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Manly 2014

Discussion in 'Manly' started by Dave Beat, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Manly 4, from 5 today - big day down at the green tomorrow!!
    Uni 5 from 7 today - going down in 1 & 2 colts.

    Play to win.
    Do not play to not lose a game, looks like there was a fright in 3's
  2. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Any scores for Colts?
  3. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Updated on here pretty early now which is good;

    Round 13 - 21/06/2014

    Home Team v Away Team Location Time
    [IMG] Gordon 30 v Eastwood 34 Chatswood Oval 11:40am
    [IMG] Randwick v West Harbour Coogee Oval 1:05pm
    [IMG] Penrith 5 v Southern Districts 64 Nepean Rugby Park 3:00pm
    [IMG] Parramatta 17 v Manly 51 Merrylands RSL Rugby Park 12:40pm
    [IMG] Sydney University 22 v Northern Suburbs 39 St Pauls College Oval 1:25pm
    [IMG] Eastern Suburbs v Warringah Woollahra Oval 1:00pm
  4. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Wow there are some interesting results there!
  5. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Well here goes – first post like this.
    I was blowing up – 21 a piece at oranges in second grade.
    A dominate scrum that destroyed Parra at every set piece, and phases couldn’t be created at all.
    Some silly choices, and some stupid errors – I mean that kick off and letting the ball bounce – no doubt a rocket was launched at the break.
    Creating phases didn’t happen, much like against the hobbits last week – the cohesion, go forward and support play that was evident earlier in the season was not there.
    I can only put creating the phases, and go forward and support down to the absence of Mitch Daniels & Rhys Dombkins as out set piece is strong.
    It was good to see a lift in the second half but gee let’s play to win for the full 80.

    Kept on saying the flood gates are going to open, they’re going to open – but they never did. Well down Parra.
    It appeared Parra never committed to many to the ruck and the D held true.
    The game was always in control, but the gates should have opened.
    No doubt that one will be reviewed on Monday and alot taken from it.

    Now my thoughts on the ref have been confirmed - he ruined the game, for both teams.

    Got the points but it should’ve been better.
  6. JimmyLan Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Regarding the second grade game Dave, Your frustrations are equal to mine as the Parra Coach. Personally if it wasn't for losing Dan Yakopo in our last encounter we would have beaten your boys then, Today in the second half you 'lifted' because we lost three key personnel whilst being 26-21 up (2,8 and 13) I'd like to think we would have given you a back 40 equal to the first 40 had it not been for the band aids. Still was a great game of rugby but I'm still quietly filthy as we should have taken the points. Next year my friend ;-)
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  7. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Ah Jimmy, welcome to the Manly forum, I now you want to be by the water.
    2s had an offfff first half, and your boys converted the opportunities given.
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  8. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Marlins' record season continues against Two Blues

    By Adam Lucius

    Okay, time to get this record business straight.
    Manly's unconvincing 28-15 win over Parramatta on Sunday equalled the club record of 13 for most consecutive victories, set by Turtle, Gals and Co on their way to the 1997 premiership.
    The club record for the longest undefeated streak is 15, which included one draw, achieved by the 1947 team, which incredibly failed to win the comp.
    But if you believe this current side, breaking records is the furthest thing from their minds.
    "That's really the first I've heard of a record. We haven't really spoken about it," fullback BJ Hartmann insisted after the hard-fought win over Parramatta at sun-drenched Manly Oval.
    "If we don't continue on from here then the record means nothing.
    "We're not settling on what we've done. We want to keep building each week.
    "We need to keep winning and make our own record."
    Win No.13 will not make the annals of great Manly rugby moments through the years.
    It was a scrappy, niggling, stop-start affair and really quite ugly for most of the journey.
    Phil Blake labelled it '80 minutes of rubbish' and it's impossible to mount a counter argument.
    The referee played his part, sinning binning two players from each side to leave us with rugby league number for a while and allowing the Two Blues plenty of latitude at the breakdown.
    It took Manly 32 minute to post their first try through Mali Hingano after Manly had been 9-3 up via a string of penalties.
    We then had to wait until the 57th minute for the Marlins' next five-pointer, scored by man-of-the-match Greg Peterson for a 21-3 scoreline.
    Then came the best passage of a dull match.
    With just 13 men, Mark Swanepoel produced a tremendous crossfield kick that landed in the unmarked hands of Lui Siale over in the scoreboard corner.
    Unfortunately that's where the magic ended as the game drew to its inevitable conclusion.
    "Because there wasn't a precedent set early in regards to what was going to be reffed at the breakdown it just got into a bunfight from the first minute to the 80th minute," Blake said.
    "Hence the four yellow cards, hence all the stoppages and no flow to the game.
    "They came with a particular mindset with nothing but disrupting the whole game and they got away with it.
    "And that is why it turned into such a disgusting spectacle to play in, to watch."
    Tell us what you really think, Blakey.
    Peterson added: "It was scrappy but we did what we had to do.
    "Full credit to Parramatta. They made us work for it."
    The Marlins shoot for 14 straight against Eastern Suburbs at Woollahra Oval next Saturday.

