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Southern Inland Rugby 2014

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by yourmatesam, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. FLasH Bob McCowan (2)

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    Getting picked to make the numbers on the bench is hardly an achievement.. A good opportunity at most.. Is that the only example of a player "making it" so far??
  2. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    2012/13 D Armstrong had the chance to play in the ACT XV against the Brumbies (game was washed out). That opportunity came around as a result of the Brumbies Provincial Championships.

    2014 E Lagaali and B Leaper at Royals, J Olds and S Meakins at Uni-Norths. J Eaglesham had his chance at Uni-Norths. All got their opportunity at a higher level after being noticed in the Brumbies Provincial Team. Not a bad effort for these guys. As I said previously, if they're good enough, they'll make it.

    I can also go back to the days of Robbie and AJ Abel, Jason Lagaali, Kesomi Lolotonga who were all picked up out of either Brumbies Talent Centre programs/age grade rep teams/Brumbies Provincial Teams to go onto higher honours. Not a bad pathway with direct links to the Brumbies Academy as opposed to the NSW Country Championships wouldn't you say? Again, if they're good enough, the pathway is there.

    I'll ask again. What's your solution?
  3. FLasH Bob McCowan (2)

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    Funny enough you mentioning these boys (AJ, Robbie & Somi) I have had close ties with this family for years (on & off the field) and no matter where they played they would have been rewarded with rep honours.

    And with your so called solution you are wanting, whats the point..?? I have been involved in this business for many years implementing change, new modules and coaching. And a comp like SIRU is important, but those higher up the chain fail to see that as $$$ is what they worry about, and many of them (not all) would rather see $$$ go in their pockets or benefit existing strong and influential clubs.

    Don't get all nancy and start taking it all personal. If they're good enough, the pathway is there...... only through the right channels and have the right contacts to get them there. Politics will always play a big part in sport regardless if you agree with it or not.
  4. namtrak Charlie Fox (21)

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    From the Steamers perspective, we have a long line of players who have left the club and gone on to play either Shute Shield or John Dent or similar. And of those there are a large number that have returned to the club for various degrees of cameos.

    Wheatley, Alexander, Cameron, Manion, Kora, Mynhardt, Allen, Olds, Meakins, Ryan, Le Cornu and so on. Those players have largely made the journey themselves.

    For us the thing that is lacking, are representatives from the various unions, coming out to watch games and see the Leferves, Rowans and Schischkas of the world playing on a weekly basis.
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  5. jb23 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I wouldn't say I am completely in the loop but have a fair idea of what goes etc. I know for one when the Brumbies Provincial XV played Aus Services at Duntroon (where Tom Dunstan, Queanbeyan) also got picked up that 'Lord' Laurie Fisher was in attendance and his comments were "gee this is bloody willing" so I would say that Yes certain people to watch certain games and when they do are generally standing by themselves under a tree, not prancing around in a tracksuit and clipboard like you see at Junior League.

    @yourmatesam, my only opinion to the Brumbies Provincial curtain raiser would be to play again the ACT Griffins (which doesn't include Sup Players). This would give a clear indication as where the zone is at, now I don't believe Brums Prov would win but I'd say there would be some players very capable of sticking with them from the city.

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  6. FLasH Bob McCowan (2)

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    namtrak For us the thing that is lacking, are representatives from the various unions, coming out to watch games and see the Leferves, Rowans and Schischkas of the world playing on a weekly basis.

    Hit the nail on the head there.

    jb23 my only opinion to the Brumbies Provincial curtain raiser would be to play again the ACT Griffins (which doesn't include Sup Players). This would give a clear indication as where the zone is at, now I don't believe Brums Prov would win but I'd say there would be some players very capable of sticking with them from the city.
    Brums prov prob wouldnt win but it would show case the talent that is able to match or outplay and upper level opponent.
  7. Almost 2 old Chris McKivat (8)

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    This is becoming an age old discussion that powers well above all of us have taken their eyes off for all sorts of reasons since the advent of professionalism. Our rugby machine is just not big enough and the gap between the S15 type level and bush club land is enormous. There hasn't been a bolter to the national team from the scrub since Merrick. The current bridge between these 2 bodies is the metro rugby of JID , S Shield. Yes I will agree completely that it would be terrific to see more games to showcase players from the scrub and it would be great to see persons from metro clubs come and have a look at our players but even these clubs don't have those resources of either time,money or general manpower. I have been watching closely the JID for the past 2 seasons and other than Tuggers most of the other 6 clubs have possibly 1 paid administrator or none and generally run their clubs on an honorary capacity much similar to your own clubs. Our one hope is this NRC and the possibility of getting game time for the likes of SIRU prior to the main games,but, it's all small steps.The other side to this is that these metro clubs are only looking for the biggest and fittest players so individual preparation is primarily up to the player before they get there. The wheel doesn't need reinventing it just needs some air pumped into it and it's direction changed a bit and ,as always, it will be grassroots that pushes it.
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  8. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    *Griffith and Tumut deferred match, date yet to be finalised.

