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ARU Junior Gold Cup - National Junior Championships

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by George Smith, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    And yes , it is important to acknowledge a developing player ( and person's ) achievements and to provide positive re-inforcement

    Just got to watch out for that fine line though so that unrealistic expectations and an inadvertant fuelling of faux star culture doesn't ensue

    Someone brought up the Aus / NZ Schoolboys game on the weekend .

    Best on Ground for Aus was widely agreed to be No 20 Tom Kibble.

    Didn't play junior rep year on year through all the tick the list offerings , and in fact , wasn't even on the radar in any meaningful way with his Coaching Staff heading into the start of his school season - but very quickly through the trial season made a name for himself through his actions as abrasive and uncompromising with high engine work rate

    Made one of the GPS Teams and ultimately one of the Queensland Schoolboy teams ( 2 I think )

    And down at Nationals when QLD teams were initially underperforming ...he stood out more , because , he played tough , uncompromising , fundamental Rugby.

    He wasnt swanning around looking for his carry out of game context , over Carry and lose his links , looking for his next pod and leaving the attack ball exposed etc . He played what was in front of him.

    Gets selected to Barbarians and out works everyone internally in this year's class of Schoolboys to gain selection to bench on Sat v NZ schools - and then gets his chance 18m into the match after an injury to Kohan Herbert.

    Best on Ground for Australian Schools

    Now there is a young man with desire who wasn't fawned over and never preened and postured for gushy gooey advancer types in the junior pathways

    This is exactly the prototype of player and bloke our game should be about
  2. redblack Ted Fahey (11)

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    Great post GO !!!!!! Could not agree more with young Kibble. My question is how do we re-educate schools rep coaches to give these type of players a go when all they seem to do is put the players on who want to be superstars with the ball. More workers in a team the better..you will find they will end up with a lot more possesion in the end. Case in point in the same game there was a tight 5 player who has recieved plenty of plaudits had 3 ball carries (2 ineffective) and made 4 first up tackles. No wonder young kibble was seen everywhere
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  3. Blanco Ward Prentice (10)

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    And a terrific sportsman as well, genuinely remorseful about a yellow card, which in my mind was marginal. Impressive young man, massive work rate. Attributes that will see him go much further.
  4. Jets Mark Loane (55)

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    I said the QRU are focused on quantity and not quality when someone questioned the work of DO’s, who no longer exist. This tournament should be about quality.

    Also I’m not saying these are the best players in the country just they were the best U15 rugby team put together this year. They beat every team they played, convincingly. Will they all go on to be superstars, no. Will some of them develop into good players, I hope so. Will some players not selected in these squads become better that these guys and play for the Wallabies, definitely.

    All the teams I watched in the Northern Conference had raw talent that could go anywhere. Also at the Schools 15’s in Townsville I saw some great talent. I think that this age group has a plethora of talent in Queensland and I hope that it is developed to reach senior level and play Super and Test rugby. I just think the pathway can be different and if we make everyone welcome, even those who play league and sign with NRL teams in the hope that they will return at some stage if they want.

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  5. Pinetree Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Pretty sure Mr 13 and Mr 15 Started game 1 V white might be wrong though but that's beside the point they were only allowed to play in the JGC because league allowed them, if the league governing body made them choose I believe Union would have lost out, there were a number of key GPS 1st XV players not able to play Qld/Aust schoolboys because their league commitments would not allow them however those teams are the pinnacle of our game in Union
  6. Prince Henry Fred Wood (13)

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    Pinetree, you don't need to rely on your memory and second guess yourself. All the facts are in this JGC thread mate.

    p106 - Game 1 was QLD Red v QLD Blue
    Post #2107 BAG notes that LR (aka #15) was missing from the game
    Post #2110 watch the video - #15 does not run out, #23 starts at fullback and #22 lines up at outside centre

    I will take your word for it that Rugby League allowed them to play.I suppose they ARE allowing their senior players to play for other countries, like Tonga and Fiji in the World Cup so letting 15 year olds play union for a week must be an easy one. :)
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  7. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    Mister this's and Mister that's aside ...

    Here is a guy who is the best 15 in the age group IMO ( QLD White - Rugby and QLD Maroon - League ) or would at the very minimum share the honours with Nudgee 15A's fullback , Athan Waia , who chose not to participate here
    QLD Blue's late call up from St Peter's - Fast Freddie may have something to say about all this as well. He didn't play against Red - but against White , pretty much was a game winner for Blue similar to how Hamiso Tabai Fidow was for North Queensland in the JGC - the campaign before this one ( Footnote : no longer at BGS who recruited him after that JGC from 18 months ago )

    Anyway ..back to Mac ..notwithstanding a two code involvement his positional play in defense and attack - and his judgement is exceptional . And owns the best ankle breaking step I have seen in the age group. Big things ahead for this young fella

  8. IamnotwhatIsayIam Bob McCowan (2)

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    Who was the no13/17 for Qld Reds? Felt like I was watching u11s wherein there's one kid who hit puberty early running through everyone with ease. except it was 15s. and representative
  9. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    That’s Mr 13 / 17 to you !
  10. Blanco Ward Prentice (10)

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    Agree 100% GO once again you are bang on. From what I hear a very well balanced, grounded young man, which is more than half the battle.
  11. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    Just re-watching a few of these highlights and it sort of confirms an interesting trend when you look at U15 Competitions to Open Schoolboy Competitions over the last 2 or 3 years

    And that is there is still a river of talent in regional centres that are making for very competitive entrants into national competitions

    Whilst there is a greater concentration of talent in Brisbane the regional centres are still delivering up gems from U15 upwards ( after earlier age group departures to Brisbane )

    The point is underscored with AIC not being able to field more than 1 team for the last couple of years in QLD Open Schoolboys Trials and their team being rolled by Combined Schools in 2017 and ( I think from memory ) drawing with GPS 3

    Having a close look at that regional talent , and performance , coming through JGC in the last couple of years - you’d expect that trend to continue in terms of Open Schoolboy Trials over the next couple of years , where , the quality and depth of talent coming out of Combined Schools will likely provide a better level of competition to the GPS School Teams

    If this is a function of continued commitment to “flying the flag” by the Reds in these regional centres - then hats off to those responsible at the Reds for facilitating this quality we are seeing ( with limited resourcing )
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