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Karmichael Hunt charged with cocaine supply.

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by Brumbieman, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. redstragic Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    By supporting him I was more pointing to K the person rather than K the player. They can stand him down and have a tough policy on drugs without getting stuck into him publicly over it because it all happened prior to him starting at with the Reds.

    Think of how nasty shit got with Dell.

    If it came out he was supplying coke while employed by the Reds things get much tougher for them.

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  2. TOCC Guest

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    Why wouldn't they attempt to minimise it?

    Firstly they want to protect the image of the Reds by assuring sponsors that this didn't occur during his tenor at the Reds, also they don't want this blowing up any bigger then it needs to be, that will impact on membership and crowd attendance.

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  3. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Notices to Appear, Summonses and the process of charging someone at a police station are just different mechanisms to put a person before a court to answer a charge.

    Why the QRU are trying to play with words is beyond me. Other than the first dot point containing that red herring, the rest of the QRU press release is spot on.
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  4. TOCC Guest

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    are there any actual lawyers on this forum?
  5. nugget Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    had this in me head all day, wish the reds would play it as they ran out tomorrow night.
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  6. brokendown Alex Ross (28)

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    do you need one?
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  7. Dismal Pillock Greg Davis (50)

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    It was the spring of '72, well, in actual fact, it was sometime in 1991 and grunge rock was king. This young pillock was travelling up and down the west coast of Jesusland to watch bands with names like "Mudhoney" and "Nirvana" and "Steel Pole Bathtub". Anyway, I was about to pilot my fucking enormous Buick station wagon out of a youth hostel in Portland when 3 hippies on the porch asked me where I was going. L.A being the answer, they were to be my companions. Turns out they were "Deadheads". About 3 minutes into our trip the 50 year old Frank Zappa look-a-like in the front seat next to me said he had $5,000 worth of LSD on him. Oh shit. I had never tried any drugs harder than dope. Anyway, he says half a tab should be enough for me. He took 4 tabs. At once. "Developed an immunity" he says. Astonishingly he would continue this pace over the next 4 days (was it 4?), sliding the papers under his tongue like they were motherfucking tictacs.

    Me being the designated driver (no way I was letting these hippie drug addicts drive my car) I was a wee bit concerned as to how this infamous hallucinogenic would affect my ability to drive an automobile. I resolved to just focus hard and Holy Shit Suddenly Everything suddenly became fucking hilarious. Zappa moustache man said I must've been in a good mood when I popped the tab as your "trip" is determined by your state at ingestion. In an anxious/terrified state at tip-off and you could be in for a hell ride. As evidenced by the homeless-impacted streets of San Francisco some take 1 hit and vanish down a rabbit warren existing entirely within the confines of their own minds, never to return.

    After 1 hour I realised that I could not tell if I was driving uphill or downhill. Just could not tell. My muscles had completely locked into position, foot on the gas at an unwavering 52mph and would stay that way for 3 days (or was it 4? Where did we sleep?). None of the hippies said anything about my driving so I must have been going ok. We stopped at a Redwood Forest. We stopped at a beach. We stopped for bare arse photos on a very high bridge. Everything still hilarious. I tentatively progressed up to a tab every few hours (although my concept of "hours" was utterly out the fuckign window there).

    As I drove the car I thought I would have to think of an analogy of what an LSD trip is like. To explain it to my mum later. I mean, to my cronies later. The best I could come up with was you're sitting in a stationary car, at a train crossing, the trains are roaring by continuously, the car is in neutral, you have your foot flat to the floor, with the engine screaming, and you feel fantastically happy.

    Anyway, no idea where this is going or who this "KHUNT" guy is but drugs can be fun.
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  8. qwerty51 Jason Little (69)

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    What about this?

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  9. brokendown Alex Ross (28)

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    all I can do on this is to plead the 5th
  10. TOCC Guest

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    actually one thing i do like about all this is how the Titans have been kicked out of The Southport School, the Titans were using it as their training facility for 2015 whilst they found somewhere else to live. Thats rugby union territory at TSS!

    Slipper, Tapuai, Morahan, J.Lance, Simmons and J.Butler are all alumni from that school
  11. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    Well Dismal, the straight-and-narrows on here now believe you're a complete wastrel, smacked out of your mind and no good in society.

