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Bledisloe #4 New Zealand vs Australia Nov 7 2020

Discussion in 'Rugby Matches' started by Dismal Pillock, Nov 1, 2020.

  1. DPY91 Frank Row (1)

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    You're a bit of an ass, fyi.

    More relevantly, good game.
  2. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    My main criticism was that for the most part of the first half we were being beaten up around the breakdown, and were under too much pressure on our own ball....

    And again being schooled in mauling.

    Overall the scrum was very good once again - shame about Slipper though.... Tupou maybe earned a start again.

    And lineout seemed to be improved.
  3. Rugbynutter39 Paul McLean (56)

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    Hodge was outstanding as was hunter - what a difference a good 10-12 axis makes. Got to give wallabies credit after Swinton went off as did not expect the result
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  4. formerflanker Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Agree with the Wright and Paisami comments.
    Swinton though gave much needed starch to the defence and mental outlook. Solid tackles lift your team mates, and dominant tackles give everyone a very positive self belief. The opposition start looking for you instead of thinking about their game.
    Give him another chance.
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  5. Joe Blow Ken Catchpole (46)

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    How good was Swinton in the lineout? On a couple of pretty wayward throws he was so high and reached across to pluck them literally out of the darkness.
    I’d like to see Hosea get a run against the Argies so we can build our second row depth.
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  6. Rugbynutter39 Paul McLean (56)

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    Yeh swinton was immense - and hence despite red card deserves another go as showed enough to look a solution at 6 - I was also surprised on how good Wright was ( edit actually add bell to that and just when I had written off Simmons even he keeps providing that sort of game like he played tonight)
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  7. Spruce Moose Fred Wood (13)

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    Main criticism has to be our strange ability to always concede straight after we score. Just a big way to relieve pressure on the opposition. Is it a focus issue? Being suprised that we scored against the ABs?
  8. Equalizer Ward Prentice (10)

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    Koroibete was like an Exocet missile tracking a target in defence tonight. A couple of key game changing moments helped sway momentum to rhe Wallabies.
  9. Rugbynutter39 Paul McLean (56)

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    He also really helps lift the team with those sort of efforts
  10. lpd Larry Dwyer (12)

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    If Swinton can smash blokes + do bits in the lineout, hopefully that offes a way to get Samu back on the bench
  11. PhilClinton Vay Wilson (31)

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    Fox sports ratings are ridiculous as usual. Most of the team between a 5-6, Koribete got an 8, yes he made some big plays and I agree he was important to the win, but also got a yellow card, thought Hooper was deserving of an 8 and also Wilson. Slipper a 6.5 when he barely played, weird.
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  12. Spruce Moose Fred Wood (13)

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    The ratings are usually not great on fox but disagree about koroibete. He was immense and his yellow card was a due to build up of penalties and not his fault. His flaw is sometime forgetting that the more complicated rules of rugby vs league.
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  13. tragic Trevor Allan (34)

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    Almost didn’t go to the game tonight after last weeks performance but very glad I did. Stumbling in to bed with a unfamiliar feeling of content after a cracking game and way to many beers.
    Nice to be celebrating rather than commiserating
    A night to remember
  14. Adam84 John Thornett (49)

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    If you told me 12 months ago Paisami would be the starting wallaby inside centre for the Wallabies in a winning match again the ABs, I would have laughed and thought your were a moron. The guys development in just 12 months has been amazing, still a long way to go but incredibly impressive stuff from a guy who was barely on a training contract at the start of the season.

    Likewise Lolesio, Wilson and Bell, but they have always been destined for high honours, just a bit earlier then expected
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  15. Adam84 John Thornett (49)

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  16. Dan54 Steve Williams (59)

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    After a night in bed after the game, I am still quite amused at myself. Although as everyone knows I am a one eyed AB supporter ,I thoroughly enjoyed the test so much more than lest week. The ABs played much much better last week, but this game as in first 2 tests (first one in particular) is what test rugby is meant to be about, not sure who going to win, and a couple of teams going at it hammer and tongs. I really hope that we don't get too many AB fans just coming down saying how bad the ABs were and look at how well the Wallabies went in putting them under pressure around the breakdown etc, swarming over whatever was lying around. Although the cards were part of the game, I hope it not remembered as a game about them, but at what the result was.
    For ABs I felt a bit sorry for Akira having to come off through no fault of his own, because I thought his 30 minutes he looked like he was doing a lot of good work and looked to have a bit of a future in at this level. In saying that I thought he was only choice as Sam Cane was once again immense , as I thought was Ardie.
    All in all for a losing supporter I am content I have watched a proper test!
  17. waiopehu oldboy David Wilson (68)

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    Wandered down to the pub pre-match so following may include some hazy recollections:)

    Cards were all correct imo & at the very least consistent which is, apparently, all anyone/ everyone wants.

    Swinton is a keeper, I'd back Rennie to coach the excess aggression out of him.

    ScoBar looked shot by the time Ofa got marched. Didn't cost AB the game, though.

    Beaugan may once have been able to play 15 one week & 10 the next but no longer.

    Game coulda gone either way, Wobs slightly more deserving of the W.
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  18. Spruce Moose Fred Wood (13)

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    Just re watching the game here and must say kudos to Berry. Reffing as a home ref must be damn hard and he did a great job. Don’t think you could argue about any of the cards and was consistent throughout. Obviously misses some things here and there but you can’t ask more than just being consistent and apply the rules.
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  19. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Well done Wallabies, 100% commitment as always. Enjoyed the game and the way it was played.

    Thought the ref did a good job with a very challenging game to control. The red cards were in accordance with the WR protocols and even though I thought that there was no malice in either, the decisions were correct by the officials.

    Cause for optimism for the future for the Wallabies.
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  20. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    His flaw was not getting Laumape penalised first for sealing off. That was one of Berry's decisions where you couldn't hear AFG jabbering away on the mic.

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