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QLD GPS Rugby 2009

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Player Coach, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. straightshooter

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    Sorry posted unfinished message
    BSHS, N.C. and TSS are undefeated at this stage. TSS and NC get to belt themselves this week so there will only be probably 2 undefeated teams by Saturday night. Then BSHS play TSS the following week. It would seem that TSS need to be on their game to win back to back games against 2 of the favourites of the comp. TSS need to control the NC no. 10, get up really quickly to block him passing out wide then tackle him hard - he has limited ticker and putting him under pressure will ensure his slick passing and kicking game becomes "stressed"
    Will be interesting to see if the TSS are able to shut down the 10 because if not then trouble looms out wide

    Who is going to win the comp - I reckon
    2. TSS
    3. N.C

  2. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    haven't heard of that one
  3. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    Ok chappies, whats the gossip for the weekend.
    I am not sure on TSS and Nudgee - that game can go either way. Quite a few of the Southport boys have the flu (not sure which animal it's named after) so it will be iteresting.
    State 'should' take care of Ippy.
    After that it is pretty even.
  4. formeropenside Guest

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    How did Grammar go against Downlands last weekend? One day the boys in blue will be a rugby force again.
  5. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    I am not trying to be smart but it aint going to happen anytime soon.
    There seems to be something wrong up there - they do have the players to put on a decent game yet from what I hear it is all attitude. Shame - it wasn't that long ago they gave all the top teams a fright.
  6. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    And then there were 2,
    TSS did a pretty comprehensive number on Nudgee today winning 18 - 0.
    The score wasn't what was most important. It was the way it was carried out that was most impressive.
    TSS really did their homework, did what was needed and completely shut down the Nc 10, 12, 13 and their wingers were out of the mix.
    The second half saw their much beloved 10 replaced and the replacement actually did a better job in directing play although at no time dod Nudgee ever look like scroring.
    Great performances by the TSS defence, absolutely solid. The forwards absolutely dominated the NC pack. It was just a shame that TSS protected the lead in the 2nd half as there were 3 or 4 more tries gone begging through 'tactical' kicking - but it worked. A win is always a win and a nude Nudgee score is always a treat.
    See ya next week State for what should be an absolutely torrid and enthralling game.
  7. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Hey FOS, Terrace beat BGS 50-zip!!
  8. formeropenside Guest

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    I saw that in the paper. Even my old B teams copped a flogging. Brought a tear to my eye.
  9. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    For all you Sydney siders who don't get to see good GPS rugby

    TSS v Brisbane State High - 2 undefeated teams

    1) Click on Start, Programs, Windows Media Player
    2) Click on File, Open URL (you may need to right click top of window to get File menu)
    3) Type in the dialog box and press ok
  10. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    Somewhere on the Gold Coast there is a stolen semi trailer - last seen masquerading as the State High 1st XV and driving over the TSS team today (well actually backing up and doing it time and time again - not just once).
    We never saw that coming - not to that degree and full credit and marks to State High.
    What we saw today was a display by a team that not only came to play but showed what a great team they are.
    Words for once fail me - Joel Faulkiner at 13, Joe Lalagavesi at fullback, No 12 Ben Malley, Matty Garland, Chris Sautia -all very great games. The forwards just dominated with fantasticly quick turnover ball, tightheads (we didn't see the flanker's hands at all but if you get away with it well done to you) and great lineouts.
    The standout players for State - all the forwards - plus10, 12, 13 (magnificent) 11, 15 (magnificent).
    For TSS Will Slipper at No 8, Hannaman (the best No 7 around this year) Ruka Hanlon at 9, Simon Moraghan at 15 (a good game), Alex Jones at 12 and Lindsay Crook at 14 (TSS MOTM).
    TSS had a strategy today but it didn't work. The centres kept turning back inside, the distribution from 10 and 12 was way too slow and awry and the kicks which were meant to be strategic only gave State more room and amunition to throw back. TSS continually ignore their strengths - speed and cunning out wide and from behind.
    Once they learn to use their wingers and fullback more this will improve but pleeeease stop the infernal aimless kicking.
    The one disappointing part of the game was that the wingers from each side starved to death - Dave Brockhoff's spirit must be around because they were ignored all game. The match up between Crook and Sautia didn't really eventuate as they were on opposite wings but Chris Sautia saved a certain try by knocking the ball from Crook's arms as he went for the line - great play but Crook also did some great things just to be in that position and at other times showed he can cut an opposition apart with his incisive running. This is a battle that could go for years, cost thousands of dollars and have plenty of casualties.
    It could have been a differnt score but not a different result - no one was going to beat State High today.
    Well done State High - Any back line that can afford to have Walter Petaia in the 2nds has to be a good backline and today - well - youse done good.
    It was also fantastic to see these fierce combatants all getting along so well after the game as the friends they are - that really teaches us something.
    Fortunately for TSS they have the 4 easiest (well should be ) games in front of them while State must play Nudgee and Churchie yet - anything can happen but it will probably go to script.
    The score doesn't do justice to the game - it was closer than that and State scored a couple of easy tries but a try is a try - they did it and TSS didn't.
    I think the score was State High 45 - TSS 13 -
  11. straightshooter

