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NSW AAGPS Rugby 2012

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by joeys2012, Aug 13, 2011.

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  1. Warwick Peter Burge (5)

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    I know of number of boys who have benefited playing rugby as it has opened up doors of employment. Entrance into a number of had sought sfter university college place has occurred a result of playing rugby. The payment of HECS fees has been another benefit It happens and you see it happening if know people in business. John O'Neil has stated Rugby is a "Top of the Town game" amongst the movers and shakers in Sydney. True not every boy "will be a millionaire", but opportunties in life will more likely occur for the ex GPS rugby player in a whole variety of situations. Such is the OLD SCHOOL TIE
  2. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    You could be forgiven for thinking that one school does!
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  3. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    That's all true - but its always been true and I worry that there is just a little too much emphasis on the destination and not the journey these days.
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  4. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Guys - talking about scholarships is interesting but please do so on the scholarship thread and not on this one.

    Why am I am being so precious? Because such talk can become toxic.

    But this is important? Fine, but make your important remarks on the scholarship thread.

    Why didn't I delete some of the previous posts that mentioned scholarships? 1. Have been busy. 2. Lack of perfection.

    From now on every post which mentions scholarships will be deleted even if the remark is just a tiny part of the post. By all means rant on the appropriate thread

    Much appreciated.

  5. supporter Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Thanks Less. Rugby season is over. Now the boys are looking which club to join in 2013

    Congratulation to all GPS players for such a great season of rugby.
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  6. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    The other "interesting" thing I get from the wiki entry is that they somehow manage to keep their "Traditional" games (often out of area) going alongside a Challenge Knockout cup (Moascar) competition as well as the 1 entry per S15 franchise (less South Island) Top 4 competition and still manage to have a regular season of geographically based home and away fixtures.

    Taking more of a detailed look at Schools Rugby Tribune information and a couple more wikipedia pages has shed some more light on how they do it in the Shakey Isles.

    Their advantage is every school public and private seems to play at almost a roughly equal level (within reason). There is a second division competition for Co-Educational schools, and a variety of quadrangular tournaments and some traditional matches that have been contested for well over 100 years.

    Using the example of the North Island Super 8 competition, which could almost be considered the equivalent of an 8 Team AAGPS (NSW) competition, they find time to play games out of franchise/association/conference to compete for Top 4 knock out games.

    Probably for another thread, but this approach suggests, with a bit of lateral thinking, the AAGPS competition can almost be retained in its existing format retaining all the best aspects of a tough invitation only traditional competition, whilst playing games out of "Association/franchise/association" that count towards overall Statewide and possible national bragging rights.

    In the Super 8 Hamilton Boys High School won this comfortably dropping only one game to cellar dwellers Hastings High. In doing so Napier Boys was beaten by Hamilton and a couple of other teams. Hamilton however is in Chiefs Franchise area and for Top 4 they didn't progress. Meanwhile Napier has beaten teams from inside and outside the Super 8 "conference/association/franchise" area to progress to the Top 4 finals as the Hurricanes representative. Clearly there must have been some improvement in their form from what was on display in the Super 8 games that they lost.

    Somehow on top of all of this the NZ Schools RU will be selecting and preparing a team for the annual Schoolboys Test Match with our finest. Oh and some of them will probably be preparing to sit exams for their ATAR equivalant entry to University.

    With goodwill from all parties, and some strong leadership and guidance from above, it wouldn't take too much to australianise that organisational and competition structure across the various "interest groups" (Associations/franchises/conferences) in our Schoolboy rugby. This would enhance rather than destroy the existing traditional groupings/associations/franchises/conferences.

    The other great advantages that the Darkness have are that there is no club rugby competition during high school years: it looks like it is school footy or nothing; there is no real competition from league outside Auckland; and finally Cross Country Volley Ball is totally unknown.
  7. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    Now sell it to the GPS!
  8. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    ^^^ You don't ask for much do you, Inside Shoulder.

    There will most likely be peace in the Middle East and a humane solution to the Asylum Seeker crisis implemented first.

    The Darkness solution just seems so simple logical and eloquent. They seem to have achieved the balance of keeping traditional competitions alive along with the implementing a process to determine the overall national champions.

    Maybe AJRU and Aust Schools should go on a ARU sponsored fact finding mission to the Shakey Isles with a brief to produce a blue print for organisational reform.
  9. Brian Westlake Arch Winning (36)

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    After watching may a game this year, I have decided to throw up a completely positive look on players I will continue to follow, such was their impression upon me. Every thing I mention is in the positive. Please add as you see fit.

    The WESTLAKE 1st XV (As I saw them play :))

    1. Robertson SJC - Daylight 2nd in this position. Plenty will come on, but Piggy has taken this possie to a new level. Humble too.

    2. Carolan - SJC - the unlucky one. Didn't make Aus Schoolboys, but probably my first picked. Mobile, fast and can cover THP in a blink. Can play. Fitzpatrick from Shore was very mobile as well. Vea -N as my back up.

