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Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by SonnyDillWilliams, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Eyes and Ears Colin Windon (37)

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    Maybe his mind just got a bit cluttered due to the importance of the occasion. It's not easy to be a referee on these days.
  2. Gary Owen III Syd Malcolm (24)

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    You'll find plenty more info at https://www.nswjuniors.com.au/ - there are multiple articles on this stuff in the news sections.
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  3. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Joeys, Riverview and Shore also have AFL teams. Not that I think it's a good thing, but if you're going to lash out about something at least lash out about everyone who does the same thing.

    And the same person has coached the 13As at Newington for the past 3 seasons, so your comment about a new coach in the 13As is also incorrect.

    There is a new director of rugby, so you at least got one thing right.;)
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  4. One eyed pirate Ward Prentice (10)

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    just noticed the highlights of the scots v joeys '91 was posted. can anyone kindly post the kings v joeys '91 game if they have it. 2 of those joeys players repeated year 12 at joeys after completing year 12 at kings.
  5. OlderSlower Frank Row (1)

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    If memory serves only one of the 2 completed year 12 at Kings but both had a fine year at Joeys.
  6. Crashy Alex Ross (28)

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    what was the crowd size at Joeys?
  7. OlderSlower Frank Row (1)

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    Extra large size, standing room only. Ten thousand plus at a guess some think it might have been 15,000.
  8. Balmain Subbies Ted Fahey (11)

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    That was the touchy on the other side.
  9. Black & White Jim Clark (26)

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    Honestly, Jenny G your comments about Newington really lack accuracy. QH is a parent of a current student and I am an Old Boy of the school who attends New's Rugby Games. By all means make comments, but you need to be objective, informed and and above all knowledgeable about Newington and its Rugby Program. This is regrettably not appearing in your posts. Rather rash, impulsive comments that seem more intent on putting down the school are appearing. Such negative comments will only serve you to lose creditability amongst New supporters.

    You mentioned that Joeys, was your preferred choice for an education. Fair enough, Joeys is a great school. So what ever disappointments you have about Newington, may I suggest you sing the praises of Joeys, rather than continue your negativity about Newington. Quite simply as demonstrated by QH and myself, your less than accurate comments will be exposed and simply lead to your personal embarrassment.

    At the end of the day, such comments have tendency to say more about yourself than Newington.If you wish make comments about Newington fair enough, but mix the Positive with the Negative and above all be informed. Your 13As comments were fascial and in no way could be taken seriously.

    My apologies Jenny G if you feel I have been unfair, from your point of view. But, believe me, your comments will be valued when delivered with detailed accuracy and fairness.
  10. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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    I doubt very much that any adult referee doesn't know that on the line is out

    calling that b/s
  11. FootyGuy Bob McCowan (2)

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    So how did all the match ups go on Saturday?
  12. sidesteppa Darby Loudon (17)

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    Full highlights. In future whenever I hear Hey Jude by the Beatles, I'll no doubt remember this Joeys team>
  13. Balmain Subbies Ted Fahey (11)

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    SD I was surprised as you were. Please refer to the match video. The fact he referred to the ref says it all. Apart from that slip up I thought he did a good job.
  14. Balmain Subbies Ted Fahey (11)

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    So I will put my thoughts in for 2019. As much as it hurts to say it, there was something magical about Saturday's match at Hunters Hill. The passion from the Joe Boys was something I felt may have been missing for a few years, well maybe not the passion the but the intensity. It definitely had a feel to it from the 90s. Congratulations to Joeys, they have clearly got their act together and will be a force over the next couple of years without a doubt. For Scots, as a supporter I feel like we had the talent but the team did not have the smoothness and flow of teams before. A great forward pack and talented backline but we did not play smart. In the first half Joey's kicked for position and in the second half we kicked down their throats. I feel like we lacked some of the basics and the backline tried to many times during the season to score off every play with fancy moves and cut outs rather than good old through the hands. Maybe we need a change at the top, I don't know but too many times this season the likes of New, View and Kings did not punish Scots for their mistakes. Joeys, much like the All Blacks did and it shows how much ground we need to make up for next year. The effort is there but we need to be smart at key moments. Percentage plays rather than trick plays. Anyway, rant over, Congrats Joey's and only 8 months till the 1st round for next year!!!!!
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  15. brumbiesrugby Cyril Towers (30)

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    About 8,000 in my view.
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  16. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    The only undefeated Newington team for 2019 were the mighty 15Cs. :)
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  17. ItsNotPink Sydney Middleton (9)

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    3rd XV Season in Review & Final Observations

    This review wraps up the 3rd XV season that we have all been following closely J, and also includes some comments relevant to GPS rugby generally. I apologise for the length, but I hope it’s worthwhile.

