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South Coast Rugby Union

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by No.8, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Round 9 Results:

    Bombala V Batemans Bay - game was washed out - split the points

    Milton V Narooma - 72 - 5 to Milton

    Broulee - BYE

    As mentioned above the game with Bombala and the Bay was washed out so they will split the points for the round keeping it close at the top between Batemans Bay and Broulee.

    Milton V Narooma game - this is really a game Narooma could of come close to winning if not winning - but due to only 14 men travelling and Milton being at home and most of the players being fresh after a Comp BYE weekend for the Provincial Champs they were just to strong - Narooma were missing a few key players from the forward pack and just didnt face up to the Milton squad. This win though put Milton in a strong postion and could be the turning point in their season - they have the BYE this round but next they face Batemans Bay in Milton and if they can have a win it could really see them putting pressure on the 2 power-houses of the comp Broulee and Batemans Bay come finals time.

    Round 10 games -

    Narooma V Bombala

    Batmans Bay V Broulee

    Milton - BYE
    I said this last week and they got 72 points put on them but this game is another good chance for Narooma to get the 1st win of the season - Bombala struggle to travel due to the 2 hour + trip so numbers could be a real factor in this game - if Bombala dont turn up with enough players and Narooma at home turn up with 18-20 players - with all/most of their key players back then we could see Narooma FINALLY get a win - they came close when they played Broulee and they had their full-strength squad - if they can get a full-strength squad and Bombala rock up with lack of numbers and thinking it will be a walk over they could be in trouble.

    Batemans Bay V Broulee - last time these two teams met in Round 5 Broulee ended up winning 23-5 - I think considering Batmens Bay are at home, they have had acouple of weeks to get over some injuries etc - I think they will be to strong for Broulee - I think this will be the game of the season so far and will really show if the Bay are up for a grand final win this year agasint a Broulee side that have really developed strongly over the last 2-3 years.
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  2. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Round 10 results:

    Narooma V Bombala - 31 all draw

    Batemans Bay V Broulee - 29-20 to Batemans Bay (Game played on Friday night 21st)

    Milton - BYE

    Narooma V Bombala - At the start of the game looked like Narooma at home were not going to have enough numbers to challenge a Bombala side that from the warm up looked at full-strength - when the teams ran onto the field it was clear that Bombala had a little help from Batemans Bay in finding players to play - due to the Bay playing the night before - from the kick-off surprisingly Narooma took it to the Bombala boys - in the 1st 5 mins there were acouple of injury stops - one of which saw one of the Narooma players coming off with a nose that was pissing out blood and looked like he had been half knocked out with a stary knee.

    Both teams played hard all day and it was back and forth with the scoring - with about 5 mins to go Narooma lead 24-31 - Bombala sneaked in for a soft try to make the scores 31-31 - in the last 1-2 mins of the game Narooma were attacking the Bombala line from about 5 mins out - one of the Narooma wingers was about 1m out when tackled over the side-line and the game was called - an epic 31 all draw - so close for Narooma and a shock to Bombala.

    Batemans Bay and Broulee - top of the table clash - played under lights on Friday night - these 2 teams have been the bench mark all season and I think the Bay have finally edged out as the front runners for the comp this year - with some very classy/structured rugby from the Bay they got the win agasint the very strong Broulee team from up the road. I think its becoming clear that these teams will be battling it out for the final this year..unless another team wants to step up - I think if any team will do it, it will be Milton - Round 11 will be another interesting round.

    Round 11 - 29/6
    Bombala V Broulee - In Bombala

    Milton V Batemans Bay
    - In Milton

    As I said above an interesting round - you see 2 of the lower teams playing at home agasint the 2 front runners - Milton and Bombala are always different teams when they play at home - home ground, more numbers etc - both team could win if they step up - Milton were very strong acouple of weeks ago V Narooma and if they can bring that aggression to this game then the Bay could be in trouble. Broulee travel to Bombala - this is a 2 hour plus trip - so there will be Broulee players that wont travel - Bombala should be at full strength - hard to pick this one - Bombala forwards are always big and agressive - but their backs have really let them down this season - Broulee are strong across the board - but the question is will they travel well?
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  3. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    I enjoy reading your reports @No8.

