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Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2009

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by The Chosen, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. The Chosen Fred Wood (13)

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    The Australian Schools Rugby Union has released the bulk of their calendar for the current year.
    The Australian Schools Championships will return to Sydney, to be hosted by Knox Grammar School between 08/07 and 13/07/09. Knox has successfully hosted the NSW Schools Champuionships for past 3-4 years and I understand is doing so once again this year.
    Later on in the year there will be tours from both Tonga Schools and NZ Schools- game sites to be determined.
  2. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    Knox is a great place to have the tournament now that the seating has been improved from the Tom Brown's Schooldays style of a few years ago. It's in a natural amphiteatre and ?verybody has a good view.

    If they keep to the usual schedule there will be 4 days of play and 3 games per day.

    Knox usually puts on some good grub to buy and you may find that Greg Clark from FoxSports is cooking your steak sandwich because he's a Knox dad; but good luck finding a park at the joint.
  3. The Chosen Fred Wood (13)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    Park on the other side of the Railway Station(Warrawee) and walk across the pedestrian bridge. Clarky's BBQ skills are coming along- hear he could be promoted from onions to eggs this year!
  4. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    Have tried that before with not much success. Since they put restrictions on poaching a park in the dormitory area, my old lurk, the best bet is probably in one of the side streets on the other side of the Pacific Highway.

    On Clarky and food: I saw him buying some in the members before the Force game. When I asked: "Don't they give you a feed"? he said there was grub available over at Fox Studios but it was too much of a walk.
  5. The Chosen Fred Wood (13)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    The actual draw for the Australian Schools Championships is now on Australian Schools Rugby website, as are details for incoming tours + Australians Schools tour to UK at end of the year!
  6. Lindommer Steve Williams (59)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    Wasn't the Australian Schools tour to the UK canned by the ARU due to budgetary restraints? Hope I'm wrong.
  7. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    Good morning old chap. Yes the tour was canned but through the pleadings of many (and the coach) it is back on - hooraa

    Must start saving
  8. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    When an Ireland Schools team came here in 2004 most of the lads had just finished school and they got to play against boys who were still at school.

    When our lads went to Ireland and the UK at the end of 2005 they played some U/18 teams and I'd warrant that they were mostly lads who had Academy training since they left school halfway through the year. Oz beat all the schools teams they played and even England U/18 IIRR.

    This year Oz Schools play only one Schools team - Ireland. It's a tad unfair.
  9. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    Look out for Cameron Clark Greg's son in years to come could go places.. Very talented fullback currently U16's will most probably in the CAS Select team in the U16's week.

    Needs to bulk up though pretty skinny but incredibly gifted.
  10. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    Will watch out for him - if he has his dad's bloodlines he will have no trouble putting on weight.
  11. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    Im not sure but did Greg play rugby, if so for who?
  12. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    reported for blatant fishing
  13. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    Yeah - I spoke to Clarkie during the Super14 and again last night at the ground before the test. Is putting on a few pounds; looks comfortable.
  14. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    NSW Ones
    1. R. Quigley (GPS)
    2. T. Ferris (CHS)
    3. J. Welsh (GPS)
    4. G. Peterson (GPS)
    5. R. Marais (CAS)
    6. M. Dempsey (GPS)
    7. S. Goodman (CAS)
    8. L. Jones (ISA)
    9. N. Stirzaker (CAS)
    10. S. Brisby (ISA)
    11. D. Cooke (CHS)
    12. A. Ha'angana (GPS)
    13. T. Kingston (CAS)
    14. S. Ferris (GPS)
    15. J. Woodhouse (GPS)


    16. J. Roche (CHS)
    17. H. Roach (GPS)
    18. M. Heather (CHS)
    19. T. Connor (GPS)
    20. T. Lake (GPS)
    21. M. Hingano (ISA)
    22. N. Jones (CHS)

    - The athletic lock Dempsey has been chosen at 6 as was foreshadowed on another thread
    - The versatile Luke Jones, from Oz A Schools last year, is chosen at 8
    - 2 Ferris (Marist Eastwood) - can't remember him at all
    - 11 D Cooke from Illawarra Sports High is the centre chosen to play wing. Reputedly going to league.
    - Star 6/8 U O'Sullivan, Trinity Grammar, is out of the tournament as expected. Rawboned 5. Marais takes his place.
    - 13 D Atkinson The Scots College is out of the tournamment. 12 Ha'angana from Joeys takes his place.
    - Edit - Have just noticed that 9. L Kearney ASC St Mary's is missing from the reserves - may be a mistype; so add him in.
  15. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    QLD Ones
    1. Jack Kimmince
    2. Ross Marais
    3. Paul Alo Emile (vc)
    4. Zac Franks
    5. Curtis Browning
    6. Jordan Tuapou (c)
    7. Liam Gill
    8. Matt Ika
    9. Ruka Hanlon
    10. Rohan Saifoloi
    11. Kimamai Situata
    12. Krisome Au’uva
    13. Joel Faulkner (vc)
    14. Chris Sautia
    15. Simon Morahan


