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CAS 2019

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by RugbyHd, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Piglet Herbert Moran (7)

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    I don't think you should underestimate the fatigue factor when you're playing one man down and then lose another man soon after the first gets back. Particularly given the physicality of the opposition and when the second yellow card carried into the 2nd half. I'm sure you noticed that the Trinity defence in the second half did not sting like they did in the first.

    I do agree about Waverley's cohesion. I read a lot of the comments in this forum and they were favourite for top 2.

    Let's hope for a good result for the Wallabies tonight. We can only hope!
  2. Running_rugby_1954 Herbert Moran (7)

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    A stop start game between Waverley and Trinity today.

    The weather didn’t help with a lot of dropped ball from both teams.

    There was a period in that second half Waverley were scintillating in attack and that won them the game.

    Amazing to think that only 9 of the players in the 1sts and 2nds are in year 12. 21 back from firsts and seconds next year plus their strong 16’s/15’s cohort- a good rebuilding year for Waverley no doubt. Also speaking with people today- even most of their thirds are in year 11- so they will have significant depth next year.

    They also weren’t helped with a significant number on injuries to key players in the pre season, but did well to play so well in the end against a very formidable Trinity team today.
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  3. rod skellet Arch Winning (36)

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    Very competitive NSW side here. Congrats to all CAS players who made the cut.
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  4. William88 Syd Malcolm (24)

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    I accidentally deleted my post sorry- I am getting old! Will try again.

    I have to agree- Waverley were hit hard by serious injuries to a large number of first XV starting players this year - but they will Be better off for blooding a huge amount of players and having a large returning group of firsts XV/2nd XV and 16 a players next year.

    They ended up missing the following 1st XV starting players in various CAS games due to various issues:

    Fretton, LHW, Baker, Milford, Moretti, Elmes, Ferguson, Daley, Amestro, Aholelei all first XV starters.

    As a result they blooded a lot of players in the firsts and have a huge number returning genuine starters from the firsts including:

    Sullivan, Amastero, Aholelei, Moale, King, Fritz, Thorn, Di Bartolo, Swann, Volkman, Fretton, Baker.

    Then have a strong group of 16’s coming through. Not mentioning that there are at least 13 players returning from the seconds next year.

    People expect Waverley to win every year, but if you look at the context of them in 2019- it was fair to expect them to be competitive when they lost to a full strength joeys by 2, but they lost a large chunk of that team and had to blood younger players as a result.

    People kicking them when they are down have forgotten they were one penalty goal away from winning 3 years in a row last year. And every school needs a year like this one every now and then to prepare for the future(just look at Barker in 2016/17).
  5. Running_rugby_1954 Herbert Moran (7)

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    Agree with you there W88.

    Thought they would have been a chance at full strength- especially if they had a full strength pack. But the huge list of first XV players out was a huge issue for the team.

    Maybe next year they won’t go play a full tournament of 8 games in Japan before they even start their pre season games?
  6. Aloys_win Stan Wickham (3)

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    Maybe show some sportsmanship next time and deal with the Cranbrook fans on the sideline being rude to Aloysius players on the field?
  7. WLF Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Ok, it is now all done and dusted for the CAS and GPS, and maybe ISA schools, a HUGE CONGRATS to Barker and Joeys for back to back premierships wins. It takes a lot to win in just 1 year but 2 in a row shows a lot of belief. v.good training and culture.
    A hell of a lot of work goes into this achievement. Hats off to both teams and schools! Well done and enjoy!
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  8. The Sydney Rugby Ref Stan Wickham (3)

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    Sportsmanship by Alos?! You obviously haven't kept up with current affairs at Hordern Oval today 'Aloys_win".

    In the 15Bs match, an Alos player was red carded for punching a Cranbrook player - right in front of the referee!

    And in the following 15A's match, an Alos player was red carded for abusing the referee! You need to get your facts right before posting on this forum.
  9. sidelineview Banned

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    Well done to Barker who won the Henry Plume Shield fair and square.

    Whether Barker's reign of dominance has temporarily ended or not remains to be seen but the fortunes of the different 1st XV teams are cyclical, so all concerned need to enjoy it and ride the wave while it lasts.

    Talking of waves, the Double V enjoyed two great years in 2016 & 17 and narrowly missed out in 2018. They hadn't won a comp since 2009 before that.

    But things look good next year for Waverley with so many players returning to school and with the successful U16s team graduating to the Opens in 2020. The 2nd XV, 3rd XV, 4th XV, 16s and 15s won their respective comps. They've got an excellent coaching staff, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out.

    Well done to all concerned for the 2019 season. Well done to the Wallabies as well.
  10. wallabyinwaiting Bob McCowan (2)

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    sportsmanship has to go both ways. supporters getting stuck into players on the field - going on since the beginning of time. if you can't handle the intensity of the sport - try soccer.

    good luck with that strongly worded email, champion.
  11. noeyeddear Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Unfortunately I missed the game as I have been crook all week but it’s reassuring that the traditional push and shove was observed by the current generation!
  12. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Nowadays it is more chest to chest banging like rutting caribou..
  13. formerflanker Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Although Hooper's reaction to Savea's unpleasantness last night could set a new trend.
  14. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    A back of the collar grab prevents the hands being trapped. Quite smart I thought.

    Well I guess that is it then. It is all over for 2019. I enjoyed the posts Guys. Thanks to all. Till 2020. ..
  15. Jonathan lumerick Frank Row (1)

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    anyone willing to start the new forum, keen to see how CAS is going to shape up next year !
  16. rod skellet Arch Winning (36)

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    It is done.
  17. concernedcranbrookmum Bob McCowan (2)

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    Its been good! See you all next year

    Yours Truly,


  18. Flavio Herbert Moran (7)

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    Was great banter and some good insights into all the teams. I do love the "I haven't seen XXX team play but I reckon we are going to smash them" also some of the one eyed love of their teams.

    Despite my post being deleted I do believe that in some cases the drive of some boys on scholarships "yes we all know they exist" when things aren't going as expected seems to wane. Also some that play league as well seem to attract a disproportionate number of yellow cards

    Looking forward to next year and my early thoughts even as a Barker parent that it will be a good one for Waverly
  19. ZHC Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Sorry to be so one eyed folks. But, based on this year's form, Waverley is in a very strong position to do very very well over the next three years, 2020-2022.

    Their 2nds (undefeated), 3rds (undefeated), 4ths (undefeated perhaps as well) all CAS champions. U16As CAS champions (never beaten at CAS in their age group). U15As CAS champions (never beaten at CAS in their age group so far).

    When did a CAS school last win three or more in a row? Waverley almost did it last year, just falling short against Barker in a classic.

    They have the roster to do it, can they do it though? With a bit of luck they can do it.
  20. WTF? Watty Friend (18)

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    This post did not age well WLF

    No excuses about full strength teams as neither did. We had plenty of Sydney/Metro players out injured watching from the sidelines.

    What was the bet again?
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