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Southern Inland Rugby 2014

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by yourmatesam, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Independent Herbert Moran (7)

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    Thanks for reading.

    CSU are on record saying that they play '10s' rugby & that they do not really have a set structure in attack with regards to their backs. That alone invites some degree of unpredictability. On the other hand
    they are very predictable in the fact that they either try & get the ball to their fullback or winger at all costs or hope the tall inside centre makes a break. If both those options fail the look lost for ideas. The Young Yabbies game was a prime example & Tumut were unlucky to from all reports.
    Don't get me wrong, I love watching them play, as they just chuck it around & hope for the best, but a good structured & disciplined team (Tahs, Albury) will see straight through it.
    A blitz umbrella defence from rival teams would really create headaches id imagine for the students.
  2. berrablue Frank Nicholson (4)

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    What happened to Albury?
  3. Steve80s Bob McCowan (2)

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    Namtrak, what happened up in Leeton?
  4. namtrak Charlie Fox (21)

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    They won

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  5. namtrak Charlie Fox (21)

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    Albury had no excuses, too much dropped ball early on and leaked points with ease. A slow start they couldn't reel in. leeton had a reasonable side as well, a few of the mungoes were handy. Watch this space with the Steamers though, despite the 3 losses there is a feeling this season could be something special

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  6. FLasH Bob McCowan (2)

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    Whispers I hear from Saturday Jason Lagaalii, Lamarn Maa & Jo Tora played thirsty 3rds, 2nds then only Jo backing up for 1st grade.
    Have a feeling if city get these lads all on at the same time for 1st grade they should be finals contenders. Hopefully I'll be in wagga to witness these blokes do some damage.
  7. Sicnarf Ted Fahey (11)

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    I wouldn't hold my breath Flash- these are the sort of guys that have let City down in the past couple of seasons - they pick & choose their matches and their recent Coaches get down on their knees and make positions available to them too easily - City need a policy of no train - No Play
  8. FLasH Bob McCowan (2)

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    Thats a fair enough call. Train to play policy is good to have in place excusing those that work ugly shift work hours and have to pay bills and provide for family etc. But Jason Lagaalii is needed in their midfield with his hard knock about runs and bone crunching hits, Lamarn Im sure only started playing in wagga this year, but he is a damaging front rower and knows how to lead a pack. He has planety of rugby knowledge playing 5-6 years of first grade shute shield rugby, and has silky ball playing skills. Jo Tora is as old school as they come. The old Fijian has definitely lost his speed but he makes up for it with his physicality in contact and leading the younger generation around.
    If the City coaches are smart enough they should be chucking these blokes on the field. Not only can they help, but Im sure the rest of the team would learn alot and feed off these blokes playing with them.

    And also good luck to those blokes playing for siru over the long w.e.
  9. Almost 2 old Chris McKivat (8)

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    To win this split style competition the key is consistency. I know people say that we only have to make the top 6 and anything can happen. Well sorry lads but that's not true. If my memory serves me correctly since the introduction of the Split comp the winner has come from the team that has finished 1 or2 after the home and away draw. Some teams have come home with a great flourish through the last few rounds and caused grief in the finals but the reality is that team 1 or 2 from the home & away draw win this comp. It is all about continuity and consistency from the first week , but, I am open to be proven wrong.
  10. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Congrats to Charles Callaghan, Jesse Uhr and Jonno Lally for their efforts in making the NSW CHS 2nd XV. My mail says that Charles Callaghan has earnt a call up to the 1st XV, great news for some local kids and a great reward for their efforts. All the best over the next few weeks guys!
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  11. berrablue Frank Nicholson (4)

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    ]Congrats to Charles Callaghan, Jesse Uhr and Jonno Lally for their efforts in making the NSW CHS 2nd XV. My mail says that Charles Callaghan has earnt a call up to the 1st XV, great news for some local kids and a great reward for their efforts. All the best over the next few weeks guys![/quote]
    Great news for these young guys and also for SIRU. When I was a pup we would get smashed at the CHS carnival and were given players from some of the stronger zones to help us out. Are these guys playing u17's?
  12. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    I have seen Charles playing 2nd Grade for City, not sure about the other guys.
  13. Bubba Chris McKivat (8)

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    Charles Callaghan and Jesse Uhr have both played 2nd grade for City this year (as have 3 other of last years 17's) and Jonno is playing 17's for City at the moment.

