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NSW CAS Rugby 2020

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by rod skellet, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. axel Ted Fahey (11)

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    Here you go

    OLLING, Ethan
    BRAY, Romeo
    BLACK, Jack
    CHAMEN, Lucas
    HUI, Glenn
    LAKE, Nicholas
    HERDMAN, Charlie
    FEATHER, Will
    GODDARD, Tom
    BARR, Cooper
    MCCREADY, Luke
    CONSTABLE, James ( C )
    NICHOLL, Samson
    TUCKER, Luke
  2. sidesteppa Darby Loudon (17)

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    Highlights of the last 20mins at Death Valley:)
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  3. William88 Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Thank you side steppa for those not able to make it. Is the rest of the game coming? Sadly I can’t get to these games anymore! Kids have moved on.

    Looks like a tough game. Barker look quick, Waverley look strong. Good to see crowd listened to Covid restrictions.

    Waverley scrum very Dominant in this footage. Lineout looks sloppy though.

    Waverley look unlucky with the yellows in this footage. A yellow for holding a players leg and another for three men in a tackle by the looks of it? Not the same as some were making out to be on here yesterday.

    Well done to all involved from both schools.
  4. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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  5. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Is Kyle Bowen any relation of scot Bowen?

    As I know his son was/is the 10 at Riverview
  6. MagicMike Bob McCowan (2)

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    Waves were lucky? The Barker player who kicked a Waverley player in the head while on the ground was lucky. First half, lead up to Volkman’s first try. The touchie reported it but was not 100% certain who the player was. Ref chatted to the Barker captain. Not even a penalty. Should have been a red.
  7. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Can someone explain to me how the Mercy rule works?

    I recall Joeys would drop players . until it seemed like it was 10 verse 15

    But pretty sure that isn’t how it works?

    As next week when Waverley plays Aloys I home common sense prevails

    There is a duty of care . after all
  8. J Walsh Herbert Moran (7)

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    Yes, very even at Summer Hill as the score line shows. Cranbrook only surrendered the lead once for around 3 mins, so on that basis they’ll feel well deserved winners. Trinity played a power game, Cranbrook a more creative one (especially in the first half).

    Trinity did dominate the scrum, but I think Brook competed very well, I recall just the one scrum penalty.

    Trinity had all the ball for the first 15 odd mins and didn’t score. When Cranbrook got a chance, they scored from it. I think that first 15mins was Trinity’s chance to go ‘say’ 2 tries up, but all credit to Cranbrook’s defence – scrambling at times.

    I thought the game was played hard and fair. Good spirit all round.
  9. J Walsh Herbert Moran (7)

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    Almost an uncomfortable feeling about Waves vs Aloys.
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  10. William88 Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Traditionally Waverley have managed these games better than the likes of Barker who should have managed their win better last week. I have no doubt Knox did as well yesterday.

    I remember in 2017, Waverley took off most their team before half time to stop a huge blow out against Cranbrook. Those types of score lines are not needed.
  11. Gilbert93 Frank Row (1)

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    Barker vs Aloys

    To all those talking about Barker 98-7 Wins last week against Aloys.

    - Its worth noting Barker made no interchanges until the score was over 80 points because they probably needed game fitness. Not the right attitude when destroying a fellow CAS school. Its not good for the game.

    - The people talking about the game being called early- was not because they were being kind or lenient to Aloys. Barker scrum half punched an Aloys player and a push about occurred. Needless to say the Barker 9 played against Waverley yesterday- disappointing by the Barker coaches who no doubt knew this.

    Knox vs Aloys

    Good to see although Knox were very dominant, by all accounts they utilised the bench much earlier against Aloys. I applaud the coaches for being sensible, noone wants to see a CAS school bullied by the com petition, not good for their Rugby wellbeing physically or mentally.

    Barker vs Waverley

    I think the score line of 18-17 (despite three yellow cards, missing all 3 conversions, and missing 2 penalties) shows that Waverley were the dominant team, no matter how leggy the Barker backs were and how good their defence was, they ultimately still couldn't stop Ronald Volkman crossing the tryline 3 times.
    So to the Barker0Peat boys complaining about the referee- maybe have a look at the facts.

    Cranbrook vs Trinity

    After last week everyone was saying Barker, Trinity, Waverley comp. Maybe they just didn't realise how dominant Waverley were at Cranbrook, because what a bounce back to trounce Trinity over at Summer Hill.

    I'm sure the Cranbrook Hooker (U16s) is a rare young talent and I've been told he was best on field almost against Waverley last week and against Trinity's dominant scrum and pack this week.

