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Winter Olympics 2010

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Bill Watson (15)
Is anyone going to/interested in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver?

I have an old school friend living in Whistler so myself and another guy from school are heading over to stay with him and have tickets to a few events. I am not a winter sports connoisseur by any standard but should be good fun, I'm mostly looking forward to skiing in Whistler for a few weeks.


Simon Poidevin (60)
Staff member
I'm looking forward to it, there's a heap of build up on Fox and c9, more than I remember for any prior winter olympics.

Saw a great promo ad on Fox last night that went for about 10 minutes, showed a bunch of different athletes and how they train in Australia in summer. Had a real cool runnings theme to it. The highlight for me was the downhill skiing chick who's granddad welded her a replica of the starting gates and 3 metre astroturf ramp. Set it up next to her pool in Brisbane (I think). She pours washing detergent on the fake grass and wets it with the hose, then practices 30+ starts a day.

They also had the trick ski jumpers, they practice on some weird plastic ramp and trick off into a muddy dam. Apparently it's full of leeches so they have to check behind their ears as they trodge out of the dam in their ski boots.

Hope we do well and pull a couple of Bradbury's, actually I suspect Steven is on the c9 commentary team! Enjoy your holiday, I'm sure it'll be a great time. My sister is in Fernie, wonder if she's going to anything? Just checked and it's a 12 hour drive....
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