    Second Grade build momentum for a good win
    A rather flat first half from Marlins second grade kept Parramatta well in the game right up to the half time siren with the bounce of the ball seemingly going to the Two Blues off every Marlin error.
    Manly managed to cross for 3 tries, only to let Parramatta cross twice off their own kick offs and another off Marlin errors. Leaving the scores locked at 21-21 at half time.
    After a half time blow up from the coaches, Manly stormed out of the blocks crossing for another 3 tries to Milroy (2) and Meaney. Huge forward efforts from ex super rugby superstar Tim Fairbrother and an up coming Western Force player Phoenix Battye made it easy for the rest of the pack and the backs to roll forward off.
    Massive mention for outstanding performances must go to Brad Meaney, Marshal Millroy, Tim Fairbrother, Mikey Howard and Pheonix Battye.
    Final score 54-26
    3rd grade clinch it on the bell
    3rd grade was a much closer encounter. With it 12-12 at half time, the boys knew they were going to have to pull a big performance in the second half and that is what they did. Clinching the 27-24 win on the bell with a try to ensure a bonus point win.
    4ths deliver a solid 5 pointer win
    4ths managed to grab the first points of the match through a try to Benson Fakai and a short time later Joe Metuisela added three more points to be up 8 nil. 4ths held this lead going into half time and came out in the second half looking for three more tries to grab all 5 points for the ladder. They were able to do so and finished with a 27-10 win over Parramatta.
  9. Bomber Harris Chris McKivat (8)

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    Lead extended in Club Championship . Must check up on how it looked same time last season. A few points could decide it particularly with Uni playing Woodies again - mind you Rat park won't be a push over in 2 weeks time
  10. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    You will find it here Bomber, and round 14 last year we played Easts as well.

  11. Bomber Harris Chris McKivat (8)

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    Ah as I suspected or hoped - a very different scenario and encouraging - much appreciated Dave
  12. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    here goes;
    4's - a Beasties supporter said Manly should have been up by 20+ at oranges, I saw the second half and whilst being on top it wasn't converted into points.
    3's - a very complete game.
    2's - first 5 minutes, built phases, and scored a great try. East climbed back into it and were ahead at the break. Fitness and a great second half saw them come home strong.

    1's - not even winning the try count 3 - 1 made me feel good, brutally honest post from someone sitting on the sideline.
    Since the Randwick game there has been some difficult viewing, wins but difficult viewing.
    Have worked hard, and outplayed their opposition, good quick ball but this has also allowed the opposing side to not commit a lot of players to the ruck / maul and this has possibly nullified what our backs can do.
    Siggy was awesome again until he came off.
    Porecki and G had very strong games yet again.

    The backs;
    Swany has been on fire and is like another loose forward. Lucas & Max also had very strong games in 2’s and I was also impressed with the half who played 4’s.
    I think we lost that game at 10, our backs didn’t / haven’t penetrated the line since the Randwick game – Is it because we were playing to flat (which I don’t mind), but nothing seemed to be created. In saying that the backs haven’t been singing their tunes since Daruda moved to 10, same again this week. Whether it be Sammy, or Marshall @ 10 - Daruda was on fire at 12.

    At 13 Maile / Sef
    Sef had a huge start to the year playing outside Daruda, he seems to be boxed in at 12.
    Maile outside Daruda also created all sorts of grief for the opposition, drew the players which created space on the inside and outside.

    Northam hardly got to see the ball on the weekend (even before the wind picked up) – I think that had something to do with the 10, 12, 13 combo – Zip has gas but he’s not getting to Zip.

