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YouTube Profiles: Subscriptions Everyone Should Have.

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Peter Sullivan (51)
I think it would be a good idea to compile a basic list of YouTube channels that people should subscribe to in order to keep up to date on the game highlights and general rugby news.

To kick us off:

The IRB profile is usually updated with clips from the Total Rugby show. I find it's better to subscribe to this rather than watch Total Rugby because it's easier to identify which clips you are interested and then just watch those ones. They usually interesting clips about rugby development in new areas, interviews with famous players and summaries of the various tournaments around the globe. Updated approx. once a month.

Green and Gold Rugby
I find being subscribed to G&GR's own profile to be good to get an early glimpse at the videos being used on the blog (depending on how often you check your subscriptions). Also, it's probably the easiest way to find previous videos, making it easier to view past performances to see how much the current Wob's or Super teams have progressed. Also, always good to see the old classics (the G&GR commentary on the BaaBaa's game in Syd last year, Drewster the Rooster, Chariots of Carter) Updated usually once a week.

MyRugbyTV is the ARU's YT Channel, and it usually has the same videos that are in the videos section on the ARU's website (www.rugby.com.au). Videos load faster than the ARU's own website and is a bit easier to navigate. Contains match highlights (usually well after others have posted highlights, occasionally they contain highlights missed by others) but the main advantage of subscribing to this channel is they have player/coaches interviews, and these are uploaded quite frequently. Also has the post-match dressing room interviews. A must have for Deans fans. Updated at least once a week when the Wob's are playing Tests or training as a squad.

From what I can tell, the uploader's name is Tony Tai. Whatever the creator's name, this is one of the best YT rugby channels available; highlights from all the internationals are uploaded, every single Super game of the season, and occasionally interviews with players as well as ITM Cup games. Best feature of the uploads, however, is that they are fast; a game played on Saturday night will usually have highlights up late that night. Updated usually once a week.

So these are four that I think everyone should subscribe to. If you don't already have an account, it's easy to make one; simply click "Create Account" at the top left hand corner of the page and fill the fields; all you need is an email address, a username and a date of birth.

Subscribing is free.

So anyone else who has subscriptions to channels they think others should have, please post a link here along with a brief description.

Also, if you yourself have a channel don't be afraid to plug it here, although keep in mind we're aiming at making a list of rugby related channels.

My channel is now here although I don't have any uploads (I may do some analysis post-exams).
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