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QLD GPS Rugby 2012

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by light, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. ippylad93 Bill Watson (15)

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    In the highlights there are 2 very blatant horns during Jack Tuttles conversions. Definately a grammar student or old boy
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  2. redwhiteblue95 Stan Wickham (3)

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    Shit. There was a horn. Get over it.
  3. Straith Chris McKivat (8)

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    Honestly boys, in my entire lifetime I am yet to see a kicker phased by a horn, whistle or shout that has seriously put them off or interrupted their kick.
    You must accept that there will be dick heads and tossers in life that will do that sort of stuff and you are best to overlook it and move on.
  4. ippylad93 Bill Watson (15)

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    How was the referee on the weekend? Haven't heard anything so I'm guessing he was pretty fair.
  5. Risky Bob McCowan (2)

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    when Sam greene was about to kick, nudgee students where chanting about his mum. he still kicked well
  6. armatt Fred Wood (13)

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    Nudgee were none too happy - I heard some post-match interrogations come through my headset - but all in all I thought he did a pretty good job. A few calls were marginal, but hey that's rugby. Otherwise, he managed players well and allowed a good contest.
  7. something Jim Clark (26)

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    Horn wasn't a student. most likely an old boy. I thought the referee made some pretty strange calls throughout the game for both teams but he wasn't one sided.
  8. spikhaza Arch Winning (36)

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    Ref reminded me of Wayne Barnes - Great flow of the game, the odd bad decision, which didn't neccessarily make the ruck or tackle zone dour etc but was just the wrong decision

    i.e. France V NZ 2007 Forward pass
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  9. Perpetual motion Frank Row (1)

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    Very impressed with the way he applied advantage. Didn't drag it on for ridiculous time or phases of play. I wish they did that at S15 and international levels.
  10. vuna goona Bob McCowan (2)

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    Review and Players of the season.

    1. BGS- Completely outgrew all early predictions and shone as a team. not the best players, but by far and away the best team. excellent at the breakdown and greene was able t run the show out wide. Congratulations
    Standouts: Cornelson, Greene, Birch, Marsden
    2. NC- Unlucky this season, will be spewing after giving up 19-3 lead against BGS. Had good structure but maybe got a bit to cocky.
    Standouts: Tuttle, James, Fitzgerald, Wessels
    3. TSS- Another team that went so close, but just couldn't get it done. will be devastated at losses to ipswich and brisbane grammar.
    Standouts: Third, Cooney, #8
    4. Ipswich- Really stood up this season and proved alot of people wrong, their breakdown work was simply outstanding. looked very well coached. came very close.
    Standouts: Pleash, Preen, Hayes
    5. TGS- Massive improvers, and made playing up the range very difficulty, probably just outside the top 3, but really pushed nudgee. should be stoked.
    Standouts: Placid, Pottiegier, Deck, #13
    6. ACGS- biggest dissapointment of the season. Had great players and great expectations, but really failed to fire anything. were really poorly run by eason.
    Standouts: Macmillan, Ioane
    7. BBC- Cruelled with injury really meant they were always gonna struggle. will be devastated with last 10mins against BGS. Next year could be their year.
    Standouts: Junior, Heathcote, Bowen
    8. BSHS- the most dissapointing thing abotu this team was the poor coaching and their lack of ability to bring the best out of their players. definitely were always gonna struggle with bad stocks, but poor coaching made it worse.
    Standouts: Tibbets, Korzyck
    9. GT- Never had high expectations, just never had the players to go with the big guns this year. have improved dramatically since 2011.
    Standouts: sitanelli, Dagleish
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  11. mbw Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Fair assessment of TSS. Add in hooker Jake Lyon and Luke Papworth as standouts. Lyon leading try scorer with high work rate and Papworth skilled, high work rate and consistent. # name is Dave Hennaway, great season as he had no previous 1st XV season. All in all TSS produced a great team ethic and should hold them in good stead for the future.
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  12. will Stan Wickham (3)

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    Why does everyone believe that Churchie wanted to win everything this year? Can someone please explain to me where everyone has gotten this idea from because I know for a fact that Churchie and most of the GPS (except the ignorant student trolls on this site) knew that they wouldn't win Soccer, Tennis, Swimming etc. It just seems like a rumour made up because people felt threatened by Churchie in the Rugby this season (which obviously did not go to plan for them; their culture was terrible compared to last years).

    I don't think that it is fair that you should say Churchie is the laughing stock of the GPS; they have one the GPS Cup (this goes to the school which has the lowest total points at the end of the year: this is calculated by adding up the placing of the school for every single GPS activity) for the past two season and are currently leading it after the rugby season with just Track and Field to go. Your argument is totally flawed, but while it is true that they are embarrassed by doing so poorly in the rugby, being the laughing stock of the GPS would mean you would lose the GPS Cup continously, or dwell at the bottom. This is something Churchie just doesn't do.
  13. G&GR News Bot Bob McCowan (2)

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    With school holidays in full swing, student report cards across the GPS will be getting opened. We thought it fitting to produce our own for this season’s 1st XV teams. Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie) Plenty of pre-season chat rightly saw this group as having a very good shot at the title, with young stars

    Click this link to read the full article.
  14. SamoanNo8 Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Team predictions for 2013 anyone? BGS?
  15. Michael Potgeiter Frank Row (1)

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    Churchie team predictions 2013??
  16. WebbEllis Ward Prentice (10)

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    BGS 1sts team in 2012. Ferg Halliday (Qld Red), Zac Laud, Trey Kemp (Qld White), Dalton Cox (Qld Red), Matt Marsden(Qld White) and Dan Forsyth (Qld White). Possibility of Ferg Baker (played 2nd XV as he was a year older) playing plus people like Stewart McReight(Qld White), Tom Spencer and Jay Nyssan. Also some good depth from younger grades with next year Grade 11's, people like Eddie McCorley and Harry Egan have been doing stuff with the coach Damon Emtage.

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