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Waratahs v Blues - Round 11, Saturday 6 May, Allianz Stadium

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Will Genia (78)
Staff member
I'm convinced we need to start playing our own game against the reserves and wider squad starting twenty minutes before the match starts.

We should then be ready to actually play when the real game starts rather than taking most or all of a half to start competing.


Phil Kearns (64)
The warm up looks like a lot of work to me.

In my day it was a fag and a pee in the dressing sheds, then a little jog onto the pitch. That was enough warm up for us.


Tony Shaw (54)
Watching the first half was like watching an U-12 team that had been promoted to the U-15's. The Waratah players lost every collision for almost 40 minutes. The power of the Blues players just blew away any chance the Waratahs had. Finesse didn't help because in every collision the Tah player got knocked backwards. The whole pack was just not strong enough. In 2014 they were and it wasn't just Jackpot's contribution. In three years we have lost condition and power.

That must be known from the S&C testing and to allow that to happen is a major coaching issue.

For the future, Hanigan and Holloway need to put on another 10kg of muscle, as does Dempsey. Otherwise they'll do OK in NRC, but once they are up with the big boys they will be exposed. We need two new bruiser locks, God knows where we might find them. And Robertson needs to be out of the EOYT so he can spend from August to January developing his core strength.
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