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QLD GPS Representative Team - 2011

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by RugbyInterest, May 23, 2011.

  1. southsboy

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    anyone got the proper team lists yet?
  2. MessyDubbs Guest

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    9. Gale (NC)
    10. Brittain (NC)
    11. Elliot (TSS)
    12. Tuttle (NC)
    13. Soape (ACGS)
    14. Goodrich (TGS)
    15. Hunt (NC)

    I think how about gps 2?
  3. light Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Would have preferred Hunt on the wing and Greene at fullback but whatever selectors.. I dare say the Qld 2 backline will be better
  4. insider18 Stan Wickham (3)

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    GPS 1
    1- Paraka (TSS)
    2-Maille Ngaumao (IGS)
    3-Tom Moloney (Nudgee)
    4-Dan Preen (IGS)
    5- Curtis Browning (BSHS)
    6- Connor Mitchell (ACGS)
    7- Kristian Satui (NC)
    8- Sean Mcmahon (NC)
    9- Scott Gale (NC)
    10- Billy Brittain (NC)
    11- Brendan Elliot (TSS)
    12- Jack Tuttle (NC)
    13- Soape Polau (ACGS)
    14- Jeriah Goodrich (TGS)
    15- Craig Hunt (NC)

    GPS 2
    1- Feleti Kaituu (NC)
    2- Campbell Wakely (TSS)
    3- Joe Clay (ACGS)
    4- Jack Cornelson (BGS)
    5- Sam Fattal (TSS)
    6- Tasi tasi (IGS)
    7- Joseph Swann (BSHS)
    8- Winiata Barret (TSS)
    9- Ben Meehan (BSHS)
    10- Darcy Eason (ACGS)
    11- Monty Ioane (ACGS)
    12- Matthew Gordon (IGS)
    13- Edward Vakuata (IGS)
    14- Peter Stewart (NC)
    15- Lachlan Duncan (TSS)
  5. rugby_09

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    I have complete team list and will post them asap
  6. rugby_09

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  7. light Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Very suprising selections, I think BGS will feel very hard done by, obviously BSHS,NC,IGS,TSS and ACGS well represented.

    Big shocks are no Maile (BSHS), Birgin (GT), Ayala (GT), Greene (BGS), Aumua (BGS), Davies (BGS), Sautia (BSHS), Laud (BGS).

    Just for the record, I'm tipping GPS 2 to beat GPS 1. Eason, Meehan, Davies, Swann, Tasi Tasi, Ioane, Gordon, Wakely, Fattal. All genuine Qld contenders.

    Insider, where did you find this?
  8. light Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    I don't see how they can pick Joseph Swann(BSHS) who's played only 2 1st XV matches all season and hasn't really been a standout. Sure, he played QLD 2 last year and was excellent form, but if the selectors are basing decisions on previous representation then where the hell is Grant Davies (BGS). The kid played Aus. Schoolboys last year and although not playing well, he has at least been playing 1st XV all season. That and the absence of the standout GT captain Ben Birgin, BSHS' recking bull Liume Maile and Grammar's other Qld Rep Levi Aumua are big shocks.

    NC got very lucky this year, I don't think they will be so much next year or when it comes to Qld selections
  9. rugby_09

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    bench for 1 and 2

    16. Campbell Pavy TGS
    17. Aaron Pleash IGS
    18. Josh McHugh TSS
    19. Henry Olsen ACGS
    20. Jackson Cail BGS
    21. Denzel King IGS
    22. Grant Davies BGS
    23. Vincent Cooney TSS
  10. rugby_09

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    there is also a gps 3
  11. czar01

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    I hope Benny Birgan gets a go in GPS 3. He deserves it with what he has had to put up with this year!
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  12. philhood Bob McCowan (2)

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    There will always be disappointments. Glad to see the Goodrich (TGS ) getting a go. Sautia & Davies 2010 Aus schoolboys are unlucky together with Green (BGS). The sides are balanced & reflect BSHS, ACGS, NC dominance in the comp. Looks like Benny Birgan has his own fan club. He is too small & injury prone. If one GT player might be unlucky it is their backrower-Crooks.
  13. light Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Man on man matchups.
    1. Paraka v Kaituu - Paraka
    2. Nguamao v Wakely - Nguamao
    3. Maloney v Clay - Even
    4. Preen v Cornelson - Cornelson
    5. Browning v Fattal - Browning
    6. Mitchell v Tasi - Even
    7. Satui v Swann - Satui
    8. McMahon v Barret - Even
    9. Gale v Meehan - Meehan
    10. Brittain v Eason - Brittain
    11. Elliot v Ioane - Even
    12. Tuttle v Gordon - Even
    13. Polau v Vakuata - Polau
    14. Goodrich v Stewart - Goodrich
    15. Hunt v Duncan - Hunt
  14. OLDDOG

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    who are in the GPS 3 team?
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  15. MessyDubbs Guest

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    grammar has been very unlucky
  16. RugbyInterest Herbert Moran (7)

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    From what we have heard about his injuries, I reckon they are resting Sautia from the trials - there is no need to risk further injury in such trials and he will be one of the first selected for both QLD and Aust - selectors at this level have long memories and a track record of fast tracking such players back where they belong.
  17. something Jim Clark (26)

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    very very surprised that Cornelson made it & Levi Aumua didnt, from the grammar games ive seen (vs. ippy this year & vs. bbc & terrace last year) he absolutely dominated the other teams forwards & was a standout. Cornelson was good, and great work for making gps 2 but i was 100% expecting Aumua in GPS 1, let alone 2. maybe the bgs isn't making his standouts clear enough to the selectors. also very suprised Greene didn't make it (again only watched ippy game but he was absolutely brilliant)
  18. something Jim Clark (26)

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    by that i meant the BGS coaches
  19. light Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    I think the selectors are banking on NC winning the premiership this year, if ACGS pulls it off against BSHS there will be a lot of red faces in the board room. Trying to explain this many NC selections is difficult as even their second rate players made GPS 1 over established former Aus Schoolboys and Qld players. Nevertheless, every year there seems to be a team who gets overly lucky with selections, BSHS was a few years back, TSS has had a decent rub of the green and now it seems NC have got payback for years of solid domination. If I were a betting man, I'd tip ACGS and BGS to hold the most spots next year.

    What a shame it's ended it such confusion, selectors may be in a bit of trouble come state trials though, GPS 1 doesn't look as strong as previous years.
  20. klol Frank Row (1)

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    levi aumua has had stress fractures in his lower back, a possible reason for his non-selection. Most selections are on the money i reckon, best of luck to the boys

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