    3. Sandell - SJC. This young man has taken THP to a totally different strata. Charges down kicks, links in with the inside backs, does the dirty work. Probably cuts the oranges at half time as well. New Breed. Strachan TKS as a solid back up, old style but a good no sh@t kind of player.

    4. Cannell - NC, Buckling - Shore, Gorry - SGS. These men don't realise it just quite yet but they are bound to develop into the leaping lads! All good here.

    5. Bartlett -SJC. Watching this young man and Cannell compete on THE worst day of GPS Rugby was worth it. Rorke SIC and Lee-Warner, whilst being great in areas of the game will develop into brilliant young players of the future. Can only see 6 on Rorkes back as he gets older and masters his game.

    6. McCalman TKS - Big, strong with vision. Watch next year! Goldie SJC, Dempsey SIC and Chahoud NC get big honourable mentions in the pest brigade.

    7. Kamp TSC - Annoying at every contest, great centre of balance. If he grows to a decent size he will go far in this game. Murphy SJC and Morris NC ensure that competition for the ball and the belting of flyhalfs won't diminish.

    8. O'Donohue SJC - Never beaten all year and the clash between him and Whiteley was like 2 dogs fighting over the same bone. Whiteley as my second choice due to his injury.

    9. Ferris TKS - Directed well behind a beaten pack. Knows when to take a quick scurry down the blind. Narrowly beating Pulver -Shore. This young man asks "Laces up or down ?" plays hard and can take the hit too. Both these men will have further honours

    10. Horwitz TSC - Maestro. Single handedly and with purpose constructed some of the best backline moves I have seen. I will like to watch this man when he gets into grade. Lussick NC and Tulloch TKS are the next ones to shine.

    11. Jones TKS - Best in and away of the U18's. Fast is the understatement of the year. Vlahos NC as my back up here. Every time I see this lad he is a yard faster and a couple of Kilos bigger.

    12. Stewart TSC - The lead of the string section to Maestro Horwitz. Angles, lines,decoys or crash ball. Does it all with the greatest of ease. This means he busts his backside to look so good. Kay SJC and Davies Shore rate amongst their peers as well.

    13. Foketi TKS and Moeroa NC - Pre injury Foketi for sheer evasiveness and Moeroa for other players wishing he had evasiveness rather than ploughing straight through them. I honestly can't split them. Redden SIC and Barclay SJC aren't shy on the toe either.

    14. Wilde SJC - Speed. Speed. Speed. How many tries this man scored without being touched would surprise you and I. Milne NC as my back up. How many tries this man scored carrying a man on his back, around his leg and running over the last tackler would surprise you. Leg drive of a loose forward.

    15. Kellaway TSC - I really don't know if he knows how fast he is. If he is chasing a winger, he will catch them. Big kick, safer than a Rio Tinto share. Genuine contender for my player of the year and, from all accounts, a fair bit humble too.

    As I said in my preamble, only the positives please. These young men brought a lot of joy to Old Boys, Teachers, schoolmates and Supporters. Good luck to all the Year 12 men and i look forward to seeing the Year 11 gentlemen next year.
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  10. Sydneybra Banned

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    Great team but you would need Pryor Lees, Dempsey, Whitely and maybe Tepai starting. I can't see any reason why Rorke would be picked behind Cannell, mammoth of a player and has all the experience in the world, future star. He is also about 5 or 10 cm's taller than Cannell. Wouldn't mind Dylan Holmes having a stint on the wing.
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  11. Sydneybra Banned

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    Was Dylan Holmes injured during the trials matches?? If he wasn't i am very surprised he didn't get a pick in one of the GPS sides.
  12. random2 Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    Random2s team of the year

    1. Robertson - SJC
    2. Vea - NC
    3. Pyror-Lees - NC
    4. Rorke - SIC
    5. Cannell - NC
    6. Dempsey - SIC
    7. Murphy - SJC
    8. Whitely - TSC
    9. Pulver - Shore
    10. Horowitz - TSC
    11. Holmes - TSC
    12. Stewart - TSC
    13. Moeroa - NC
    14. Wilde - SJC
    15. Kellaway - TSC (player of the year)

    Honourable mentions - Carolan, Sandell, Goldie & O'Donohue (SJC) Milne & Lussick (NC) Kamp & Crichton (TSC) Lyons (SIC) Fitzpatrick, Woodhill & Davies (Shore) Ferris, McCallum, Lee-Warner, Foketi & Jones (TKS) Gorry (SGS)
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  13. joeys2012 Bob McCowan (2)

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    GPS XV 2012

    1. Robertson (J)
    2. Carolan (J)
    3. Sandell (J)
    4. Buckling (E)
    5. O'Donahue (J)
    6. Dempsey (I)
    7. Murphy (J)
    8. Whiteley (I)
    9. Pulver (E)
    10. Horwitz (S)
    11. Milne (N)
    12. Stewart (S)
    13. Moeroa (N)
    14. Wilde (J)
    15. Kellaway (S)

    Honourable Mentions:

    Vea (N), Cannell (N), Rorke (I), Goldie (J), Crichton (S)
    Ferris (K), Kay (J), Foketi (K), Barclay (J), Holmes (S)
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  14. Brian Westlake Arch Winning (36)

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    If I named them it would be the SydneyBra Team then :) (I am just joking here guys!).

