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CAS 2018

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by SonnyDillWilliams, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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    I think Barker favourites for 2018

    My predicted Waverley team

    1. Harley mcguiggan
    3. Valentine
    4. Whiteman
    5. Lewis Thompson or a rice
    6. murphy
    7. Molloy
    8. Moretti
    9.? Mackasill
    10. Andrews (c)
    12. Jensen or kallis
    13 towns
    14 Baldwin
    15. Luca Martin

    Waves should be competive but not as strong as 2017, with depth being the issue
  2. Aloys2k18 Frank Row (1)

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    Predicted ladder for 2018

    1) Barker/Aloys
    3) Waverley
    4) Knox
    5) Trinity
    6) Cranbrook
  3. Tuamasaga Bob McCowan (2)

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    barker will be very competitive next year with many year 11s having had 1st grade experience. reimer and tejcek's nsw experience will be valuable. knox has a strong u16 cohort and will challenge barker. 9 knox players were selected for cas representation and 4 players have nsw experience. waverley will be strong as always, but will find themselves relying on moretti. my very early and undoubtedly inaccurate predicted ladder is:
    1. barker
    2. knox
    3. waverley
    4. trinity
    5. cranbrook
    6. aloysius
  4. rod skellet Arch Winning (36)

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    SDW I admire the speed in which you keep the CAS chat on the pump. 2017 is only just complete, with the Waves old boys hang overs still very fresh no doubt and here we are looking ahead to 2018.
  5. rod skellet Arch Winning (36)

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    A possible Barker 1st XV for 2018

    1 Slinn/Chapman (16As)
    2 Pollard (1st XV)
    3 Anstey/ Matt Turner (16 As)
    4 Flaherty (1st XV)
    5 Cameron/Vievers (16As)/ Gorsuch(2nds)
    6 Weymouth (Luc) (2nds & 1sts)
    7 Collison (2nds)
    8 Reimer (1st XV)
    9 Tejcek (1st XV)
    10 Nercessian (1st XV)
    11 Brydon (2nd XV)
    12 Williamson (16A's)
    13 Wilson (1st XV,16As)
    14 Galloway (1st XV)
    15 Kitchener (1st Xv)
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  6. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    139 pages to go. I guess someone should put up something controversial about the next Juggernaut.
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  7. Truck n trailer Frank Row (1)

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    Doesn't 10 Nercessian turn 19 in 2018, making him ineligible to play in CAS next year?
  8. rod skellet Arch Winning (36)

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    If he does then he is not eligible. Good news is that Lochie Dring who locked with Flaherty is back for year 12. So that makes a very solid 2nd row.
  9. I <3 footy Frank Row (1)

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    Possible Barker 1st XV 2018

    1. Ed Slinn (injured last season)
    2. Billy Pollard (1sts, CAS 2s, U16 NSW 1)
    3. Dane Wilson (1sts/U16A, CAS Shadow)
    4. Harry Flahtery (1sts, CAS U16 2016)
    5. Jordan Cameron (U16A, CAS U16, U/16 NSW Schoolboys
    6. Lochie Dring (1sts)
    7. Luc Weymouth (1sts/2nds)
    8. Luke Reimer (1sts, CAS 1s, NSW Schoolboys 1)
    9. David Tejcek (1sts, CAS 2s, NSW Schoolboys 1 & 2)
    10. Josh Necessian (1sts)
    11. Kyle Galloway (1sts, U/16 CAS, U/16 NSW Schoolboys)
    12. Matt Graham (2nds)
    13. Ben Bryden (1st/2nds, U/16 CAS 2016)
    14. Lucas Vass (U16A, U16 CAS)
    15. Jayden Kitchener (1sts, CAS 2s)
  10. I <3 footy Frank Row (1)

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    If not Josh Necessian I quite like either Jack Dudley (2nds) or Hilton Oveden (U16A)
  11. axel Ted Fahey (11)

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    IMO Barker strong favourites for for next year, with Knox behind them. Ps..I'd like some of what Aloys2k18 is smoking.
  12. carl spackler Sydney Middleton (9)

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    If next year remains as a 5 game comp, then you need to immediately think that the teams playing 3 home games have a distinct advantage over those with 2. Waverley lucked in this year with 3, plus the crucial final game against Knox at DV. Having said this, I believe Waverley had the team to have won with a less favourable draw.
    Say Barker draw Knox, Waverley and Aloysius at home, and Cranbrook and Trinity away, they will be almost certainties.
    Maybe the bottom three from 2017 will be given the extra home game to level things up. This could bring Aloys right into the mix.
  13. Left-Right-Out Frank Row (1)

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    Early Prediction for Knox:
    1. J Frear (1st)
    2. S Kennedy (1st / U16A)
    3. W Kablau/K Haslam (U16A)
    4. H Kinsey (2nd)
    5. D Williams (2nd)
    6. D Glassie (Injured)
    7. D Brenden (U16A)
    8. O Cheal (U16A)
    9. T Constable (U16A)
    10. J McInerney (2nd If he can play) / S Rechner (U16A)
    11. O Evans (U16A)
    12. T Leigh (1st / 2nd)
    13. T Cameron (1st)
    14. P Sherlock (2nd)
    15. F Watson (1st)

    The 2017 season has just ended, so this is definitely going to change.
  14. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Apart from Galloway, is there any freakish Lloyd like speed in this team that you may know of Rod?
  15. I love Knox Stan Wickham (3)

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    Anyone have a potential CAS 1 and 2 team for next year? I feel like the team will be fairly spread between schools. Keen for a great offseason!
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  16. Baxter Lewis Frank Row (1)

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    My predicted Aloys team this year:

    1) Jack Mcniel
    2) Finn Spalding
    3) Zac Ienco
    4) Angus Allen/Tom Brown
    5) Max Brennan
    6) Angus Pardington/Olly Boyle
    7) Luke Ryan
    8) Alex Rahme
    9) Alex Di Sano
    10) James Westbury/Ben Pollack
    11) Darcy Hampton/Finn Kelleher
    12) Spencer Spalding
    13) Miles Brannigan
    14) Matt Fogarty
    15) James Westbury/Ben Pollack
  17. Baxter Lewis Frank Row (1)

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    Completely agree, I really hope they make changes to try find a more even playing field for schools* with smaller numbers, eg Cranbrook, Aloys
  18. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Expanding a bit on my last theme, does any school have particular stand out players coming through and if so, what are their skills/attributes to look out for e.g speed/size or ability in rucks/mauls etc.
  19. tgam56 Frank Row (1)

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    Would expect that we go back to the way it was in the "old days" and schools will alternate so that the home games in 2017 will become away fixtures the next year. So Barker would have Knox and Aloys at Hornsby and Trinity, Waverley and Cranbrook away. In fact if I think back to my own playing days in the dim and distant past that was the split we used to have then.
  20. CatchnPass Vay Wilson (31)

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    Is Ilias (T) back next year? If so, he'd be my pick at 10.

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