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QLD GPS Rugby 2019

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by terry from Townsville, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. KFC Stan Wickham (3)

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    Terrace have averaged 28 points a game so far for their winless season, on the flip side Grammar rate at 7 points per game for their efforts - being kept to zip twice. Get the Kleenex ready Jets, I reckon the red and black will find a way to lose this one as well. TSS Defence will stifle the BBC backs, BSHS will struggle at altitude and ultimately get run down by TGS and Ippy will put a ton on the well partied Churchie ( it was only one win boys).
  2. Aussie Luke Herbert Moran (7)

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    Absolutely zero chance Terrace will lose to Grammar. They are a very good side, almost beat Nudgee on Ross (an 80 minute game might have got them home as they were on the charge toward the end of the game), and have been strong against most sides so far.
  3. Dean Moriarty Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Agree with you on all games. You might be right about Southport’s defense but the difference is more in the attack with Southport scoring an extra 3 tries a game. Southport’s wings and fullback have scored 14 tries to BBC’s 4 and the Centres are 9 tries to 4 in Southport’s favour
  4. Blue & white Darby Loudon (17)

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    Good luck to BBC tomorrow-they have been building up to this for about 5 years now.
    Really should have a premiership in 2017 when they lost to NC /TSS but scored more tries in both matches.
    Its good for GPS rugby to have a new underdog challenger in town-but can they (and others) do it year after year like NC/TSS?
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  5. The Nomad Dave Cowper (27)

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    Nice to see the full story kicked off by Fairplay and told by Reg , reported in today's CM by The King.

    Putting the call out for a Nudgee "sandboy" for BBC this weekend.:)
  6. Blue & white Darby Loudon (17)

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    100 % correct
  7. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    I actually thought you guys were the better team in R1 but your scrum got demolished - principally by George Blake and I reckon that , and poor line out execution were key. You guys were great on the ball though (Mitch Lowrie especially) that gave you a chance.
  8. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    So Bluey - you answering the Sandboy call put out there by Nomad ?
  9. The Nomad Dave Cowper (27)

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    RE TSS set piece , saw a few of the TSS boys at Ballymore on Sunday.

    Big Zane was in a moon boot..high ankle sprain apparently.
  10. Oracle83 Ted Thorn (20)

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    I reckon he’s okay - my head thinks TSS by 17 but my heart goes for BBC by 3 but not having Gordon in for his kicking is a worry.

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  11. fairplay Watty Friend (18)

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    Ah jeez, not again…. ;)
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  12. TheRed Stan Wickham (3)

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    TSS look a very good side, no real weaknesses...hopefully it doesn't come down to goal kicking as BBC kickers looked very poor against IGS, and Mason Gordon left out of the team. Hope it is not a repeat of 2017 when BBC should have had a premiership after outscoring TSS and NC 8 tries to 5 but still lost both games.
  13. Gungenia Watty Friend (18)

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    TSS were the better side in that match IMO.But the Nudgee match ??3 tries to 1 & lose-then 2 penalties inside 22mtr in last 10 mins and not taken.
    Painful memories.
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  14. TheRed Stan Wickham (3)

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    very painful memories!!

    And that is how you end up going 65 years (and counting) in between premierships!
  15. TheKing Colin Windon (37)

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    Round Six teams are out + a bizarre tale from the GPS rugby history books starring our very own RugbyReg.

    Teams listed below but please consider giving the link a click to support the continued coverage of the comp :D

    > https://www.couriermail.com.au/spor...t/news-story/ff9a1acd8ac0c3dc2a6e4f696061ae19 <


    BBC: Taj Annan, Byron Johnson, Jack Howarth, Lukas Ripley, Jack Bowyer, Conor Claridge, Will Stevens, George Gibson, Sam Kelly-Knowles, Zac Hough, Jacob Blyton (c), Nic Wald, Jake Tierney, James Durheim, Andrew Romano

    In: None. Out: None

    TSS: Dion Samuela, Joe Devlin, Jojo Fifita, Kaleb Ngamanu, Hamish Roberts, Syris Schmidt, Hudson Meyer, Luc Lyndon, Ngiyaani Waters, Michael van der Schyff, Wilson Blyth, Marlon Jones, Zane Nonggorr (c), Harry Vousty, George Blake.

    In: None. Out: None.


    TGS: Harry Hanly, Allister Cameron, Kai Rahui, Dayne Shadlow, Will Purcell, Baxter Franey, Wilson Cochrane, Jack Waugh, Dougal Gray (c), George Wunsch, Cooper Bridgeman, Finley Whittle, Tim Fainga’Anuku, Charlie Wigan, Dominic Mifsud

    In: Charlie Wigan, Cooper Bridgeman, Jack Waugh, Dayne Shadlow. Out: Will Jauncey, Hamish Muller, Seaton Siegfried, Jacob Gross.

    BSHS: Kalvin Leilua, Ezra Howe, Sam Sili, Wian Joubert, Grant Tuisamoa, Moses Jones, Sam Bruun, Alapati So’oalo, Kai Johnstone, Vincent Sefo, Tom Duke, Ben Bartlett, Jaiden Christian, Josh Mongard, Linston Tafa-Tuimavave (c)

    In: Kalvin Leilua, Kai Johnstone. Out: Damian Vukovic, Campbell Staal


    IGS: Sam Walker, Mitchell Harsant, Ethan King, Christian Krause, Seamus King-Smith, Kedan Chan-Tung, Kalani Thomas, Xavier Stowers, Konrad Wallace, Jack Webber (c), Dillon Stone, Jordan Penquitt, Winiata Heemi, Ben Murphy, Saipele Tamilo

    In: Winiata Heemi, Seamus King-Smith. Out: Romeo Tanielu, Malique Douthat-Sjoberg

    ACGS: Riley Winten, Luke Philp, Hunter Wright, Larson Dale-Doyle, Jack Richardson, Sam Farrar, Henry Wilson, Izi Sword, George Stoddart, Aidan King (c), Ewan Marr, Tom Skerl, Ben Ryan, Max Craig, Tom Zuidam

    In: Tom Skerl Out: Hugo Schreuder (injury)


    BGS: Not available.

    GT: Ben Hearne, Nicholas Aitken, Glen Vaihu, David Vaihu, Ben McMahon, Quinn Siolo, Henry Davis, Aidan Chambers, Louis Jorgensen (c), Charles Condon, Jeremiah Woodwards, Fergus Nasser, Ezekiel Amituanai, Noah Stevens, Emerson Treasure

    In: Noah Stevens. Out: Rory Slevin
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  16. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Thanks King. Was good to reminise
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  17. TheKing Colin Windon (37)

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  18. Oracle83 Ted Thorn (20)

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    Great article - can anyone confirm game time? Courier mail says 2:15pm and rugby explorer says 3:15pm?
  19. Gungenia Watty Friend (18)

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  20. HJ Nelson Cyril Towers (30)

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    3:15pm 1st XV
    2:00 PM 2nd XV
    1:00 PM 3rd XV
    12:00 PM 16A
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