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NSW AAGPS Rugby 2009

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Lee Grant, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Gagger Nick Farr-Jones (63)

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    I still rush a cup to my lips if someone walks behind me while I'm eating
  2. sphill

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    I was in Archie's team when in 2nd form. I wore a pair of All Black shorts to training one day and this fixed the bashing part. The man could coach and he worked us very hard. The lessons I learnt then I use today. He worked on body ehight, speed and aggression. Simple plan but it worked.
  3. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Yeah last year's team was a bit of a wild bunch and very un-Joeys like, plus they spilt so much pill. A part of that was due to having to use a few boys before their time from a lower level because of injuries, and Joeys not having the depth for a change to cover.

    What team are Corey Ashby and Dillion Walford playing for this year? They were good friends of my nephew before he left the school and I was always carting them around the city with him when they got leave. They're great kids.

    Is Adrian Ha?ngana back at school? At least the injury problems brought this bloke up from the lower grades where he had been playing a year up. He reminds me of another good schoolboy player, Lloyd Johannson. Say what you want about the Queenslander's progress in professional rugby, and his need to go to Italy to earn a crust, but at the schools level he rocked.
  4. The Chosen Fred Wood (13)

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    In GPS Rugby Trials yesterday:

    Grammar 22 Oakhill 18

    Riverview 56 St.Patricks 0
  5. sphill

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    Now the athletics are ocer, we move to the trials.
    SJC will play St Augustines which will provide a stern discipline test.
    AH is back again I am told as are a few 2008 crew from 17A's and 2nd XV.
    There is an unconfirmed report that SJC have brought in two lads from Sth Africa and Ireland.
    This weekend I will head over to Hunters Hill and watch.

    TSC have a new coach. An englishman with some pedigree. Mark Blackburn.
    They will have a gun half (Crerar) and a good pack lead by this mountain called Greg Peterson.
    Big things are expected of them.
  6. sphill

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    Have been to TSC this past week and seen the new coach take his players through their new style.
    The game plan is very attack minded with waves of players coming through in threes and fours.
    This weekend they play my school and I will be keen to see how this plan goes up against a disciplined pack.
    Come along to White Oval. Should provide a great indication of the season ahead.
    SJC are playing St Augustines. That would be a good game to see.
    Anyone heading to Hunters Jill?
  7. Lindommer Steve Williams (59)

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    St Augustine's beat Joeys 26-20 at Hunters Hill yesterday. There were a few blokes out for Joeys, Hanga'ana for one, last year's fullback for another. Geez, the Joeys backs looked small.
  8. oxe7

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    yeh Augustines deserved the win. But last years fullback jordan saunders played 5/8 in seconds. i think joeys need to fix up their forward pack and get rid of one of their wingers.
  9. sphill

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    TSC vs Kings was a torrid affair with both sides making plenty of errors.
    White oval looks great (come and see) and is worth all the $$$ spent on it.
    Scots threw a multi wave attack at Kings but the TKS pack dominated at set pieces.
    The TKS backs struggled to pick up Scots runners and were confused by the wave of players coming at them.
    Scots blew there win with a basic mistake from the scrum half on the bell.
    Both sides though were trying many things with the TKS side being chopped and changed around.
    TSC have a gun half and a solid pack. Huge Number 4!
  10. footyhead

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    I heard TSC #12 and #15 went vwell? How did TKS construct their tries?
  11. sphill

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    As Scots were not committing many men to the breakdown, Kings made good yards through the edges with a pick and drive game. Then it was quick hands and runnings at space. Scrums and lineouts were even I thought with TKS having an edge in the breakdown. Scots used a system were they had three different groups of players using the field in sections. Looks promising.
  12. sphill

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    Riverview 19
    TSC 12

    View were lucky to win this as TSC gave them the match. A lot of ill discipline in the final 10 min cost them and View got a roll.
    There were plenty of great match ups with the 12's and 13's being a good contest.
    TSC had an edge in the forwards I thought but did not commit many men to the breakdown.
    TSC 12 and 13 were good defenders but they kicked a lot.
    Late in the game SIC were very lucky to get out of jail on two occasions with the 15 being very cool under pressure.
    A wet track made life hard. A good battle up front and in the end the View tight five ground out a good win.
    Both teams seemed to be throwing a lot of ball around with TSC having minimal men at the breakdown and many forwards in the backs. They worked a good try down the short side through excellent interchange of passes.

