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Western Force 2024


John Solomon (38)
Screen Shot 2023-10-07 at 10.25.48 pm.png

Eyes and Ears

Bob Davidson (42)
That Ulster game must of shit them.

Angus Bell 11 has been playing some really good footy for Manly after leaving Uni. He seems like a guy that will land in the UK for sure and wouldn't surprise me to be another Guy Porter situation.
Angus Bell (the winger) seems a bit small for professional rugby IMO.


Steve Williams (59)
Angus Bell (the winger) seems a bit small for professional rugby IMO.

From when both Bells appeared in the same schools team ...


Angus Bell (the winger) looks skinnier than Angus Bell (the prop) but you'd expect that.

Dunno if it comes down to being a bit small as a pro so much as being a bit good as a pro.


Peter Sullivan (51)
hey crew, not exactly the right place for it but if you know anyone looking for full-time work in the sport and recreation field hit me up . have a full-time well paying gig I'm looking to fill asap. Must have experience coaching/running and organising activities for teens. cheers (remove if not appropriate just alittle desperate to fill the position so looking at all avenues)


Chilla Wilson (44)
I'm interested in the squad announcement on 9 November.
By my count we currently have 34 players signed for 2024 or beyond with Siosifa Amone and Henry Robertson yet to be confirmed (unless I missed the announcements). If I include the latter the average age of the squad is just under 25yo.

There would seem to be no need to be filling all places at this stage - especially if it means taking the best of only those currently available.
I'd like to see another experienced THP and Lock and perhaps an impact winger but have no real issues in giving more game time to the existing talent.

It appears that 2024 will be a year of ongoing player development with the real impact of this young squad being felt in 2025.

At the same time I'm ready for some surprises..................

With the start of the pre-season I'm expecting to see an expanded wider training squad (WTS) including those club players identified to show potential after the games against the Cheetahs.


Sydney Middleton (9)
Still unsure of specialist wings...Potter anddd (can't think of 1 more, let alone 2 or 3.)
Looking at the squad the only other player I can see playing on the wings is O'Donnell. Force have a lot of inside backs but barely any outside backs. Pretty odd.

Back In My Day

Frank Row (1)
I hope Campbell Parata can break into the starting team this year. He was a smart player at school and I’d love to see him do well (and switch allegiances to Aust rugby).