    16. Nick Turner
    17. Joel Turaga
    18. Andrew Owens
    19. Will Slipper
    20. Luke Beauchamp
    21. Nigel Genia
    22. Cayden Matehaere
    23. James May

    QLD Twos

    1. Kurt Gelsomino
    2. Pompey Toolis
    3. Tonga Maafu
    4. Tanera Nathan
    5. Rory Callaghan
    6. Jayden Scheck (vc)
    7. Chris Hanneman
    8. Waita Setu
    9. Matt Lucas (c)
    10. Dion Taumata
    11. George Morseau
    12. Alec Jones
    13. Matt Garland
    14. Liam Law
    15. Mitchell Felsman

    16. Joe O’Regan
    17. Dom Rakei
    18. Michael Bermingham
    19. Luke Stewart
    20. Tim Lollback
    21. Laurie Elisala
    22. Jnr Rasolea
    23. Chris Nasiganyavi
  16. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    Am salivating.

    The NSW back 3, albeit with one 13 playing out of position, have been in top form in the trials; but the Qld back 3 are reputedly dynamite also.

    Scuttlebutt is that the Qld lineout is quite short, and if true, and if the NSW hooker can throw accurately, the Qld Ones line out will be put under pressure as the NSW Ones have 3 good lineout receivers and another reasonable one.

    But this is putting the cart before the horse. Both Ones teams will have to make the "final" on Monday, and this doesn't always happen.

    Haven't talked about the Combined States or ACT teams as there is bugger all news about them.
  17. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Re: Australian Schools Programme 2009

    The Combined States squad is:

    1 Gary Neugebauer Hale School WA
    2 Mark Cornell Curtis Jackson College WA
    3 Oliver Hoskins Scotch College WA
    4 Adam Coleman Elizabeth College TAS
    5 Angus Hamilton Scotch College VIC
    6 Nathan Oakley Canning Vale SHS WA
    7 Jack De Guingand St Kevin’s College VIC
    8 Nathan Paila Hallam College VIC
    9 Taupiri Tauhinu Kolbe College WA
    10 Kyle Godwin Aquinas College WA
    11 Raymond Buchanan Hunter Sports High LMRDT
    12 Rodney Esekia Chandler College VIC
    13 Heremaia Te Aute Curtis Jackson College WA
    14 AJ Sheck Reservoir District College VIC
    15 John McCabe Ocean Reef SHS WA

    16 Christopher Johnson Aquinas College WA
    17 Jack North Scotch College VIC
    18 Tim Sawers Trinity College VIC
    19 Lorenzo De Villiers Curtis Jackson College WA
    20 Manasseh Gudgeon Bunbury Catholic College WA
    21 Andy Brown Cranbourne College VIC
    22 Sam Yakopo Carey Baptist Grammar VIC
    23 Keith Wicks Westfields Sports High LMRDT
    24 Willem Zwaan Henley High School SA
    25 Joshua Hall Marrara Christian College NT

    These are the lads chosen from the Division II Championship held at Geelong Grammar last week. Teams from Vic, SA, WA, Tas and the NT, plus an indigenous Lloyd McDermott team, competed.

    Last year Clinton Sills, from Scots College, played in the LM team and the next thing we hear is that he's in the Oz Sevens team and was later called into the Oz U/20 team. Way to go.
  18. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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  19. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    NSW II 47 Combined States 10

    This was a non competition game and lived up to it because CS were not competitive. 12 Frizell played well for NSW as did one of my favourite players of the last week, Sio, who played 8 in the first half and his normal position of LHP in the second. He's a human dynamo with the ball in his hand and one of the many league scouts at the game would have his name pencilled in.

    The ACT didn't have the cattle but they tried hard, but it was more in the way of a blowfly banging against the window and not having a plan B. 13 Holland of St. Eddies looked handy though.

    Qld I 69 ACT 7

    I was looking forward to seeing these Qld lads play as I had heard a lot about some of them and they didn't disappoint because they put on a classy display.

    The two wingers, Situata and Sautia (yeah they confused me too) had a field day: jinking, sprinting, fending - a tad greedy in the case of Siuata, but nobody except the ACT boys were complaining.

    Loved the look of THP Paul Alo Emile from BSHS (there were 7 lads in the 1st XV from this school). His side of the scrum was dominant and he gets around the park - and on defence too. Watch this kid.

    Skipper Jordan Tuapou playing 6 is a clever hard player with a high work rate. If he becomes a big enough man he has a future in our game. 7 Liam Gill was like a whirlwind tackling folks. He seems to be all skin and bone but like Robbie Horne, he can put on the big hits nevertheless.

    They were the best team of the day in the sense that they played better together as a scratch team than the other sides who had also been thrown together recently. It helped having the best flyhalf of the day: Saifoloi of BSHS. Liked him a lot.

    They also had the highest "blue heeler" index of any team but more of that later. Not the tallest lineout I ever saw though.

    [Incidentally: I counted 9 brown faces in the Qld 15. Bring them on - we need more Kefus, Palu's etc and the odd Lomu and Umaga wouldn't hurt either.]

