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Reds 2021

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by RugbyReg, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Dctarget Geoff Shaw (53)

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    I wonder if that's true. The biggest names returned home which are the ones you care about no? Higgers, Quade, JOC, Moore, Hegarty etc. Not Sam Greene and McIntyre but don't know if they got an invitation.
  2. dru Simon Poidevin (60)

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    We've been struggling with 10 since Quade mk1. Reds really do need to get hold of a couple of talents with the possibility of progression. I had really liked what we were doing pre-COVID. This Picone needs to be dealt with. All the appearance of intentional maximisation of harm to the Reds weakening the lock depth to start with, now ALL of our 10 potentials.
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  3. Sully John Eales (66)

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    You realise that Hamish and Hunter are virtually the same weight? Hamish is about 4 inches taller.
  4. Jimmy_Crouch Arch Winning (36)

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    Couple of pages of outrage based on an unconfirmed source changing Gordons wikipedia profile on 03/08. Lets just hold back a little. Note if anyone on here IP address is and lives in Maroochydore please send us your source.
  5. The Nomad Vay Wilson (31)

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    We’ve had some cracking young 10’s come through the GPS First XV over the last few years .

    Campbell Parata TSS 2016/17&18 , headed back to NZ after school , initially to the Crusaders Academy

    Reesjan Pasitoa NC 2017/18/19 , chose the Brumbies over the Reds in his last year at school after being in the Reds Academy for the two years prior .

    And of course Carter Gordan BBC 2017/18 , who was hailed as the chosen one from around the U12 State champs , he was regularly preferred at 10 over Pasitoa by the Qld pathways with Pasitoa often being played at 12 for rep teams.

    Wonder if Pasitoa chose the Brumbies due to this ?

    Might be a chance to sign him if Carter is going , particularly seeing he seems behind Lolesio and Co at the Brumbies . Interestingly, Lolesio played 12 at TSS during Parata’s tenure .

    So many good young 10’s and none signed to the Reds. That’s without even talking about Lucas .
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  6. Getwithme Cyril Towers (30)

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    I've asked around at Wests and hearing he's definitely leaving but the players aren't sure if it is for the Force or Rebels
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  7. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    There's surely going to be some movement over the next couple of years. There's no way the Brumbies will hang onto Lolesio, Kuenzle and Pasitoa. At least one will move for opportunity.
  8. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    the Gordons are from the Sunshine Coast
  9. Roberts Rugby Cyril Towers (30)

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    As an up and coming flyhalf you’d have to look at the coaches at the club. Unfortunately the Reds are the only club not to have a quality back’s coach on their staff. The Brums, Rebels and Force all have top level back’s coaches that were former professional players. This would be an important draw card for a developing flyhalf. In fairness, Gordon’s decision to move to the Rebel’s for development in his position is the right move and that’s probably the reason he has made the move. If you were a developing forward you’d be on the first train to the Reds.
  10. Dctarget Geoff Shaw (53)

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    This is some Poirot sleuthing
  11. Adam84 Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Personally, if the Reds had given me a contracted for the last two years, including my last year of school and nurtured my development I would feel slightly indebted to them and want to offer something in return. But hey, maybe that's just me..
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  12. dru Simon Poidevin (60)

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    I know that the current world situation, Australian economy, rugby (non)plans etc all have an impact through this. But absolutely yes.
  13. Bobby Sands Banned

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    Campbell is going extremely well in NZ - but we didn't lose him, he was always going. "Apparently."

    Absolutely ludicrous if we do not end up with one of them - they were all highlighted as pro's very early on.
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  14. Wilson Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Jim McKay may not have been a star player, but he's an excellent backs/attack coach.
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  15. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    It's professionalism. What did the Reds offer him for 2021 onwards? What did the Rebels offer him?

    He's been a full time squad member this year presumably on the minimum full time contract. Isn't turning up and giving it all he has whilst he's under contract what is expected of him?

    It's not like any of the teams offer contracts to players they don't want because they feel like they owe the player for past deeds.

    If teams are thinking that their players should feel indebted to them then they are surely taking those players for granted and risking having another team sweep them out from under their feet.
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  16. Getwithme Cyril Towers (30)

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    Tyler Campbell was a standout schoolboy for TSS about 6 years ago and spent the last 5 years over in New Zealand. Initially he was in the Crusaders academy for at least two years and has played ITM cup the last 2 years. He's back in Brisbane playing for Norths this season and I'd like to see how he goes in Premier Grade
  17. dru Simon Poidevin (60)

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    It is. But that is also simplistic. An action can be professional and still be dubious or even reprehensible. Picone here has plenty of form.

    otoh Reds developing 10s is another area with form.
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  18. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    He's only contracted until the end of the year. Regardless of who his manager is, it's very different to the Rodda/Hockings/Lucas situations who were all under contract when they jumped ship.

    Also, the fact that seemingly he has signed a contract and no one has heard anything about it suggests it was gone about professionally. There hasn't been any playing each side through the media as we often see.

    Queensland and NSW will always generate a large majority of the best young players by virtue of being by far and away the biggest rugby states. Arguably the Reds haven't actually done much development of him yet. Most of his rugby to date has been schoolboy and club rugby with some professional training thrown in. Did he play any NRC last year?

    If he plays for the Rebels for 2021 and 2022 then came back to the Reds I'd argue that at that point in time the Rebels had contributed more to his development than the Reds.
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  19. Wilson Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    If he is lost it sucks, but it's not unexpected. We've got a very large portion of what is a young squad on long term deals (which is a great place to be), so there just isn't going to be the money to compete if another side, like the rebels (who have a lot of players off contract) want to splash cash. If he was being lost overseas or to league it would be another story, but in that case there would likely be RA money available to help.

    I do want to see someone in the 23 next year who is clearly being setup to take over the 10 jersey from O'Connor, it doesn't need to be some anointed 19/20 year old though, and generally speaking a guy like that is better off playing club for a few years than the occasional 10 minute stint off the bench - just look at what happened to Mason down at the tahs.

    That said, I'm not sure this is a great move for him and his development. With Toomua and Deegan both there he's no garauntee of making the 23 next year and if he can't get significant game time it will be hard to progress in Melbourne, the club scene being a step down from what he's currently playing in.
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  20. HJ Nelson Vay Wilson (31)

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    Last weeks QPR Season Preview had him as a recruit for Bond Uni. We'll see this weekend I guess.

    For Waikato in the ITM, he played mostly on the wing. Not his best position I would have thought
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