    The ball bounced badly for Treweek all day, absolutely nothing went right for the guy – he has real class, and will no doubt bring it with him next week. It's history and can happen to anyone.

    Maile, I thought his preferred position was 12, or that’s where I think he’d cause serious carnage – I remember Laney subbed him there in an away game against Uni a couple of years ago and we took the prize.

    His front on D and pilfering would be huge, plus the way he really bends the line often carrying about 3 players with him (but drawing another 6), might be how we get the opposing side to commit more players.

    I referenced the bounce of the ball, good example around the 1.20 mark;

    Happened time and time again
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  13. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Just borrowed Bob Dwyer's right up, of recent weeks I've said we've had a dominant set piece but had not overlapped that into phases and try's - this is what i meant;
    Bob away you go - "For a team to play very well they’ve got to play the collective game well and on top of that goes the individual ability of their star players. For the most part, the Waratahs scored their points on the back of individual brilliance rather than on the back of a collective capacity strengthened by individual brilliance.
    We saw individual brilliance from Beale, Folau and Alofa Alofa, whereas one try was constructed and scored as a first class exhibition of the collective game; by Wycliff Palu where there was a building of probably a dozen individual components of play that went into the phases that resulted in the try.
    That’s what I like to see from a team and the more I see of it, the more I know it’s difficult for any team to stop those tries. In one other score - to Foley – Will Skelton’s perfect positioning on the inside of the fly-half made the defence read the huge potential threat held by the second rower, which in turn made the try".
  14. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Up the Marlins, rip in, support the ball.
    And D
  15. 2bluesfan Nev Cottrell (35)

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    You OK Dave? :)
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  16. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Crap viewing on a Thurs night, and school hols, just having a post to get my numbers up.
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  17. 2bluesfan Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Crap viewing??? Didn't you see the Sydney Stars segment on Fox tonight?
    Ah well, at least they're trying something I guess. Can't wait to see what the Rams put up.
  18. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Yes - crap viewing. I was hoping it was the Rams - still some good players across your 4 teams. Also interesting about the talk on either Japan or Singapore joining to make a Super 18. I'd love to see them cough up plenty of yen and be the 10th team in the NRC
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  19. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Home game vs Randwick, 3pm Sat 5th July, Manly Oval

    "The sign of a good team is not whether it dwells on a win or a loss but how it responds to a loss," said MMMs club president, David Begg about 1st grade's loss against Easts last weekend. "I am expecting a big effort from all teams this weekend as we enter the final stages of the regular season."

    "The senior players got together after the game to chat about things," said 5/8th and centre Scott Daruda. "We agreed that there are a number of things we need to do better and took back ideas to (coach) Phil Blake. We had one of the best training sessions of the season on Tuesday evening."

    With tired bodies and minds at this stage of the season, refreshing the commitment is essential. Start the season again! There are only 7 games to go to win the comp!

    "We need to get the focus like the start of the season. It's not too much of a sacrifice," continued Scott. "It is important that we get back to our forward driven game that was so successful. We also need to improve our breakdown work and communication on the field."

    Scott, 28 years old, was contracted to the Force for a number of seasons. He went onto to play in France and Japan before he ended up playing a few games for the MMMs two years ago. He spent last year at Norths before returning to the MMMs this season. "I am really pleased to be back. There is a good team vibe and work ethic."

    Scott Daruda vs Easts

    He was pretty hard on himself about the Easts loss. "We should have closed out that game and I take responsibility. Playing at number 10 we should have been able to control the game more."

    Easts scored a drop goal after the MMMs lost its own line out throw and Easts worked into a good field position for a final score of 19-18.

    "At this stage we are not thinking about Randwick but how we improve and play our game," said Scott. The MMMs thumped Randwick away in Round 11 60-12 and won all 4 grades.

    Scott moves to inside centre with the return of Sam Vaevae at 5/8th.

    "Yeah I've been away playing for the Cook Islands. Unfortunately we got thrashed by Fiji and so won't make the world cup," said Sam. "It was a great experience."

    He played in last season Auckland comp winning team Pakuranga and started in second grade this season for the MMMs but has worked his way into 1st grade.

    "I am lucky to be playing between such experienced players as Swany (half back Mark Swanepoel) and Scott. We need to improve our communication and link with the forwards.

    "To use the old phrase, it is one game at a time and we can't think too far ahead."
  20. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Great seeing Daruda back in 12, he's add so much more potency playing 2nd 5.

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