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CAS 2019

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by RugbyHd, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. RugbyHd Chris McKivat (8)

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    I think again in 2019 we'll have a two horse race between Waverley/Barker with Knox & Cranbrook both being very competitive.

    - Predicted ladder -

    1. Waverley
    2. Barker
    3. Cranbrook
    4. Knox
    5. Trinity
    6. Aloys
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  2. RugbyHd Chris McKivat (8)

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    Predicted Waverley 1st XV

    1. ??
    2. Luca Winch - 3rd XV
    3. Aisea Aholelei - 1st XV
    4. Miles Amatosero - 16As
    5. Alex Rice - 1st XV
    6. Zach Zsabo - 2nd XV
    7. Will Baker - 16As
    8. Marco Moretti - 2nd XV
    9. Max Johnson 2nd XV
    10. Ronald Volkman - 1st XV
    11. Will Fagan - Injured
    12. Alistair Jansen - 2nd XV
    13. Levi Milford - 1st XV
    14. Patrick Kite - 1st XV/2nd XV
    15. Lathan Hutchinson - 1st XV

    Very solid backline with quite a few backing up and boosted with the return of Will Fagan. The loss of L. Moretti will be massive and forwards notably weaker then 2017. Still a very strong line-up.

    No idea in regards to captaincy, Moretti/Zsabo??
  3. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    To be honest RugbyHD, some are more than likely correct, many others not even close.
    Barring the obvious players, there are are many positions in contention, eg you have forgotten Jordan Swan in the backs, can't imagine him missing out. Anyway pre-season will tell.

    I think there will be be several changes to the side listed. Time will tell.
  4. Steve Jane23 Stan Wickham (3)

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    My Predictions for 2019;

    1. Waverley/Cranbrook
    2. Waverley/Cranbrook
    3. Knox
    4. Barker
    5. Trinity
    6. Aloysius

    I think waverley and cranbrook are the stand outs for 2019, both having some great young talent. Cranbrook will have around 12 1st XV players returning from this year whereas waverley will have 5 or 6 but have a great bunch of boys coming up from year 10. It will be interesting to see them battle it out. I believe knox are very much in the mix with a large bunch of boys returning, similar to brook. Barker may be a chance with players such as Pollard and Galloway returning and I don't think they can be completely written off. Trinity and Aloys will struggle I think, not many boys returning and fairly weak year 10 boys coming through (for the most part). Will be an interesting year of footy I think and I'd say its looking like a four horse race. Hopefully I'm wrong about Trinity and Aloys and that they will test some teams.
  5. Knoxdad_89 Bob McCowan (2)

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    Sadly for me and the many other Knox supporters I think barker will be too good for us next year as I’m predicting they will go back to back titles. I’ll have a crack at a potential barker team for next year ( I have a son in year 10 at Knox who’s friends with many of the 16’s barker boys that are in contention for the 1st XV next year. So he will be helping me with my predicted team therefore may be a little off.)
    1.Adrian Brown /2nd XV
    2.Billy Pollard / 1st XV
    3.Dane Wilson / 1st XV
    4.Mark Green/ 16 A’s
    5.Jordan Cameron/ 1st XV
    6.Dan Stovold/ 16 A’s
    7.Mitch wheals / 16 A’s
    8.Hugo Weymouth/ 2nd XV
    9.Justus Stals / Injured for 2018
    10.Ben Graham/ 16 A’s
    11.Kyle Galloway/ 1st XV
    12. ?
    13. ?
    14. Lucas Vass / 16 A’s
    15. Hilton Ovenden/ 1st XV,16 A’s

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  6. SonnyDillWilliams Trevor Allan (34)

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    Wlf, who else would u suggest is in the mix, as I think rugbyhd isn’t too far off?

    Either way think 2019 should be another great year . and think brook will be in the mix

    However tipping Waverley to take the chocolates
  7. Left-Right-Out Frank Row (1)

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    Although, Waves will be an instant contender, don't forget that the Knox class of 2019 went UNDEFEATED as the 16As, so here is the the predicted team
    1. Adam Bowen (2s)/Harland Rock (3s)
    2. Ewan Leonard (2s)
    3. Will Kablau (1s/2s)
    4. Louis Pratt (2s)
    5. Olli Hughes (1s)
    6. Enrique Grobler (1s)
    7. Dan Brenden (1s)
    8. Tom Grawicke (1s)/Oscar Cheal (1s/2s)
    9. Thomas Constable (1s)
    10. Darcy Fitzgerald (1s)
    11. Max Renchner (2s)
    12. Sam Renchner (1s. Injured)
    13. Oliver Korthout (1s/swappable with ^)/James Constable (16As)
    14. David Addis (1s)
    15. Matthew Stewart (16As)

    Notable Mentions:
    16. Oliver Longhi (16As) who is a versatile athlete who could be either a 2row or 12 for the 1s or 2s
    17. Oliver Evans (1s) who saw game time for the 1s and 2s this year but may not play due to desired eligibility to play in 2020
    18. (Can't remember his name) (1s) who started the season at 15 but was injured quickly and missed the rest of the season

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  8. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    I think it's just too early to say, some listed are certs, more than likely there will be maybe 4-6 others really in contention, we will get a better feel during and after the preseason training. Also some of the positions listed look unlikely, eg can't see Lathan HW being thrown out at the back to 15, we need him to get as much ball as possible.