    The punters that I’ve seen around the grounds in recent weeks believe that this is the closest SIRU competition in recent years which is definitely a sentiment that I would agree with. This week is a relatively easy week to tip the Match of the Round, but there are plenty of important matches (particularly Griffith v Temora and Coota v Young) that will impact on the make up of the Premier Division as teams continue to pilfer competition points from each other.

    Ag College (5) v CSU (2) – Match of the Round
    The annual grudge match at the Uni is always a cracker and this year will be no different! My mail says that Aggies and Waratahs went toe to toe last week for the majority of the match with Waratahs getting there in the end. The situation was very similar at CSU with Tumut keeping pace with Reddies on the scoreboard and arguably having the upper hand in some areas of the game.

    The fact that these two teams have both played a tough match last week will hold them in good stead here because this hit out will not be easy – both teams want bragging rights and know that a win here will really determine where they end up in terms of the Premier Division. The form guide generally goes out the window for this match as both teams become desperate for a win here.

    The Reddies lineout and backrow work have been a highlight of their season to date, young Declan Oke has been really playing above his weight and is a mainstay of the Reddies defence. He has been ably supported by the likes of Sterling Ross and Rob McMahon (unavailable this week) who is travelling from Bathurst each week to play for CSU.

    Ag College will be looking to Jack Burey to stand up again this week and guide the forwards around the park. His combination with Tom Hobbs at 5/8 will need to be on song against a Reddies halves combination that have been working together for a number of seasons now and is showing signs of improvement at present.

    Leeton (11) v Waratahs (1)
    The Phantoms will have their work cut out for themselves this week as they go up against the Waratahs, hopefully they can muster some troops for this match. I hear that Bill Bevan is playing some good footy for the Phantoms and he needs to keep that form through the season.

    Griffith (4) v Temora (6)
    The boys from T-Town need to start putting some points on the table and will have to work hard to get there this week against a pretty handy Blacks outfit. The Tuskers were able to score almost at will last week but will find that difficult to emulate this week against a tough Griffith pack.

    The Blacks will be looking for Dan Rawaqa’s impressive form to continue this week and his match up against Casey Jordan will be very entertaining for the spectators. The Blacks are always tougher at home and will be taking that home ground advantage for all it’s worth here.

    City (7) v Deniliquin – 2nd Grade Only

    Tumut (9) v Albury (3)
    The Bulls were more than competitive against CSU last weekend and have a pretty handy forward pack going around at the moment. The Tumut pigs are going to have to work hard against the Steamers this week but have the ability to match it with the more fancy teams of the competition.

    While the Steamers are not where they were last year, they have not fallen too far down off the perch and have probably surprised the competition with their efforts to date. Key players like Lefevre and Schischka have been impressive along with Richard Manion at #10.

    Coota (10) v Young (8)
    This match will be close. Both teams are improved on last year and are out to prove a point – this game will almost determine where these teams finish at the split as both teams need to start stringing some wins together. This match will also be the Yabbies chance to prove how much their forwards have improved and show that they are a force to be reckoned with.

    Likewise, Cootamundra have played the bigger boys of the competition in recent weeks and are at a point where they want to start chalking up some wins. The Tri-Colours have been matching it with the likes of CSU and Albury but have probably fallen away late in the game. I’m sure Jeff White will have some plans in place to deal with this and would probably be asking for more of the same from his troops this weekend.

    If the rumours I’m hearing about Andrew Glover hanging up the boots are true, the Tri-Colours will be hurt by this as he will be the third key player in recent weeks who has been forced from the field by injury.
  9. berrablue Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Yawn. This has been discussed at length here on this forum (and many others). What's your solution? Where are the players coming from? Who's coaching?

