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Western Force 2024


Johnnie Wallace (23)
Western Force travelled 40,000 km in 2024 Super Rugby Season.

Force form partnership with Hytro & UWA to optimise travel recovery.

WA Super Rugby Pacific club Western Force have turned to Hytro and their leading Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Wearables for a three-way research partnership project in conjunction with the University of WA aimed at optimising travel recovery with BFR.



Chilla Wilson (44)
Good to get a personal note from Simon Cron today.

"While it’s disappointing for the team, coaches and players that we aren’t still playing in the Super Rugby finals, you would have heard the saying from our leaders and coaches “it’s not the house we are in, but the house we are building”.

What does that mean? It certainly doesn’t mean losing is OK. What it does mean is that we are transitioning our playing group, and organisation, from where it has been to where it needs to go. It is an inconvenient fact that the Western Force men’s team haven’t made finals in the history of Super Rugby. Changing this will take time. It involves layering our systems and structures, growing our people to get to world class. In making these changes will come with some pain. However, our goal is to build it properly to create long term growth and success for the future.

As part of the 2023 season, we made the decision to build a good program that develops the best players in Australia. We are now beginning to see positive results of this through recruitment. This will continue to evolve over the next 12 to 24 months.

We continue to progress our squad list forward and we know this process takes time to grow. We will soon have Wallabies recognition for some of our top performers. We showed we can play some great rugby, namely the wins over the Reds, Drua and Crusaders, but we know we need more consistency. Again, that’s part of the journey!

With the players that are here, we have a great bunch of young men who are getting better by the day. They look to grow physically and mentally every day and are keen to learn. A big growth area has been individual accountability, which was seen throughout the year, alongside the focus on driving internal team accountability this has been a marked change in our environment.

From here we work on the critical fixes we have identified in our reviews and from the season. We are adding in an advanced “mental skills” aspect of player development to support our playing group and management to continue to build our consistency and resilience.

Finally, I want to say I’ve loved seeing our great Members after games here in Perth and also at our away games. There is a real passion for the team from our Sea of Blue and everyone in our organisation is focused on driving the team from good to great."

Simon Cron

Western Force Head Coach


Geoff Shaw (53)
I have a question for Force fans, with RA remaining to be a basket case. Why does Twiggy not go out and sign who ever he wants? They wouldn't dare to take him on, so they should look to buy a Super squad and dominate. Get a few Books and All Blacks and just pay for it to win games.

I never understood why he didn't come out swinging when reintroduced instead of picking players who were struggling at other clubs.


Johnnie Wallace (23)
The Force are subject to the same salary cap as the other franchises and with very few if any Wallaby top ups the distribution pool of salary capped allowable money does not go very far


Nathan Sharpe (72)
I also doubt Twiggy would be willing to dump tens of millions into a loss making venture like some of the billionaires overseas.

Reds Rick

Allen Oxlade (6)
If RA wanted to do some good it’d be worthwhile all round for aus rugby to give the force salary cap discounts for bringing back aus qualified players from Europe and Japan. Think of all the quality Aus players playing overseas combined with a club that actually has the financial grunt to match what they get paid abroad.


Chilla Wilson (44)
RAu have control over ALL things Rugby in Oz.
Even when not in Super Rugby the Western Force needed the approval of all aspects of the WF/GRR programs in Australia.
Super Rugby Pacifica is still under the control of SANZAAR and the Participation Agreement outlines all of the rules including the Salary Cap etc.

Andrew Forrest is interested in developing the game from the grass roots with the programs of RugbyWA and the Western Force integrating through all ages. There is co-ordination between the two groups and integrating the amateur and professional players.
AF has little interest in just/only bringing in top players - he'd rather develop a team from within with a strong local flavour - which includes developing players through the Academies (WF & RugbyWA).
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Chilla Wilson (44)
Impressed by this grassroots development of our game by the Western Force and UWA.
This competition starts with games between 13 Secondary Schools across Perth.
Players are directed towards their local Rugby Clubs if they want to be further involved.
Aranmore is hard to beat!

The countdown is on to the UWA Western Force Cup!
The Cup will be kicking off at 9:30am down at UWA Sports Park/McGillivray Oval on June 19th
Get sideline and support the schools as they battle it out. Finals due to start at 2:00pm!

Aranmore still doing well but Fremantle CBC and Thornlie SHS coming along.


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Johnnie Wallace (23)
From the Western Force Facebook:

Former captain Feleti Kaitu'u has departed the Force after 61 games across 7 years
“I want to offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has played a part in this chapter of my journey. There are memories to last a lifetime. #168 signing out.” - FK
Farewell Feleti
Forever Force

Not unexpected with the arrival of BPA and Dolley.

Gave the Force seven great years, was really good in GRR, showed promise in return to Superrugby, just did not seem to kick on when needed to stay a Wallaby.

Was always up for a chat and was happy to interact with us fans.

Thanks Feleti and best of luck in your next chapter of your rugby journey


Johnnie Wallace (23)
Nikolai Foliaki and Felix Kalapu also leaving the Force.

Like Feleti felix was also always up for a chat and was happy to interact with us fans, wish him all the best in his next chapter as well as Nikolai


Phil Kearns (64)
Feleti Kaitu’u when in form a couple of years back i thought he was crack on and become a Wallaby regular, but seemed to drop right off. 29 years old, hopefully he can pick up an overseas contfact


Michael Lynagh (62)
Any word on where Kaitu'u is headed? I'd love to see him back in Qld to have one last crack at the wallabies before heading os.