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Wallabies v Wales (Cardiff)

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Dave Beat

Paul McLean (56)

The game started in England. They have always had huge numbers of players compared to just about everybody else. The RFU had the finances to own Twickenham, which sells out more often than not. Rivers of gold.

The question should be, with all their natural advantages, why are they not perennial winners of everything?

Not saying it is -
but isn't it ironic the trip downwards in rankings started around the same time as ARU said we are not financially supporting premier rugby.

since then, again there always has been - but it seems like allot more Australian juniors are now plying their trade offshore.


Phil Kearns (64)
Mate, we just do not have the resources to financially support club rugby. How many "premier" rugby clubs are there in Australia? How much per annum do you believe that HO should pay to each of them?

Multiply it out. What is the annual amount? Where does it come from?


Desmond Connor (43)
Do you think Eddie will stay in the role after RWC? I just thought RU and Eddie would be moving on. Presumptuous perhaps.

I’m not really saying he’s the right bloke, just that you’d have to consider possibly the most successful Australian coach going round.

After beating the Springbok and losing to the AB's by a contraversial TMO decision, his team will put the sword to Japan & also (probably) the Wallabies:(, then he'll probably be able to wrap up a deal with England Rugby for after the RWC, assuming that's what he wants. And money does have a very compelling language.
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