    Get thee hence!

    Seriously guys, you're fucking kidding with this anti-decriminalisation angle. Your experiences with those who have fallen hard are valid without doubt, but the circumstances under which someone will sell themselves to get another hit completely colours your judgement in a scenario with cheap, clean gear and cheap, clean needles to go with it.

    Long-term cocaine usage is not a good thing. But neither is long-term alcohol, smoking, or self-asphyxiated erotica for that matter. The fact is, people fuck themselves up on things not because of the high involved, but because of the kind of people they are.

    I worked in health when the shooting gallery was set up in the Cross. It could have been a monumental success if not for the constant sniping of the media. Public programs for decriminalisation have been shown to work - and be quite profitable for governments - the world over.

    I mean, we've got a methadone program for smack addicts that the taxpayer funds, and it is helping a very small percentage of people on it.

    The drugs actually aren't the problem.
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  12. cyclopath Phil Waugh (73)

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    And with this post, the 7-sided Rubik's Cube that is Dismal Pillock has been solved.
  13. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    There is at least one QC( edit: maybe he is a SC) or do you need someone more qualified?
  14. Wilson Dick Tooth (41)

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    I didn't know Quade posted on these forums.
  15. Dismal Pillock Greg Davis (50)

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    Exactly. I7ve never understood why society gives alcohol carte blanche yet something like LSD (which for some (deadheads) after a while tends to resemble little more than harmless happiness pills) will get you the full frontal facial death firing squad in Indonesia or some jumped-up junta bumhole hellhole.
    I reckon. Another pointless half-unrelated drug story from me; I used to run a wee record shop in Auckland and stupidly and unwittingly before signing the lease didnt realise there was a fuckign needle exchange right behind the shop. So we'd get all the druggies come in and ask where the needle exchange is. So I've seen the type. And there is no type. It could be anyone.

    We did have one drongo come in, wasted out of his brain, drop his needles by the counter (always a flash look for prospective customers haha, fuck I wasnt going to pick up his gear, I dont want to contract full-blown hand A.I.D.S) then plonk himself down on a chair, his head tilted back at a thoroughly precipitious un-breathing angle, and pass out. For 3 hours. I just left him there. Is he dead? Fucked if I wanted to know.

    Anyway cant remember why I started this post either, fuck me maybe i need some post work training.
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  16. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    Must be the acid
  17. Brumby Runner Rod McCall (65)

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    IIRC the ARU issued Pocock with a warning type letter as soon as he was charged, for bringing the game into disrepute. I assume at the very least they will do the same here.
  18. Thinker Darby Loudon (17)

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    The odd thing is he was training with them in September. There was a lot of media about this. I even think Quade was on Rugby HQ talking up how well he was going.

    Hunt left the Suns in late August and was done with them (maybe not contractually). They had his send off Aug 28 or abouts. From Sep on his only sporting involvement was with the Reds.

    There is plenty of photo ops and the like of him in the Sept-Oct window, not to mention the numerous promo opps at NRC games and the like.

    At the very least he would have had to have been registered with the ARU like any player during the period under question (assumed for liability as he wouldn't be covered by RUPA but still odd as the ARU insurance doesn't cover things like RUPA would), training with Brisbane City (confirmed), consistently in the media in full Reds kit (confirmed) and according to Quade performing very well at practise.

    This might not have been "official" preseason but it takes two seconds on google to find KH training and such at Ballymore during that period.

    The insurance might have been covered if his ARU top up started in September.

    I suggest it took 8 hours to make a statement to deliver the usual QRU head in the sand approach and try and minimise their impact.
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  19. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    Its the QRU trying to dissociate themselves as an organisation from the incident, while remaining with him as a player. Carmichael didn't get the top gig by being a dunce.

    But can you be in RUPA and not contracted to the ARU? "His contract started on 1st January 2015" could mean his current contract, so he might have been under a train-on agreement or some other fuzzy setup at that point. Maybe his AFL contract didn't officially expire until 1st Jan? Dunno. Too lazy to look that up.
  20. Thinker Darby Loudon (17)

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    The ones that might have applied to Hunt

    Really had to be contracted. Did a month uncontracted that they will admit and another 2 months they won't.
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