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Wallabies 2024


Cyril Towers (30)
Yes loosing to France and Ireland over there with our Australia A side with the squad missing up to 15 to 20 players through injury and ineligible overseas players I’d take that over a first ever RWC pool exit, 40 point drubbing to wales and loosing to Fiji
Jones is 0 from 7 against rhe big Guys so hasn’t even got off the board! 3 out of the 7 were floggings
On that Rennie is 36% better coach then jones
Do you ever shut the fuck up?


Nev Cottrell (35)
Agree but I think AAA will be back
Interesting to see how Robertson, rodda come back from injuries
I think Kerevi will be back - if he gets back to his best he will be one of the first players picked with marika
Robertson taking a sabbatical studying in the UK so may not be in contention, Rodda considering the long layoff I think will struggle


Simon Poidevin (60)
Toole to small and a liability in defence
I think if he fixes up his defense, rest of his games good... his vertical leap is impressive and his pace is a point of difference even more so then our ability to put a bomb up in a place for Suli or Mark.

But I suspect he will get the, you're too-small treatment no matter how many tries he scores or sets up.


Mark Ella (57)
Tates passing is still an issue, I don’t see him as a long term option.

But he should own the bench spot. Crazy no-one has used him as an impact player from the bench yet. I think Rennie did it once or twice only.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Having time to reflect on the last 2 games, Eddie's selections were very poor

- Why were there 6 captains in 7 games, that's just embarrassing and no leadership in the group, really under 10's stuff giving a new person a go at captain each week.
- Why was Schoupp picked over Gibbon or Sio? particularly the former who had a better Super Rugby season and played big minutes and then Blake comes on for 3 minutes against Fiji? reserve props should be expected to play 25-30 minutes
- Why pick in the squad Nonggorr if you have no faith in him, ideally he starts rather than a LH and plays more than just 5 mins off the bench
- Eddie dosen't seem like he knows who the 2nd hooker is between Uelese and Faessler (who should gave got more game time before the WC), Uelese has consistently been unfit, injured and a poor thrower, why was he selected?, similarly against Arg he only played 10 minutes and Porecki fatigued in defence, again why pick him if no faith to bring him on earlier
- Why was Richie Arnold picked, a failure and arguably one of the biggest under performers at this WC, ineffective at the maul, 4 penalties conceded against Fiji and lacked impact, there would have been many more domestic guys more deserving (i.e. Neville) & Eddie picked the wrong Arnold twin
- Why was there no specialist second rower picked on the bench against Georgia, our line out certainly got exposed when we lost 4 of them
- Why wasn't Gleeson given more of a go, and just given 10 mins off the bench
- Pete Samu should have been picked over Josh Kemeny. Proven finisher at test level, covers 6,7 & 8. Eddie hasn't even given Kemeny a go (at the time of writing this, he may come off the bench against Portugal, just to give him a run at the WC)
- On that point, it was clear especially from the Fiji game we need more of a bigger body at 7, Tom Hooper provides that but he's been put in a year or two too early for test level, try Gleeson there
- Ryan Lonergan should have made the squad at the expense of White. Why was he in the TRC squad all that time just to get dropped for the WC without been given an opportunity, his goal kicking would have been nice
- Can't believe in our biggest game since the WC final in 15' we start Ben Donaldson at 10, a guy who I thought was one of the worst 10's in Super Rugby this year and has only played there once before and hade never played with Tate or Samu
- I like how Eddie backed Carter this year, we need to develop a good long term 10, give him experience so that he has 40-50 tests b y the time of the next WC, but why take him off at 50' and drop him against Wales after saying you'd back him earlier on
- I would have still picked Len Ikitau, one of the best 13's in the world by far our best defender in the midfield, we missed him the most and way more than Hooper or Quade, the casual fans say.
- Not picking Kellaway against Fiji was a mistake, his experience, defence, rugby smarts etc. were missing, against Georgia it didn't matter so much because it's Georgia but at least have him on the bench for god sake given he can play 13, 11, 14 and 15 and has proven himself at test level as a good finisher
- Jorgensen was only ever going to be used v Portugal (not to be) an out and out 15, coming off injury, only played up to 10 professional rugby games, too early, he'll end up playing 100+ caps bar injury, but blood him from next year
- The whole utility thing is stupid, Just because JK can play 6 & 7 and Ben can play 10 & 15, by that logic half the squad would be a utility (i.e. Tom Hooper, Rob Valentini, Perese, Petaia, Kellaway, etc.)

Overall, Eddie's selections were pretty stupid, apart from making Skelton captain, shame we didn't get to see that more and I liked that he finally moved on from Hooper and Quade
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Tim Horan (67)
Staff member
Tates passing is still an issue, I don’t see him as a long term option.

But he should own the bench spot. Crazy no-one has used him as an impact player from the bench yet. I think Rennie did it once or twice only.
His bad passing is a myth. Someone did an analysis of the australain halfback during Super Rugby and McDermott was the most accurate.


Fred Wood (13)
Do you ever shut the fuck up?
No but looks like tomthumb has for a while
Just admit you and your mate tomthumb don’t have a comeback other then trying to use such a boring put down
Add some clarity behind your points or facts or just don’t say anything at all