    No doubt the CAS 2020 season has more surprises ahead, lets hope crowds and society stay sensible and don't get COVID numbers out of hand so that the season can continue for those year 12 students who have trained so hard over 24months.
  12. sidesteppa Darby Loudon (17)

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    Hard to make referee calls from my partially obscured video footage; the officials were just metres from the action and were in no doubt. They do a good job. Looked more like a trip & a shoulder charge to those from north sydney.
    Regret, I only saw the second half, too busy social distancing.
  13. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Had a look at the video. When Barker had possession at the breakdown the ball never went through more than 1-2 set of hands. They kept it in the middle and were not going to match the breakdown and counter rucking skills of those big fellers in W. May have done better if they had tried to spin it wide a bit more. Maybe. Seeing the brutes in the W forward pack I worry for the Aloys kids. I hope W breaks up positions or runs on some kids from the 2nds and 3rds when the score blows out to even it up a bit. It is going to be a huge mismatch otherwise. There is no pride in a blow out score against kids half the size.
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  14. J Walsh Herbert Moran (7)

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    I'm all for the compliment on Cranbrook's win yesterday, but "trounce"?
  15. aussiefooty Frank Row (1)

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    Predicted end of season ladder
    6.St Aloys
  16. WLF Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Rest assured that next week Waves v Aloys changes will definitely be made if things get out of hand.

    After watching the last 20 minutes video from Sidesteppa, (thank you!), the Waves pack destroyed the Barker pack, particularly in the set pieces. The early talk was that the Barker pack, particularly the front row depth was a cornerstone to the teams go forward, not yesterday, quite the opposite.

    Whilst it is just 1 year we are discussing, Snort has correctly raised the idea about divisional groups which include the GPS, CAS, ISA etc and it is sounding more and more appropriate.
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  17. Snort Alex Ross (28)

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    Thanks to whoever put together the Waverley-Barker footage.

    My five cents.

    What that video strongly suggests is that Waverley won because of its set-piece strength. Its scrum demolished Barker, and its lineout functioned better. People often snipe at Waverley for having League players in the ranks, so I find it interesting that it thoroughly outplayed Barker in two areas of the game that one doesn't find in League. (Incidentally, I don't necessarily buy into the theory that the scrum superiority is about size. I played at Sydney University in the 1980s, where the scrum was a religion. Our theory was that we gave away 5kg a man to the other forward packs we played against, so we needed to match that with better technique - which we usually could.)

    That said, and I don't mean to suggest that Waverley didn't deserve its win, the move that led to the final try began with an alarmingly crooked throw into a Waverley lineout! Still, they got clean ball and used it well, so good luck to them.

    Waverley doesn't look like relying on goalkicking to win games! But doesn't look like it will need to.

    The two yellow cards looked right to me. The first looked like an ankle tap on a player who no longer had the ball - that's dangerous play and justified a yellow card. The second was for a no-arms tackle. Neither was the worst piece of play you'll see all season, but both justified a card.

    Waverley seemed to rely on power rather than speed. Barker's backs showed very little in the last quarter but the shortage of clean ball from the scrum and lineout may have had something to do with this.

    Finally, there were too many background shots of the Queens Park trees for my liking. It reawakened traumas of my bowling being hit up into them by a guy called Nigel Jones while playing cricket in the Under 15s.
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  18. WLF Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Spot on Snort,

    The Waves goal kicker is normally very good but some days..

    Their set piece and physicality was too strong. There was also a belief that the Waves would be out done by the Barker fitness, well that was never going to be the case, the Waves are also super fit, as would be other schools, they all train hard.
    In fact, Barker looked out on their feet at the end, not the Waves.

    And astutely you picked up on the league comments, the team is not full of leaguies, it has 5 that also play league, but that's on top of may years of school union, they just play both, and other schools also have league players.

    The cricket fellow you have mentioned is one of my oldest mates, ha, yes those days were funny!
  19. Snort Alex Ross (28)

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    Just looked at that last lineout (Waverley v Barker) again to make sure I wasn't being unfair.

    Not straight.

    But that's not the odd thing about it. First, I've never seen a bigger gap in the lineout, and Barker made no attempt at all to contest (so the crooked throw made no practical difference). They handed Waverley the ball on a big shiny plate.


    I mean, you're four points up with a minute to go - surely you contest a lineout in your own quarter? Even if you don't win the ball, you can slow it down. A tactical error there, in my view.
  20. MagicMike Bob McCowan (2)

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    Take a look at the last 20 minutes of footage posted on this forum. Waverley scrum dominated Barker - previous posts claim that the ball was kicked back by Barker - twice. Don’t think so. Two of the three yellow cards for Waverley were ridiculous. Barker avoided a red and two yellows. 5 consecutive penalties in their own 22 and a high tackle (at least they were penalised).
    Waves scored 3 tries to 2. Three missed conversions and two missed penalties. One of Barker’s tries was brilliant work by the 15 returning a kick and linking with players - but was against the run of play.
    I watched the game live - Waverley dominated a Barker side good enough to defend as well as they did.
    Based on the rest of the results across the age groups, a Barker 3-peat is no chance anytime soon.

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