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Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Staff member
In May 2007 I started Green and Gold Rugby (G&GR) as an experiment in Australian Rugby blogging that has since taken over my, and many other lives.

In September 2007, Scarfie and a number of other visionaries started The Yellow Scarf to show the Kiwis how it's done.

In an online mega-merger that is still having reverberations around the internet, the two entities came together in March 2009 to form one big happy family under the Green and Gold Rugby banner.

Our vision is simple:

away ‐ 
of mateship, 

The G&GR Forum
is core to that idea of community. Many of the members here have spent years building it into something that we all enjoy. As anyone who's been involved with online forums can attest, they can go feral - and to shit - very quickly.

As such, we have a few simple rules as outlined by Scarfie (below). Please abide.

Welcome, get stuck in and enjoy.


Knitter of the Scarf
Rules of the forum

Welcome to the Green and Gold Rugby forum.

Your moderators are Gagger, Moses, RugbyReg, Cyclopath, barbarian, fatprop, matty_k, Daz and Sully

Here are the rules:

1. Don't use an anonymous / masking proxy. If you have to use one for work, get permission from admins first.

2. Everyone with 50 posts needs an avatar, or a terribly amusing one will be supplied by the moderators.

3. If you get banned from another forum, feel free to whinge about it ONCE. This is your right of reply that has been denied by virtue of not being able to post any more. But don't go on about it. All forums have good and bad points. Except the Colosseum.

4. Some non-English is permitted here, in moderation. We Australians are a tolerant, open-mided people who would like to learn more about the backward cultures of the world.

5. Don't overuse the quote function. Usually it is quite clear what you are responding to. If you do use the quote function, edit out irrelevant text, leaving just the bit you are responding to. This helps make the forum tidier and the pages load more quickly.

6. Play the ball not the man / No personal abuse of forum members, players, officials and public figures. Personal comments will be deleted and you'll get a card or ban.
This also applies to comments about players, coaches, Referees and other public figures. Feel free to criticize their play and decisions with reasoning, but not slander them as a person.
"Like last weekend, he's always seagulling and it gives me the shits" is OK.
"He's a f*ckwit who'll never amount to anything" is not.
Only a complete knob jockey resorts to personal insults anyway.

7. No selling stuff without a moderator's approval. If you are regular poster, this will be no problem.

8. Don't start a new thread when you could logically add to an existing thread. Starting a new thread on a special or hot topic is fine, but not every thought you have needs its own thread. Just think twice about it, OK?

9. No mention or discussion of torrents or illegal streaming on the main boards. Global broadcasters have legal departments - we don't.

10. If another poster does not understand or agree with your point after 3 or 4 attempts, LET IT GO, WALK AWAY. It is very boring for other posters when the thread gets hijacked by two people having an argument. Let this be your guide:



Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Staff member
Quality control

Gents, and others

Most of us are attracted to this forum because not only is it not a slurry of shitslinging, it has high quality discussion. Our aim is to keep it that way, and the standards have dropped a bit of late.

So here's a big warning, or to put it another way:



Sydney Middleton (9)
Glad you got this in before the WC. I could see it going downhill from here especially if the Wallabies win on Saturday. I remember getting caught up in one of those rants with a "dickhead". After reading back through it, all I did was waste my time and proverbial breath.


Knitter of the Scarf
I reckon the message for new posters is to try to learn the etiquette of this site before unloading the guns.

The message for posters who've been here a while is to not engage with trolls - just report the post using the 'Report' link below every post.


Ted Thorn (20)
Few months old newbie here. I was searching the net for a decent rugby forum not filled with nationalism and insults. Seems GAGR fits the bill nicely, even if it is Aus centric (obviously). Hope you guys can keep up the high standard, I enjoy reading the knowledgeable discussions here.


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Staff member
Quoting and using content from other publishers

Guys - we'd be pissed off if some other site started publishing your comments or our articles in full with no acknowledgement. So here's the rules when quoting stories from around the web:

1) Don't just post the whole article.
Grab the few sentences or paragraphs that are most relevant to the discussion or point you are trying to make. This is also good for other readers who then don't have to wade through a whole story to figure out what your point is

2) Always post a link to the source
This means readers can then get the rest of the article, and the person/organisation who's bothered to put the effort in gets the due respect and eyeballs.

that's it, simple.
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