    Charles has also had a run in 1sts against Young the other week for us as a matter of interest.
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  14. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Tumut 13 Griffith 10 Result from Round One deferred match.
  15. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Southern Inland 43 - South Australia 26 - Saturday
    Southern Inland 115 - South Coast 0 - today (Sunday)

    Terrible for South Coast. Monaro V Southern Inland tomorrow.
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  16. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Other scores from the weekend -

    Monaro 74 - South Coast 19 - Saturday
    South Australia 64 - Monaro 21 - Sunday

    Looks like Southern Inland should have an easy win this morning and retain the Brumbies Provincial Championships.
  17. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    The SIRU Rams have successfully defended their Brumbies Provincial Championship with a 41-32 win over Monaro today in Jindabyne
    SIRU led 28-13 at half time but Monaro fought back well in the second half and pushed the Rams all the way.
    13 SIRU players were then selected in the Brumbies Provincial Rep Squad (see details of their match below) at the completion of the Tournament;

    Jock Munro, Harry Cook, Stu Garrett, Arran MacDougall, Ash Lefevre, Jake Eaglesham, Tanian Naude, Jack Burey, Jayden Stanton, James Curgenven, Steve Tracey, Marika Vunibaka & Dan Rawaqa

    SIRU 41 (A Lefevre 2, J Munro, J Eaglesham, J Stanton, S Garrett tries, J Burey 4 cons, 1 Pen goal) d Monaro 32

  18. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    #SIRU2014 Round Nine Preview:

    Well, aren't the next few weeks of the competition of the important! Check out the ladders on the SIRU webpage to really see how close things are over the next three rounds as teams really start duking it out for the Premier Division.

    While there are plenty of important games for the make up of the Premier Division, I have tipped the Tumut v City match as Match of the Round as it will be the first step for either team in cementing a place in the top tier.

    CSU (1) v Deniliquin - 2nd Grade Only

    Waratahs (2) v Temora (9)
    Things just haven't turned out for the Tuskers the way they would have liked, but they will definitely put it to Waratahs this weekend. Waratahs may be carrying some lingering hangovers from the Brumbies Provincial Tournament on the weekend which might play into the Tuskers favour here.

    Albury (3) v Griffith (5)
    It's old news that the Steamers aren't what they used to be but there are definitely no guarantees for the Blacks this weekend. The Steamers home ground is tough to win at and they always rally at home. Like the Waratahs Temora hitout, the Blacks will no doubt have some sore bodies on the park following the BPT and Albury will be up for it at home.

    Young (8) v Leeton (10)
    The Yabbies have had a very successful season this year and will be very happy with how they have improved but will need to bag maximum points out of this match as they have a bye in the final round of the competition.

    Coota (11) v Ag College (7)
    Life doesn't get any easier for the Tri-Colours as they host Ag College at Country Club Oval on Saturday. Ag College are in a similar position to Tumut, City and Young - they need to bag as many competition points as they can to ensure their place in the Premier Division.

    Ag College need to be on guard here as Cootamundra are desperate for a win and will be pulling out all the stops to chalk up their first win for the season.

    Tumut (4) v City (6) - Match of the Round
    This match has all the importance of a Grand Final for these two teams here. Now is the time to control their own fate and solidify their position in the Premier Division in 2014.

    Most punters would know that the Tumut forward pack has been their strength in recent years, led by Jock Mason, Tim Graham and Co up front. 2014 has seen them pick up a few handy backs and it is making all the difference to their performance on the field.

    While Scott Gibson has been getting plenty of accolades, it's great to see guys like Jonty David starting to get some form under their belts. These guys are going to have their hands full containing James Curgenven and Hamish Wrafter in the backline.

    Rambo Lagaali has been playing well in recent weeks and has been relishing the move into the backrow. He will need his forward pack to follow his lead and commit to the tough stuff against the Bulls.

    The wet weather that is tipped for this weekend could also play a role in this match, maybe field position and tactical kicking will also become important factors to consider also. This will be a great game of footy.
  19. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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  20. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    #SIRU2014 Round Nine Results:
    Waratahs 32 bt Temora 29
    Tumut 17 bt City 5
    Ag College 17 bt Coota 15
    Young 52 bt Leeton 8
    Albury 34 bt Griffith 11

    Can't wait to see what the ladder looks like after this week!

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