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Waratahs v Moana Pasifika, Allianz Stadium Saturday 3 June 2023


Cyril Towers (30)
Last week was bad. This week was just as poor. Thanks Waratahs. You’re back to your predictable worst
I don't think you can even compare this to last week. At least with last week we were playing the 2nd best team AWAY. We literally vs'd the WORST team with 0 wins at HOME and lost by 14.


Steve Williams (59)
Did any Australian player improve their reputation this round? Horrible

In the most literal sense of the question, I think Josh Canham continued to confirm that he's a good option for '24 onwards even if he can still be a sloppy baby giraffe, particularly in defence.

In a more generalist sense, no. Nothing this round has been particularly positive for the Wallabies in 2023.


Alex Ross (28)
Let’s see how Burey, an ex Mungo, goes tonight and looks a better rugby 10 than the anorexic yeti at 10 for the Tahs

Dismal Pillock

David Codey (61)
Drew couldn’t look more awkwa.....


Jim Lenehan (48)
That was a very ordinary game.

Lineout was dismal. Must have been ~70% or less success rate.
Defense was poor. ~80% so success I'd guess, with a lot of players individually slipping off tackles.
Knock ons by both teams was really poor.
Passes to no-one and a real lack of cohesion. Perese was lost out on the wing.
Decision making poor. Donaldson's option to kick encapsulating it.

Very little to celebrate about that game unfortunately.

Doritos Day

Johnnie Wallace (23)
The sad part is that I can see the Wallabies sending him off in similar fashion. The man deserves so much better.

Doritos Day

Johnnie Wallace (23)
I spose this means we get to have the wallabies in camp sooner? Surely that’s a positive?
No camp is going to be more beneficial than playing meaningful knockout games against quality opposition.

Australia's best players have barely been exposed to them because of the RESTING POLICY and everyone choosing to throw games in NZ

It will backfire just you watch