    Heavensgame in all its glory at all levels should be celebrated and wanged on about, not just the elite or semi-elite, or just precious.
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  4. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Cheers mate! Love supporting local/provincial/grass-roots rugby - i'll keep the reports coming!
  5. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    I would just like to add that this was Broulees 1st defeat in 18 months!
  6. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Round 11 Results:

    Bombala V Broulee - 26-15 to Bombala (Bombala had a 20-0 lead from the start of the game due the Broulee foreit)

    Milton V Batemans Bay - 19-12 to Batemans Bay

    Bombala V Broulee - not much to report on this game - Broulee travelled with hardly any numbers and had to forfeit the game - some of the Bombala boys pulled on the Broulee jersey to at least have a game - with Bombala getting the points regardless of the score. For me Broulee dont seem as motivated this year - last year they were 100% every game but they seem to have taken the foot off the gas abit in 2013.

    Milton V Batemans Bay - In terrible conditions the two teams took to the field - with Batemans Bay travelling well and having a full squad on board when leaving the Bay. The game was a very close afair - it was 12-12 up until 10 mins to go when Milton shut down in afew areas and with the poor conditions they fell off a few tackles (or should I say slipped off) - Batemans Bay scored and converted to make the final score 19-12.

    Batemans Bay are the real front runner this year - they have been building a very powerful unit on and off the field and I think this comes down to the fantastic coaching of Matt Ryan - since he has taken the team over full time from his father he has made some great steps to strengthen Rugby Union in Batemans Bay and as the South Coasr Rep coach as a whole in the South Coast area.

    Milton are one of those teams that have been so close yet so far this season - if they can hopefully recruit acouple of new players/star players for the 2014 season they could be a real powerhouse - they really need a big/agressive forward and maybe a no.10 or inside centre. They are a great bunch of guys and a great rugby side - just need some finishing skill.

    Round 12 6/7:

    Narooma V Broulee

    Milton V Bombala

    Batemans Bay - BYE

    Narooma and Broulee will be an interesting game – Broulee will want to get a win on the board and take their 2nd spot on the ladder – but if they don’t travel well again (60km trip) they could be up against it with a Narooma side that has been improving every single week, combine that with them always having good numbers at home – this could turn out to be a very interesting game to watch.

    Milton and Bombala game could really shake up the ladder – if Milton get a good win it could see the ladder chopping and changing between 2nd – 4th – again Bombala will have to travel well to win this game – lets just hope Bombala don’t call on their mates from the Bay again to help them out like they did against Narooma and we will see a real reflection of where Milton and Bombala are place.

    Current ladder:

    Batemans Bay “Boars” 30

    Bombala “Bluetongues” 24

    Broulee “Dolphins” 23

    Milton “Platypi” 17

    Narooma “Whales” 3

    Acouple of pics of the winning teams from the weekend -

    Bombala -


    Batemans Bay -
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  7. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Acouple of pictures of the South Coast Marlins from the Brumbies Provincial Championships -


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  8. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Round 12 results:
    Milton V Bombala
    – 43-0 to Milton

    Narooma V Broulee – 31-28 to Narooma

    Batemans Bay - BYE

    Milton V Bombala – In a double header at Narooma home ground at Dalmeny – Milton took on Bombala at 1:30pm as a lead up to the main event – Narooma V Broulee. No excuses with both sides (Milton and Bombala) turning up full strength and plenty of reserves – Milton were confident and focused from the outset to give a clear warning to all teams that they are genuine competition contenders. Bombala are needing to re-focus as the lower placed sides Milton and Narooma are really coming into form at the perfect time of the season. Milton are a strong unit and building in confidence – they are not the biggest or most skillful side but they have more heart than nearly any team in the comp and they are a group of guys that all love to play for the team and eachother – watch out if these guys get on a roll.

    Narooma V Broulee – the main event in the double header at Dalmeny (Narooma) – both sides had good numbers and were both ready to rock when the whistle blew. Both teams came out of the blocks hard and fast – Narooma had it over Broulee for pretty much the whole game and looked fantastic in both attack and defence. Narooma grabbed their first win of the year over last season’s premiers in a dominate performance that showed lots of flair and speed to run in some entertaining tries. Broulee gained two valuable bonus points through four tries and lose by less than 7 points. Narooma like Milton are coming into great form at the right end of the season and with how the finals are made up anyone could be in the grandfinal at the end of the year.

    Round 13 – 12th-13th/7:
    Batemans Bay V Narooma – Friday Night game 7pm

    Broulee V Milton
    – Saturday 3pm

    Bombala - BYE

    Round 13 will be interesting you have Batemans Bay taking on Narooma – Batemans Bay being the front runner all year and Narooma being at the bottom of the ladder but over the last few weeks playing some of the more interesting/entertaining rugby out of all the teams in the comp and taking the scalp of Broulee who should/is one of the front runners but not showing it in recent weeks. Batemans Bay will have to be focused and ready to go because a Narooma side full of confidence and numbers will be difficult if the Bay take them lightly.