    The 3rd XV competition was conducted this year with 1st XV teams from TAS, Grammar and High playing 3rd XV teams from Shore, Riverview, Joeys, Kings and Scots. Newington did not field a team in the 3rd XV competition in 2019.

    Joeys (7 wins 0 losses = 14 Points)

    Congratulations to the Joeys 3rd XV for an undefeated championship in 2019. Joeys demonstrated great resilience throughout the season, coming from behind on several occasions to maintain their unbeaten record. This team was extremely well coached and proudly represented St Joseph’s College to claim the Col Windon Shield which looks pretty good alongside the School Challenge Trophy and the W.S. Corr Cup.

    TAS (5 wins 2 losses = 10 points)
    TAS started the season with a loss to Joeys in Armidale, while missing a number of players. They followed this match with five straight wins and looked like premiership contenders through the middle of the season. A final round loss to Riverview found them in equal second and while a shared premiership with Joeys was not to be, they had an excellent competition.

    Congratulations to the two TAS players selected for Combined GPS – a great achievement.

    Without revisiting the eloquent posts of other forum members, I think it’s fair to say that the challenges facing TAS going forward are significant. Like many schools, they are subject to diminishing rugby player numbers, but they have the added complication of having to travel large distances for the majority of their games. Nevertheless, there is a great rugby spirit and tradition at TAS – this is obvious to anyone who visits – and it would be a great shame if this was lost. A strong TAS presence in the 3rd XV competition is really important for GPS rugby and should be a continued priority for all GPS schools and the AAGPS.

    Riverview (5 wins 2 losses = 10 points)

    The defending premiers were undefeated through four rounds, then encountered Joeys and Grammar for back to back losses. Key players were lost to injury and the team had some challenges in the final rounds but bounced back to defeat TAS in a shortened round 7 match. No doubt they will return stronger than ever in 2020.

    Grammar (4 wins 1 draw 2 losses = 9 points)

    Grammar came close this season but lost a couple of key games against Joeys and TAS. They had four strong wins including a round 6 win over Riverview. Grammar are certainly holding their own in this competition and there is absolutely no reason why they cannot make a resurgence in the coming seasons.

    Congratulations to the two Sydney Grammar players selected for Combined GPS – very well deserved.

    Shore (3 wins 4 losses = 6 points)

    Shore started the season with three straight losses, but things started to look up from there and they won three of their last four games, only dropping a game to Grammar by a single point. So while the Shore 1st XV this year had an extremely tough season, the 3rd XV was figured well in this competition and demonstrated that there is still a lot of life left in Shore rugby.

    I won’t revisit all of the discussion around this – except to say that I am confident that Shore can rebuild capability across all grades in the coming seasons, especially if their impressive 15As are any indication.

    Scots (2 wins 1 draw 4 losses = 5 points)

    Having seen Scots 3rd XV play at Hunters Hill last Saturday, I am genuinely surprised that they only won two games this year. They are a team with a lot of heart and a lot of ability. Their big forwards were present in the tight contest and they showed promise in attack. I am sure they would have liked to finish higher on the table, but they demonstrated great character and teamwork in their game.

    Kings (1 win 6 losses = 2 points)

    I think it goes without saying that Kings would be disappointed to only win one game this year. After their first round victory over High they had six straight losses. All schools have their ups and downs, so I don’t think there is cause for concern. I will be interested to watch developments in 2020 as Kings will be retaining a number of younger players currently in their open grades.

    High (0 wins 7 losses = 0 points)

    Firstly, congratulations to the Sydney Boys High 1st XV team, coaches and parents. All credit for playing this season with determination and character, never giving up and demonstrating great courage. It’s tough playing all season without a win, but High never threw in the towel and that’s what GPS rugby is all about.