    Agree with the yawn re rep pathways.
    Interested to see who everyone thinks belongs in the best xv SIRU could put together.
    From what I've seen and heard here is my picks:
    1- Stu Garret (Ag)
    2- Jock Munro (Waratahs)
    3- Chris Murray (Waratahs)
    4- Will Renolds (Tumut)
    5- Stirling Ross (CSU)
    6- Lafevre (Albury)
    7- Glover (Coota)
    8- Jake Eaglesham (Waratahs)
    9- Jack Burey (Ag)
    10- Rich Manion (Albury)
    11- Steve Tracey (Waratahs)
    12- no standouts
    13- Vunibaka (Grifith)
    14- no standouts
    15- Grifith bloke from Parra

    Thoughts?? (apologies for incorrect spelling of names)
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  10. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    #SIRU2014 Round SIX Scores:
    Young 41 bt Coota 22
    CSU 50 bt Ag College 31
    Waratahs 85 bt Leeton 3
    Tumut 36 bt Albury 27
    Griffith 31 bt Temora 17

    2nd Grade;
    Young 17 d Coota 7, CSU 17 d Ag College 7, Waratahs 53 d Leeton 0, Wagga City 38 d Deniliquin 10, Griffith 17 d Temora 14, Tumut 26 d Albury 10

    3rd Grade;
    Tumut 30 d Albury 0, Junee 26 d Hay 14, Ag College 24 d CSU 22

    Under 17s;
    Young 36 d Coota 10, Griffith 30 d Temora 0, Waratahas 19 drew with Leeton 19

    Womens' 7-A-Side;
    City 75 d Deniliquin 0, Ag College 25 d CSU 5, Griffith 25 d Temora 10
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  11. Steve80s Bob McCowan (2)

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    Any report on the Tumut v Albury game?

    What happened???

    Never underestimate the mountain men at home I guess.
  12. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    The Bulls have been well competitive inr recent weeks, they have also picked up a handy 5/8 and #13 which helps them. I heard that Tumut started strong, scored two early tries and then both teams went toe to toe for the rest of the match.

    Tumut have some good numbers at present, they had reserves on the bench for 3rd Grade in Wagga a couple of weeks ago.I also heard that Albury forfeited 3rd Grade?
  13. namtrak Charlie Fox (21)

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    They have been reporting 40+ at training!! On the weekend they were 14 up before the Steamers touched the ball. After that, it was tit for tat. Tumut have improved, no doubt about it - Steamers have also come back to the pack. Steamers played 3rd grade, no forfeit.
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  14. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Glad to hear it, I thought that was strange when I heard that.
  15. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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  16. Almost 2 old Chris McKivat (8)

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    Can't help but agree with YMS. This is terrific and a good shot in the arm for the tournament. Well done to the organisers of the weekend.
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  17. Steve80s Bob McCowan (2)

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    Yeah agree, more the merrier for the Brumbies tournament. Especially because it's typically been a two horse race between Monaro and SIRU, unfortunately South Coast aren't as competitive.
  18. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    #SIRU2014 Round 7 Results:
    Albury 40 bt Aggies 26
    City 43 bt Coota 5
    CSU 62 bt Leeton 0
    Waratahs 50 bt Griffith 12
    Young 39 bt Tumut 36

    2nd Grade;
    Ag College 32 d Albury 5, Wagga City 31 d Coota 0, CSU 41 d Leeton 0, Waratahs 22 d Griffith 10, Young 40 d Tumut 3, Temora 24 d Deniliquin 15

    3rd Grade;
    Junee 38 d Waratahs 12, Young 19 d Tumut 14, Ag College 43 d Albury 5

    Under 17s;
    Waratahs 50 d Griffith 0, City 52 d Coota 0

    Womens' 7-A-Side
    Ag College 25 d Albury 10, Leeton 22 d CSU 7, Temora 40 d Deniliquin 0
  19. rugbyfollower Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I'm sure I would speak for most people involved with siru that disciplined physical teams are admired, respected and are generally successful in the zone. However the on field behaviour by some Griffith players in u17s, 2nd and 1st grade yesterday was a disgrace. The Griffith fullback's red card was absolutely justified but the number of thrown punches, dog shot and high tackles from the club generally was embarrassing. Add this to the wagga knockout incident, and other teams experiencing the same. Griffith need a good look in the mirror. For sure applaud physical play but dirt is not welcome in an amateur competition
  20. Sicnarf Ted Fahey (11)

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    The Griffith Blacks have always played on the edge of the Spirit of the Game - good at handing out the rough stuff but plead they are victims when the finger is pointed at them.The rumour is Vunibaka and Rawaqa are costing the Club plenty to play for them and putting their hand out for more - Interesting Times ahead for the Griffith Club

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