    There may also be some boys in this years 15as a chance.
  9. Come on ref Allen Oxlade (6)

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    lets not forget the inports that are not enrolled yet. 2 maybe 3 year 11 boys
  10. J Dog Fenton Peter Burge (5)

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    I don't think you've put much thought into that pack Left-Right-Out.

    1. Khoby McDonald
    2. Enrique Grobler
    3. Will Kablau
    4. Louis Pratt
    5. Olli Hughes
    6. Tom Gratwicke
    7. Dan Breden
    8. Oscar Cheal
    9. Tom Constable
    10. Darcy Fitzgerald
    11. Max Rechner
    12. Oliver Korthout
    13. Sam Rechner
    14. David Addis
    15. Oli Griffiths

    With James Constable (16A's), Matt Stewart (16A's) and Lucas Chamen (16A's) being the three that would be in the team in the case of injury
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  11. carl spackler Sydney Middleton (9)

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    I'm really surprised by the predicted low placement of Trinity for 2019. With players of the calibre of Malachi, Miller, Michael Eid, Oliver Buchanan and others in the pack, I see them placing in the top couple. Also expect Sione Vuki to have a commanding season now that he has done some growing.
    By my calculations, Trinity will have home games against Waverley, Knox and Aloys, and they very rarely lose at summer Hill.
    Too early to call, and recruitment will have an impact, but I can see the merits of 5 teams, with Aloys, unfortunately, correctly placed by all contributors.
  12. Jason_phillips_Knox Stan Wickham (3)

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    Knox 1XV

    1. Khoby McDonald
    2. Enrique Grobler
    3. Will Kablau
    4. Louis Pratt
    5. Olli Hughes
    6. Tom Gratwicke
    7. Dan Breden
    8. Oscar Cheal
    9. Tom Constable
    10. Darcy Fitzgerald
    11. Max Rechner
    12. Oliver Korthout
    13. Sam Rechner
    14. David Addis
    15. Oli Griffiths

    Barker 1XV

    1.Adrian Brown
    2.Billy Pollard
    3.Dane Wilson
    4.Mark Green
    5.Jordan Cameron
    6.Dan Stovold
    7.Mitch wheals
    8.Hugo Weymout
    9.Justus Stals
    10.Ben Graham
    12. Kyle Galloway
    14. Lucas Vass
    15. Hilton Ovenden

    Cranbrook 1XV

    1. Hugo Haymen
    2. Leo Christopher
    3. Ben Falla
    4. Perry Tasker
    5. Oliver Carroll
    6. Lachie Bible
    7. Paddy Tagg
    8. Alex Oreilly
    9. Tas smith
    10. Alii Pakutoa
    11. Peter North
    12. Peter Masselos
    13. Jake Taylor
    14. Will Suriano
    15. Oliver Lamens

    Waverley 1XV

    2. Luca Winch
    3. Aisea Aholelei
    4. Miles Amatosero
    5. Alex Rice
    6. Zach Zsabo
    7. Will Baker
    8. Marco Moretti
    9. Max Johnson
    10. Ronald Volkman
    11. Will Fagan
    12. Jordan Swann
    13. Levi Milford
    14. Patrick Kite
    15. Lathan Hutchinson
  13. Knoxdad_89 Bob McCowan (2)

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    I think you’ll find Galloway will be on the wing for barker. Any ideas on the centres for barker next year ?, Also any ideas on the hooker for Knox as I think Enrique will be playing back row.

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  14. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    And they are?
  15. Come on ref Allen Oxlade (6)

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    not my place to name them. term 4 they will be there
  16. casrugby2017 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Sounds like Waverly are doing a bit of what Scots did in the 2013/14 years. getting a few imports. They are going to need them I guess after a side like Knox pumped them 45-0 in their 16A's match last year?
  17. casrugby2017 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I think you will find enrique will play hooker, on the weekend he moved to hooker once haslam came off. Knox backrow will all be returning next year as they are all year 11's (gratwicke, breden, cheal). Hopefully some moreti and reimer's in the making.
  18. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Not sure if true, but also not sure what you are trying to achieve here?
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  19. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Think not, most of Waverley's team next year is already evident.

    So what happened to Knox this year if that Knox 16as team was so good last year?
  20. casrugby2017 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Well I guess for starters majority of games it was either 11/15 or 12/15 were year 11 this year in the side, had very little experience in playing 1xv as they were all playing 16's last year and hence why they struggled this year. Knox's Class of 2018 (this years year 12) came 6th or 5th in the 16's when they were playing there, reflective of where they finished up this year. If most of the 16's from last year were playing 1xv this year which they were, they are playing against 18yo's who have had an extra year in the opens program which is very physically demanding for them. Which I think was pointed out by one of the other users in the 2018 forum when they said it was one of the smallest knox sides hes ever seen, which is also reflective of most of them still being 16/17.

    On the other point of imports for waves, Miles, Ronald, LHW and Aisea Aholelei are all new this year (plus another '3 boys starting term 4'. Their team may be evident but its also heavily influenced with some new kids + 3 unheard of.
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