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Waratahs v Moana Pasifika, Allianz Stadium Saturday 3 June 2023


Simon Poidevin (60)
Tubatubanawi. How is he able to get up and go again when the tahs player has his hands on him as we goes to ground? Do you have to be wrapped around a body part or just touching the player for it to be a tackl.


George Smith (75)
Staff member
Those 2 dodgy calls probably balance out there. Tahs will need to find something in the shed to take this one. They look bloody ordinary.

The Ghost of Raelene

Steve Williams (59)

On comes Holz

The Red Baron

Chilla Wilson (44)
Wouldnt surprise me if he got a tiny bit high before going on air. A wee microdose of something. Would explain the flowery effervescence.

He's been reading a dictionary while getting high and then deciding it's a good idea to string all of the the new words together, to see if they form a cohesive sentence. Unfortunately for everyone else, they do not.