    NSW I 22 Qld II 10

    NSW played like Brown's cows for a lot of the game and bombed 4 tries by my count. They had some top players but they didn't click. Forwards were there in numbers at one ruck and nobody would be there at the next. Their backline didn't click and part of that was because their flyhalf Lake was no great shakes and part was due to 12 Ha'angana doing Tom Carter impersonations and not passing the ball out. When it did get out 13 Kingston could do a bit, but basically the back 3 suffered.

    The forwards had some top individuals. Luke Jones who played for Oz A last year and who can play 6, 8 or lock had a storming game, and tall timber 5 Greg Peterson of Scots who must be 195cms already must be in Hickey's notebook. They missed a fellow like injured 7 Michael Hooper to get a bit of forward continuity and injured 6/8 Usaia O'Sullivan to start long runs from a standing start.

    Their lineout was dominant, and their scrum was too powerful for their own good. Either the Qld boys, who were outmatched in the scrum, wouldn't take the hit or the crafty scrummie delayed the put in and NSW got pinged for engaging too early.

    Just as when they beat NSW I a few years ago Qld II didn't have the stars but they ran NSW ragged, just like the blueheelers in the Qld Is. In the true tradition of Qld II their jersey numbers are still nearly impossible to read.

    One bloke I noticed was Ben Lucas' brother Matt, playing 9. If you think Ben is small he's looks like the Incredible Hulk next to little brother who looks like a miniature Luke Skywalker. Cheeky little bugger though.

    There was a lot of good rugby on Day 1 despite the rain, but the thing that impressed me most was that the Oz School tournament looks like it has a few tight 5 players who have future promise: 3. Emile, 5 Peterson and lock/6/8 Jones (let's count him as a 6 who can play lock.)
  20. TOCC Guest

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    Big upset today

    For the second year in a row Combined States pulled off a major upset at the Australian Schools Championship when they defeated the might of NSW Schoolboy Rugby 20-15 at Knox College on Sydney’s North Shore today.

    Combined States are made up of the best young schoolboy players from the lesser known Rugby states and territories – Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory - but on the day they were too good for the elite of the GPS, CHS and CAS competitions.

    Aquinas College and Canning Vale SHS in Western Australia are hardly household names in schoolboy Rugby but their students scored the points that overcame the best that famed Rugby nurseries like Scots, Kings and Joeys could put on the park.

    Flanker Jack de Guingand, from Victorian Schools’ powerhouse St Kevin’s College, and Nathan Oakley from Canning Vale scored tries for Combined States while Aquinas flyhalf Kyle Godwin was accurate with the boot landing two conversions and the same number of penalty goals.

    For NSW I, Kings School winger Scott Ferris and Scots College fullback Jacob Woodhouse notched five pointers while Marcus Heather from Endeavour Sports High School put over one conversion and a penalty goal.

    The young sky blues had their chances late in the game but poor decisions and resilient defence from Combined States saw the outsiders hold on

    NSW I must now rely on Queensland II beating Combined States on Saturday if they are to play in next Monday’s final, while Combined States are now more than realistic final contenders from Pool A.

    In the day’s other games last year’s winners Queensland I warmed up for the crucial Pool B clash with NSW II on Saturday with a comfortable 47-7 victory over Queensland II in the non-competition match.

    St Joseph’s Nudgee College winger Kimani Situata marked himself as a star of the future racing over for a quartet of tries for Queensland I while St Peters winger George Moresu was Queensland II’s lone tryscorer.

    NSW II also kept themselves in the hunt for a finals berth with a gritty 15-7 victory over ACT with St Dominic’s College outside centre Tevita Felikitau-Fetuani crossing for a try along with Kiama High School fullback Ethan Ford.

    The ACT’s points were all scored by one school – Erindale College, with a try to hooker Trent Hoscher and a conversion from fullback Brendan Taueki. But with two losses from two games the young Brumbies hopes of a final place are over.

    There is a rest day tomorrow, when the young players will receive career and vocational guidance from expert tutors, before Day 3’s competition at Knox College on Saturday.

    Australian Schools Championship Day 2

    Game 4

    Queensland I 47 (Kimumi Situata 4, Simon Morahan, Chris Sautia, Joel Turaga tries, Cayden Matehaere 6 con) defeated Queensland II 7 (George Morseu try, Dion Taumata con)

    Game 5

    Combined States 20 (Jack De Guingand, Nathan Oakley tries, Kyle Godwin 2 con 2 PG) defeated New South Wales I 15 (Scott Ferris, Jacob Woodhouse tries, Marcus Heather 1 con, 1 PG)

    Game 6

    New South Wales II 15 (Tevita Felikitau-Fetuani, Ethan Ford tries, Liam Walker con, PG) defeated ACT 7 (Trent Hoscher try, Brendan Taueki con)


    POOL A

    NSW I – 6

    Combined States – 4

    Queensland II – 0

    POOL B

    Queensland I - 5

    NSW II - 4

    ACT – 0

    Draw for Day 3 - Saturday July 11

    Knox College, Pacific Highway, Wahroonga

    11:00 am NSW I v ACT (Non-competition)

    1:00 pm Queensland II v Combined States

    3:00 pm Queensland I v NSW II

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