    GPS game will be a highlight if they play on a dry track.
  13. footyhead

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    Another game TSC had won then let it slip in the last 10 min. I saw it differently, St Igs won it in the end via srum and tight forward play. TSC dominated the outside play both defensively and in attack with their 12, 13 and 15. On a dry track I feel TSC would have prevailed.
  14. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    Thoughts on Kings v Joeys yesterday?
  15. Lindommer Steve Williams (59)

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    How did your team go, AD?
  16. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    Been injured all year..
  17. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Trial games

    1st XV Joeys 45 Shore 14
    2nd XV Joeys 20 Shore 12

    I saw them today and Corey was fullback for the Ones and Dillon flyhalf for the Twos.

    Dillon opened up Shore a few times in the Twos game and he's on track to be in the Ones in 2010 as their flyhalf and goal kicker; but there is a bit of show boating in his game this year and his coaches will have to get rid of that.

    In the Ones Corey was one of Joeys best players and started up many runs that ended in tries, though he turned over the ball in tackles earlier in the match when Shore were on top.

    Joeys didn't have much of a clue how to stop Shore at first Some of the Shore forwards were huge and they looked more buffed than the smaller Joeys forwards. They marched Joeys up the park 3 or 4 times in mauls and scored a try from one. Joeys had to infringe to stop them and they were lucky that they had only one player carded.

    Shore got their second try in a strollover when Joeys had a backrower missing because of the send off.

    It was 14-0 Shore for a while and the Joeys scrummie kept throwing the ball at skipper Walker's feet. Then the Joeys blacks clicked against tiring opponents and they went in for a lovely try.

    It was 14-7 Shore at oranges but after then it was one way traffic. The smaller Joeys forwards were like blue heelers on the ball and the Joeys backs scored try after try with a greasy ball. Shore parked themselves on the Joeys line a few times but the only effect was to tire the Shore forwards, who were able to rest at the other end waiting for the Joeys conversions.

    Watch out for the selection of Joeys winger Steve Brandon in the GPS Ones this year. He's a livewire and has got serious gas. The other wing Saunders is getting back in the good graces of his coaches, Ashby showed he's more than a gun cricketer and Ha'angana did his Loyd Johansson impersonations. He looks like a giant prop, but he's an inside centre.

    Put a blanket over the Joeys forwards because they played together and even got their scrum going in the 2nd half. Even so, hooker Hickey looked a standout. None of the Shore backs looked particularly dangerous but in the forwards 8 Jack Rollins never gave up.

    It's interesting that the referee was Steve Walsh who is continuinng his rehab in Oz. He's lost a lot of weight and looks fitter than he has for years. Being off the booze has obviously helped him and I wish him well.
  18. sphill

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    Two words.."swine flu"
    A number of possible cases with at least three confirmed at SJC this week.
    The match with TSC could be called off due to health regulations.
  19. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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  20. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    CAS 1STs

    1. N. Curtis (K)
    2. E. Massara (K)
    3. S. Talakai (W)
    4. B. Hodge (W)
    5. R. Marais (W)
    6. J. Carling (K)
    7. S. Goodman (B)
    8. U. O'Sullivan (T)
    9. N. Stirzaker (K)
    10. T. Rowland (A)
    11. H. Neamoth (B)
    12. E. Moss (K)
    13. T. Kingston (A)
    14. B. Cannon (K)
    15. C. Wakim (W)

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