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6 Nations Round 2019

Discussion in 'Rugby Matches' started by RugbyReg, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. boyo Paul McLean (56)

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  2. boyo Paul McLean (56)

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  3. Slim 293 Jason Little (69)

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    The Wallabies are in trouble...
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  4. boyo Paul McLean (56)

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    Wales v Ireland (25 - 7).
    Wales; Six Nations winner, Grand Slam winner, Triple-Crown winner.
    I was there!
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  5. KOB1987 Tony Shaw (54)

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    Well done boyo, must have been an immense atmosphere there.

    Wales to #2, Ireland down to #3, England drop a point but stay at #4.
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  6. Dan54 Tony Shaw (54)

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    Geez, Wales completely dominated the Irish, enjoyed that game.
    Then bugger me if I don't get to watch a bloody great England/Scotland test, coming back from 31-5 to lead 38-35 ,Scotland would be disappointed to not win it in the end, but wouldn't argue with result being fair!
    As an aside my wife was watching it with me(she had no choice I might add), and made the comment how good the commentators are, seem to enjoy the game AND never try to pick the ref decisions to bits etc. We got a few down this way could take lessons!!
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  7. Dctarget Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Just finished watching both the Wales and the England game. Both great games, Wales look very very good, well deserved champions. I don't think there's any better joy in life than watching Eddie Jones look miserable.
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  8. The_Brown_Hornet David Codey (61)

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    Wallabies will be doing very well to get out of their group, let alone deep into the tournament on the showing of a few of these 6N teams, especially Wales. That England v Scotland game last night was EPIC.
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  9. boyo Paul McLean (56)

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