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Where Are They Now


David Wilson (68)
I want to be able to filter down to the ones interested in helping a club on and off the field.

The thugs and deadshits can be filtered out with: "pay your rego" and "we reserve the right to boot you out for poor conduct"

I look forward, next year, to enforcing my cultural reforms without pressure of multiple grades.


Frank Nicholson (4)
Another 2 to add to the list - Kings OBs and Roseville. Both bitten the dust this last offseason. Kings OBs with a feint glimmer of a club as they may have a couple of Halligan's games this year. Roseville looks to have gone 100% after a couple of seasons with struggling numbers.


David Wilson (68)
Getting tougher to run a club out there, particularly if you only have 1 team, and particularly if they're successful. Five good players leave, you're stuffed.

I've had someone from Terrey Hills interested in joining up with us. I'll take all comers.