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CAS 2018

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by SonnyDillWilliams, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Running_rugby_1954 Herbert Moran (7)

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    It’s a shame these things happened really.

    Barkers pursuit of their short term gain of winning the comp will likely change the CAS comp forever.

    Last year names like Pollard, Galloway and Nercessian popped up, and now it looks like Waverley followed with LHW. I can’t imagine Knox will sit on their hands after the 69 point loss..

    This year the rules were changed for Nercessian- who didn’t meet any criteria, expect other schools not to care about those rules in future. Expect 19 year olds in the comp that can also play in the Sydney u19’s team in the same year as they played other CAS schools.

    The short term gain for Barker this year, will be felt for years to come in the CAS comp.

    Good luck in 2019.
  2. sidelineview Banned

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    It's not fair to say Barker won the comp because the player in question was part of their team but no one will ever know.

    By the same token it would be naive of Barker not to have expected repercussions when they made their bold request for a dispensation in the first place.
  3. What_the... Peter Burge (5)

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    I’m sure Kyle Galloway would be amused to see his name in this post, considering he has been at the school for years (possibly even Junior School) - I am sure Rod can confirm.

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