. How did Jorgenson earn it? He hasn't played a minute...

Rough on Lonergan. Wasn't given a minute and Fines wasn't in the squad. Obviously they must train together but jeez.


Peter Johnson (47)
This squad has the smell of a coach that thinks its more realistic to just start planning for 2027...

I dont hate it but there's some strange selections. Skelton captain?

Donaldson's selection has Steven Bradbury vibes
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