    Each player that I picked I went on what I saw in the games I saw them play.
    Rorke , in the games I saw him play was nullified by Gunn and Korczyk from Qld. The SJC back row stopped both he and Dempsey so effectively as well. He is a great player as I said who will more than likely wear 6. In response to Cannell again it was the games I saw him play tha he has all facets covered well. In the air, on the ground and mobile. Whiteley is injured and I thought that he was not on his best game the days I saw him play. I know that he can single handedly turn matches, but, O'Donohue stays as my 8. Moeroa and Foketi as I said I couldn't split them, and with a busted jaw he is on the park now instead of Foketi ( Get well soon Lala! ). As far as the ManBear goes, he is a good footballer, its just that ManPig is better in scrummaging, speed on his feet and work rate and I was priviledged to see a NSW training session at Rat Park where Robertson absolutely demolished EVERY person that put their heads against him. As OPL learns his new position, which you have to remember he only STARTED this year, he will get better. OPL has packed into only hundreds of scrums so far, Tom Robertson had thousands under his belt and that is why he is the best front rower in the country.

    In saying all of this, Its a pretty handy bunch to come off the bench!
  15. Brian Westlake Arch Winning (36)

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    I actually can't recall seeing him play, sorry
  16. Harry Styles Frank Row (1)

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    With the King's rugby season now behind me and with HJ heading off to Barker next year I'll take a chance and give my view on all the comments that have gone across green and gold this season. The tks comments have gone from game reports to dads covering up for their sons crap play. On field we have had to put up with a style of rugby no one else plays, poor game strategy an mic who makes sure the rigt boy is selected because he either imported them or they are the son of a mate and some pushy parent crap on a rugby blog. Some oldies need to get over it, we just want to play good rugby in a team that is selected on merit and talent and not because of parent interferance or a favour for a mate. we lost our chance of a 2s premiership not because of a charged down kick but because the right boys werent selected pure and simple. there is only so much we can cover up on field and at some stage it is going to bite you and the joeys game was it. The mic report in the herald was nothing more than a rewriting of history in preparation for next years season. good luck for next year guys hopefully some much needed changes might give you the shot at a premiership.
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  17. gilbert15 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    good report H.Styles,
    It surprises me that a school which prides itself on the quality of it's players, dosn't review it's coaches or techniques more regularly, and that also applies to rowing!!
  18. supporter Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Newington College - First XV Champion Rugby Team 2012

    1. Oscar Pryor Lees
    2. Tevita Vea (C)
    3. Will Ahosivi
    4. Rohan O'Reagan
    5. Olivier Damas
    7. David Morris
    8. Lachlan Cannell
    9. Alan Latunipulu
    10. Joey Lussick
    11. Taane Milne
    12. Ellis Abrahams
    13. Tepai Moeroa
    14. Alex Vlahos
    15. Matthew Hood

    Coach: Mr Brad Gill
    Assist: Mr Joel Wilson

    Honourable mentions: Luke Gardiner, Tim Lee, Vuni Fifita, George Prassas, Oscar Pople, Lewis Holey, James Moate.

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  19. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    AAGPS 2012 rugby season is over. The Premiership has been settled. Time for an end of season review and to consider the all important annual award nominations:

    Best BBQ
    Considerations: Speed of service, quality of food, banter in the queue, product range, price, quality of cooking, quality of onions, condiment range, user friendliness of condiments, Bread vs Rolls, Operating hours, location of BBQ.

    Best Canteen
    Considerations: Speed of service, quality and range of products, banter in the queue, prices, coldness of drinks, customer service, operating hours.

    Best Pie
    Considerations: Taste, Filling Hotness (Tongue burner, Just right - Easily scoffable, tepid, cold), Sauces, basicness (minus points for gourmet fillings, it is a meat pie), price.

    Best Coffee
    Considerations: Price, Speed of Service, Barista, Ability to not laugh at an order of a 1/2 decaf, skinny soy vanilla machiato late in a large cup.

    Best Afternoon Tea
    Considerations: Quantity, Weather appropriateness - Hot food on a cold wet day etc, Quantity, Range, Speedy access, Quantity, Seconds, Quantity.

    Best Programme
    Considerations: Content, layout and ease of reading, accuracy, quantity available, locations where available.

    Best Dressed Ovals
    Considerations: Grass cover, Line markings, roping, Flags, Goal post pads, goal post height, Changing sheds access and set up, spectator viewing, car parking, wet weather/windy weather protection, drainage, warm up space.

    Best First Aid
    Considerations: Knowledge, speed of response, medical supplies, ambulance access, quantity of responders, location of First Aid Tent.

    Best Bathrooms
    Considerations: Cleanliness, Smell, lighting, Quantity, Distance, directional signage, ease of access for the less mobile.

    Feel free to nominate a school/venue in one or many categories.
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  20. GPSrow Watty Friend (18)

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    Would like to mention the rowers in this:

    Luke Gardner
    Oscar Pryor Lees

    and Oscar on receiving Triple Colours great work and a great schooling career
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