    However, it was disappointing to be standing on the sideline at Mackay Oval when High played Joeys with the smallest crowd that I have ever seen at a GPS match, watching a great game of rugby that should have been seen by a huge crowd of supporters from both schools. A far cry from the thousands who cheered on High’s 1st XV to victory over Joeys 1st XV in 1973! (Ok it’s a long time ago but I was there.)

    Part of this is logistical because the 3rd XV draw often does not align with the other games that a school plays, but in High’s case it is disappointing that support in 2019 is limited to a small number of enthusiastic parents, coaches and players. The way it stands currently, High is at risk of dropping out of this competition completely unless they get a broader intake of rugby players, create more depth and generate greater support for the game. GPS rugby needs a strong SBHS 1st XV!


    Newington did not field a team in the 3rd XV competition this year, and as Quick Hands has pointed out it was largely due to the reduction of 1st XV and 2nd XV competitions to a single round, and to a lesser extent due to fewer Newington Open teams playing.

    This is a huge shame in my opinion. It appears that Newington 3rd XV played 5th XV teams from many other schools and I believe the 3rd XV comp would be greatly enhanced by having Newington play in it. Yes, I know that probably means a bye for one team each week and a longer competition, but as far as I’m concerned it’s not a complete GPS competition unless all GPS teams play. Bring back the Black & White!

    Thanks for listening to me this year and good luck to all of the schools in 2020.
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  18. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Great summary INP.

    As I've previously pointed out the solution for sport at High and rugby in particular is both simple and presents a win/win scenario. High should become 50% academically selective and 50% sport selective. With the exception of basketball, rifle shooting and some isolated examples in individual events such as the odd cross-country, athletics or swimming talent, sport at high is close to an embarrassment. I've witnessed their water polo teams play - coaching is virtually non-existant and the kids turn up expecting to get flogged.

    In relation to Newington in the 3rds, I've made some further enquiries since it last came up on the threads. When the decision was made to go to one round, another issue raised was that schools such as Joeys have over 40 teams while Newington has around 25. When TAS is added to Newington there's about 35 teams when numbers are combined. So when everyone else's 1sts play Newington, their 3rds play TAS and Newington play the 4ths of the bigger school and TAS 2nds play their 5ths. Not ideal, but that was what was agreed upon to keep TAS in the 3rds. The way the draw is constructed when TAS play High then Grammar are paired with Newington as per the above. It's not ideal for anyone, but like all compromises it makes things work for the majority.

    I'd much rather see Newington in the 3rds. We'd never win it, but we'd be at least competitive with High and Kings which won zero and one game in 3rds this year. Not being in 3rds also means that after over 120 years of fixtures that Newington no longer has games against Grammar or High, which I think is sad.
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  19. Johnny come lately Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Newington did not field a team in the 3rd XV competition this year, and as Quick Hands has pointed out it was largely due to the reduction of 1st XV and 2nd XV competitions to a single round, and to a lesser extent due to fewer Newington Open teams playing.

    This is a huge shame in my opinion. It appears that Newington 3rd XV played 5th XV teams from many other schools and I believe the 3rd XV comp would be greatly enhanced by having Newington play in it.”

    Annnd let me guess. New won the 5th XV comp?
  20. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    There's no such think as a 5ths comp. And they play other school's 4ths because TAS 1sts play in the Newington spot in the 3rds. TAS 2nds play other school's 5ths.

    And there's no 4ths comp either.

    Joeys were one of the main proponents of changes introduced because they didn't want their 3rds going to Armidale and they found it was more difficult to arrange multiple buses to different venues because they had many more teams than Newington. (See discussion on the thread the year before the reversion to a one round competition)

    You've made an assumption that the change was (a) requested by Newington and (b) is of some advantage to Newington when neither is correct. In fact having to play other school's 4ths is a huge disadvantage for the Newington 2nds because reserves and players moving up to cover injury go from playing against 4th teams to playing against 2nds teams which is a huge jump.

    If Newington play 3rds, then other things have to change as well. And it would a significant number of unmatched fixtures for Joeys and Riverview in particular and introduce a bye into the 3rds competition or one of TAS, Grammar or High would have to leave the 3rds competition. A 9 week 3rds competition doesn't work with a 5 week 1sts competition, it only works with a 10 week two round firsts competition.

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