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    was at the BSHS V TSS game and they (BSHS) were good VERY good - no doubt plenty of these players will earn rep jerseys this year - as will some of the TSS team.
  12. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    TSS had a win over GT today 29 - 18 but as expected after the winter break it was an ugly affair.
    I applaud the Terrace discipline in that I do not think they kicked away posession more than twice and every time Southport kicked they just worked it back through good composure and discipline and scored a couple of good tries for their efforts.
    Lucas seemed to have benefited from his time in the Qld team and was devastating today with his sniping runs.
    TSS were very passe at times and even though they had a 5 try to 3 win as I said it was ugly.
    TSS at times were their own worst enemy and dropped three relatively easy passes with the line wide open. Given it was the first game back after the winter break but it is the simple things that MUST be done right.
  13. rugbyfreak

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    Went out to see the "new powerhouse of Aust Schoolboy Rugby today" v Churchie today (bshs 37-26) and I am hearing that up to 4 of them were out of the side today due to the flu, and their league player had only just arrived back from some games during the week in Newcastle. Must admit that after reading some of the posts on the recent Aust Schoolboys champs I was a little dissappointed with the outcome. Churchie really gave it to them in the first half, only to be rolled in the final couple of minutes. Churchie boys were really in the hunt, more aggressive at the breakdown, really aimed up in defense and scored a couple of early tries. State high scrum was pretty dominant and even a couple of tight heads. Second half was a different story, state high really throwing themselves into the breakdown and keeping it in the forwards driving forward and then opening up their backline. Their winger really didn;t get much of a go. The bloke who did impress was the boy who replaced their league # 12.
  14. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Welcome aboard rugbyfreak.

    Who is the league player and who was the impressive player who replaced him?
  15. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    Hi Lee, the player is Ben Malley and from first hand experience he ripped up the TSS inner backs - a very good player.
    he was not considered for the Qls schools as a: he is a confirmed, contracted leaguie and b: he was away on a league tournament at the time.
    I understant the ARU/state unions are getting tougher on those that play the each way bet but if he was available I am sure he would have gone close to Aus Schools 1. He is good and very robust.

    No sure who may have replaced him as I wasn't there.
  16. rugbyfreak

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    First of all thanks for the all the reports from the recent Aust Schoolboys.

    I believe that the young blokes name was Walter Patia?? didn't see his name in any of the Qld GPS sides that played in the recent trials. If he is playing in their 2nd XV the blokes in front of him must be guns.
  17. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    Walter got dropped to the 2nds when Ben Malley came into the side. He is a dynamic player and last year made Qld 16's.
  18. rugbyfreak

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    Thanks for that!
  19. straightshooter

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    Does he ????
    Maybe the QRU need to lift their game and actively retain "their" lads. If a few $$$$$ and the pathway is better at other franchises then the QRU has only themselves to blame. Maybe they (QRU) need a clean-out of underperforming players to release a few $$$$ to retain the upandcomers. Player identification seems to be the problem.

    Good schoolboys do not necessarily make good Super 14/15 players.

    Seems to be a heap of young talented backs and loosies but the modern game dictates a certain body shape, size height etc is required. A lot more mongrel required by the "pigs" - and we need to find those types of players that will be just that - "PIGS"
  20. rugbyfreak

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    Any reports from today's games?

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