    Broulee take on Milton – Broulee need to win this one to 1. Build some confidence back and 2. Show the comp that they are still a power-house in the comp. Much like Narooma Milton are riding high on confidence. Broulee are really going to have to turn things around if they want to beat Milton.

    Current Ladder:

    Batemans Bay“Boars” 30

    Broulee“Dolphins” 25

    Bombala“Bluetongues” 24

    Milton “Platypi” 22

    Narooma “Whales” 8

    Justin Reid (13) and Jermaine Goolagong (12) were fantastic in the centres V Broulee
  9. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Round 13 Results:

    Friday Night -
    Batemans Bay V Narooma – 85-7 to Batemans Bay

    Saturday -
    Batemans Bay V Bombala – 40-12 to Bombala (Game was played due to being washed out earlier in the season – make up game)
    Broulee V Milton – 12-7 to Milton

    Sunday -
    Narooma V Broulee – 25-7 to Broulee (Game was played due to being washed out earlier in the season – make up game)

    Wont go into a heap of detail for this round as there were plenty of games going on during the weekend to make up for some games that were washed out earlier in the season.

    Batemans Bay really having a mixed weekend – to back up a day later though was always going to be a tough ask against a Bombala side that always steps up when they play front runners – Batemans Bay!

    Milton getting a great win against Broulee. Broulee had the home ground advantage and are one of the toughest teams to play at home. As I have wrote about in my posts over the last few weeks Milton are a real team to watch out for and are building nicely towards the end of the season. Broulee seem to be in a rut at the moment and really need to dig deep to get some motivation back. Depending on results this weekend Broulee could be looking at sitting on 2nd last on the ladder.

    Narooma had a tough weekend after having such a great Saturday the weekend before – lack of numbers really killed them over the weekend with a number of starting players out.

    Round 14 – 27th/7:
    Narooma V Milton
    Batemans Bay V Bombala

    Broulee – BYE
    Narooma are looking good for this weekend from all reports with numbers and alot of players coming back – but as mentioned Milton are really hitting some form and at the moment are probably the form team in the comp next to Batemans Bay. For me this will be the game of the round – I think Narooma will step up with their extra players and Milton will be flying high with confidence. Hopefully the weather will hold out and we see some good running rugby as both teams have some great backs and very agile forwards.

    Batemans Bay V Bombala – I think we will see a totally different side than we saw last weekend that LOST to Bombala – I think Batemans Bay will be out for blood and it will bring the best out of them – I predict The Bay to win comfortably at home and stay and keep their spot at the top of the South Coast Rugby ladder.
  10. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Good effort by Batemans Bay to have back to back victories on Friday Night and Saturday.

    Edit: Oops. I didn't properly read the above post <hiding head in shame>.

    This post will be left as a reminder for posterity, instead of being deleted (as it should be). :)
  11. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Hey mate Batemans Bay lost V Bombala on the Saturday! - think it was due to the back-up from Friday night - this was a very surprising result!
  12. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Bloody heck, I need my eyes or brain, or both tested. I saw the "Batemans Bay v Bombola", and the "40 - 12" score and conveniently ignored the "to Bombola".

    Papa Jarse always said that is is best to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove any doubt.

    In the 21st Century, I am sure that he would have counseled "Best to keep the fingers off the keyboard and be thought an idiot, than to type away to remove any doubt".:D
  13. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    lol all good mate!

    Trying to find the results from Saturday - Batemans Bay played Bombala again - will be interesting what a rest and a week makes.
  14. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Round 14 Results:

    Narooma V Milton – 29 all draw

    Batemans Bay V Bombala – 37-19 to Batemans Bay

    Broulee – BYE

    Narooma V Milton – Narooma were nearly at full strength but still had acouple of key players out which again effect numbers with only 15 players turning up and then 1-2 more showing up after the the start of the game. Milton travelled well with around 18 players taking the 100km+ trip down on the bus to Narooma. So both teams were ready and there were no excuses, with both teams hitting some form over the last 3-4 weeks. Narooma came out firing and took a 2 try lead before Milton started to fight back – Narooma took a small half time lead but a heap of confidence from the 1st half with aggressive, physical play. Both teams went back and forth in the 2nd half with the lead but with 1 min on the clock Milton got a great attacking position and scored with only a few seconds to go.Narooma thought it was all over with the scores tied at 29-29 but to Narooma’s surprise the Milton kicker miss-kicked and missed the goal from nearly right out in front!

