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Waratahs 2023


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Might as well start now as player signings are happening. Updates welcome

Dave Porecki (2024)
Tolu Latu (2023)
Mahe Vailanu (???)

Tiaan Tauakipulu (2023)
Harry Johnson-Holmes (2024)
Tom Lambert (2024)
Angus Bell (???)
Tetera Faulkner (???)
Archer Holz (???)

Jed Holloway (2023)
Taleni Seu (2023?)
Zac Von Appen - lock (2023?)
Zane Marolt - lock (2023?)
Hugh Sinclair (???)

Michael Hooper (2023)
Langi Gleeson (2023)
Will Harris (2023)
Lachlan Swinton (???)
Ned Hanigan (???)
Charlie Gamble (???)

Jake Gordon (2023)
Harrison Goddard (2023)
Teddy Wilson (2023??)

Ben Donaldson (2023)
Tane Edmed (2024)
Jack Bowen (2023)
Will Harrison (2023)

Izaia Perese (2024)
Lalakai Foketi (2024)
Harry Wilson (2024)
Joey Walton (???)
Moses Tuipultou (???)

Dylan Pietsch (2025)
Mark Nawaqanitawase (2023)
Ben Dowling (2023)
Nemani Nadolo (2023)

Kurtley Beale (2023)
Max Jorgensen (???)

Wider Training Squad?

Adrian Brown (2024)

Alex Newsome (ASM Clermont)
James Ramm (Northampton Saints)
Carlo Tizzano (Ealing)
Henry Robertson (TBC)
Hugh Bokenham (TBC)
Geoff Cridge (TBC)
Jack Grant (Ealing)
Jamie Roberts (Retired)
Jeremy Williams (Western Force)
Max Douglas (TBC)
Ruan Smith (Lions)
Tevita Runa (TBC)
Tristian Reilly (Wests Tigers)
Tom Horton (Leicester)
Rahboni Warren-Vosayaco (???)
Hamdan Tuipulotu (???)
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Peter Sullivan (51)
Angus Bell hasn't signed yet? Well, next year is a World Cup year so probably will be easy to retain high profile player

Pass it to Dunning!

Bob Loudon (25)
I don’t think much deadwood in the unsigned but also some talent coming though like harry Wilson and nick chan may need to make room for from development to full squad members.
Maybe dead wood is too harsh. But for a bunch of players, if they were going to develop into championship-winning players, they would have done so by now.


Will Genia (78)
Staff member
Angus Bell hasn't signed yet? Well, next year is a World Cup year so probably will be easy to retain high profile player

He definitely took a punt signing for one year thinking his stocks would rise and at this point it looks like a great move by him.

Last year he had a ton of potential to be a key Wallaby but RA would certainly be looking at his contract for 2023 onwards as the starting LHP for the Wallabies and one of the most important players in the side. Absolute gun.


Peter Sullivan (51)
When your hero likes your comment on social networks:



Adam Ashley-Cooper, the most underestimated player at international level. He never received the credit that he deserved from international Media


Michael Lynagh (62)
So we have seen some improvements in tahs this season. What is the difference. To me would be;

Front row pretty good with bell and HJH (Harry Johnson-Holmes)

Hooker options pretty solid

second row better with Holloway and cridge, with hanigan to come

back row much stronger with depth witb gamble and Harris at forefront and hooper to come.

depth at half with grant behind Gordon showing promise but not the finished product so need Gordon if going to win the big games

centres strong with Perese and Foketi.

wings - probably still say just ok here but Marky M (Nawaqanitawase) showed promise last night but need a closer look at his defence which was main area of concern.

fullback looking ok with newsome and Harrison options but still early days and Beale to come next year but not sure how much that makes a difference.


Michael Lynagh (62)
Apparently Nemani Nadolo is coming home via the Waratahs. Pretty great pick up, still does absolutely bonkers stuff at his age.
Interesting…I suppose one of the benefits is what some of the younger players like Marky n might learn / pick up from him plus immediate squad quality depth.


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Hot take, Nadolo has/had half the attacking talent of Naiyaravoro and all the same downsides. No thanks.