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World 12s

Brumby Jack

Steve Williams (59)
Staff member
Since this was announced...


Michael Lynagh (62)
The most disappoitning, yet unsurprising, part of this is that typical administrative fat cats (Ritchie, Tew) and blokes like Hansen put their names to it in exchange for some quick $. These guys understand better than most that:

- Finding a global Rugby calendar which works for Clubs & National Bodies has proven impossible so far, before you add a third player in the mix
- Players are already playing too much football from a wellness perspective

I see nothing in it I like, if in someway it helped to get a global season I would think it had a slight redeeming factor. But the best thing I can see of it not working Hansen etc are insisting it will not be a rebel comp, either WR on board or no go, which I think will stop it. The last thing we need is another abomination of our game!! We already got bloody 7s. christ it getting like 20/20 cricket etc, I still struggle with 50 over in that game!