    Narooma can take alot out of this game and really took the form team of the comp at the moment to the edge – both teams stepped up and it was a clean but very aggressive game for the whole 80 mins. Narooma will have to travel to take on Bombala next week and Milton will have a nice rest weekend with the BYE before the finals start the week after.

    Bombala rocked up to Batemans Bay with good numbers and confidence from last weekend’s win – but Batemans Bay with rest and a full squad were a different side. Bombala were in the game for most of the 80 mins but the Bay were just to structured upfront and had some great finishes out-wide – Bombala can take alot of confidence out of this game and also last weekend’s win leading into the finals in acouple of weeks.

    Round 15 - 27/7th:

    Bombala V Narooma

    Broulee V Batemans Bay

    Milton – BYE

    As mentioned above Narooma will have to take the 200km+ bus ride to Bombala – Narooma have struggled to travel this year and with a Bombala team that are a totally different side at home, a side that can beat ANYONE when they are at home it could be a long day for the Narooma boys if they don’t step up – it is already confirmed that acouple of key players will already be out due to holidays, injuries etc.

    Broulee V The Bay game could be a preview of the grand final – the Bay have been flying high all year and have been the front runners since the 1st round. Broulee have struggled over the last 3-4 weeks and have been really in a rut – time will tell if they have left things to late – but if they can take it to the Bay boys upfront and set the speed of the game then they could be in for a good game.
  15. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    What will the 2014 season bring? I have heard Narooma are starting pre-season early to try and build into the 2014 - they were starting to look good towards the end of the year - if they can build from that they may be the difference between getting off the bottom of the ladder and being consistent in challenging some of the other sides.

    Have not heard a whisper from the other sides - besides Batemans Bay having their annual general meeting for the 2014 season and playing some beach footy.

    Have not heard of anyone moving clubs, hanging up the boots or moving over to another code yet.
  16. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    I will be trying to report on the 2014 South Coast season again this year!

    From what I have heard all teams have started some form of Pre-season.

    Batemans Bay are maybe looking at field 2 teams this year depending on numbers - they had 20 players rock up to their 1st pre-season game which was great to see.

    Batemans Bay are also welcoming back 2 old players - Jim Roberts will return to the Bay (ohh hard life haha) after spending 5 years away living in Orange and playing Tighthead Prop for the Emu's.

    Chris Ryan is also back (Matthew Ryans Brother) - he has been playing grade for the Gungahlin Eagles in Canberra.

    Both will be VERY handy players come the start of the season and bring a wealth of experience to the squad.

    As I mentioned above the Bay is looking at adding 2 teams to the comp this year - there has also been talking of somehow combining the Monaro Comp (guessing 2nd Div) and the South Coast comp - not sure how the set up would work or if its going ahead - have only heard a mention of this - would be an interesting concept - but as stated in my posts last year travel was a big issue - are they wanting to add to this? Will keep looking for information on this and keep everyone updated!

    Some pictures from Batemans Bay Pre-season -



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  17. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Abit of an update on the South Coast comp -

    Looks like Bega will now re-enter the South Coast comp - after afew years lay off and also it has nearly been confirmed that Batemans Bay will have a 2nd team in the comp - making it a 7 team comp - which really strengthens and brings abit of fresh air and excitement to the season.

    Also Narooma have a team in the Ella's 7's this weekend - good luck to them - below is the team jersey -

  18. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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  19. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    From the Narooma News -

    RECENT meetings of South Coast Rugby Union and Monaro Rugby Union decided to delay the introduction of a ‘Super Rugby’ format for the two unions until the 2015 season.
    The proposed competition would have seen both unions joining for a middle round of rugby for the 12 teams in addition to playing home and away rounds in their respective competitions.

    Some Clubs expressed concerns with commitment to the additional travel involved for this season and believe more planning is needed including the possibility of some games being played centrally for all teams as a Gala Day at either Bungendore or Braidwood.

    Meanwhile the local competition looks not only to include a second team from Batemans Bay but there is renewed interest to form a team in the Bega Valley. Renewed interest has come from persons migrating to the area who are keen to reform a local team within the Bega Valley Shire area. A core group have already committed to playing but more are needed. Anyone interested in playing can contact Matt Gould 043 1405 170.
  20. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    There has not been much update around the South Coast comp - a draw has not even been brought out...one thing that happened yesterday though which is always sad to see - Narooma Whales have pulled OUT of the 2014 season due to lack of numbers - because of players going to other codes, work, family, moving onto other things and some of there players that travelled to play taking up positions with clubs closer to them they have just not had the numbers - its is unclear if they will ever re-form as of yet..

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