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Southern Inland Rugby 2019

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by yourmatesam, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. yourmatesam Dick Tooth (41)

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    None from four by my maffs there PB :)

    I've got to say, the day at the Exies was a cracker yesterday. Fantastic venue, change sheds for days, most games were played in a good spirit and the beer was cold.

    Rolling on to Conolly next weekend, we'll see something along the following timings and all games are live-streamed.

    1045 - 3rd Grade GF - Griffith v Deni
    1220 - 2nd Grade GF - Waratahs v Ag College
    1405 - Women's GF - Waratahs v Griffith
    1520 - 1st Grade GF - Waratahs v Ag College

    How good is it to see Griffith and Deni there on the big stage, props must be given to these towns outside the "Major Centre" for their efforts this season. There is clearly a willing bunch of people in Deni particularly who are putting their hands up out there. Well done.

    Also, the Griffith 3rds being in the GF is testament to the thoughts of their 1st Grade Coach wanting the club to focus on culture and building good behaviours, well done to all involved.

    Bring on the game of backyard footy this weekend!! :)
  2. paul bristow Fred Wood (13)

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    I did bugger up the scoreboard for a short time there in the main game Sam, but hope you and other visitors enjoyed your trip to Griffith. We’re really proud of the facility at the Exies ground. My wife and I had a bit to do with Jack Heffernan during the day. He’s a nice young man. Very professional. Girls game was exciting. 3rds - a bit of feeling between those 2 teams. 1sts and 2nds - Aggies just too good.
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  3. Maulalltheway Ted Fahey (11)

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    Griffith should be proud of exxies oval. Great facility for all sports.

    Looked like a very well hosted day PB.

    Well done
  4. paul bristow Fred Wood (13)

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    Thanks Mauler. I don’t have much to do with the players and committee but they’re a happy club who put an effort in to make things work.
  5. Maulalltheway Ted Fahey (11)

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    It shows. Craig and Dan have nailed it out there last two years.
  6. yourmatesam Dick Tooth (41)

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    My favourite part of the day was the scoreboard re-setting during the main game! The Steamer's bench and Coaching staff had their hearts in their mouths that the score wasn't accurate. It added another element to the day for sure!!
  7. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Watched the Live streaming of the 1st Grade match and bits and pieces of the other Finals -
    The Womens' match was very exciting with Reddies again squandering a big 2nd half lead to disappear out of the Comp in straight sets with the same thing happening to the Hay Cutters
    Aggies weren't great but did improve on their performance from last Weekend
    Albury looked battered and bruised the further the game went on.
    The Comp is still there for Waratahs to lose - they still look to have all bases covered and should clinch the Premiership by 20 + but after my selections yesterday ignore that Prediction
    I hope it is an entertaining spectacle and Aggies can manage to keep pace with Waratahs for a majority of the game
    I believe the Griffith Blacks had the best chance of upsetting Waratahs before the Finals but they didn't bring their A game to Conolly last saturday and suffered the consequences - if they had won last Weekend against Albury I reckon they would have been too strong for Ag College at the Exies Oval
    The Live Streaming coverage has been really good during the Finals
  8. Bubba Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Well this is the end of a intruiging season isnt it ? Shock wins , shock losses and none of the 100 plus massacres that we saw last year. I think the comp has balanced out a bit more but it has still a ways to go yet in aspects.

    I do hold fears for a couple of clubs in the zone - i can only hope they can work it out and avoid a 7 or even 6 team premier comp.

    As for the GF's ?
    3's - Griffith by 12
    W10's - Griffith by 5
    2's - Tahs by 20
    1's - Tahs by 20

    Aggies will put up a hell of a fight i think, but sheer size and a bench that does add a lot will see a Tahs win. Much to my personal disgust lol
  9. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Updates for the Bill Castle Medal & Alicia Quirk Medal are on the SIRU Facebook page
    Wouldn't have a clue who will win the Women's Medal but am pretty confident that the Bill Castle Medal winner will come from Albury this year - either Liam Krautz (breakaway) or Sam Allen (fullback) - neraly every time I saw Albury play on the Live Streaming this season these 2 players were standouts for the Steamers.

    The word is that Wararatyhs player Blake Hart is unavailable for the GF this Saturday - Waratahs have plenty of depth to cover his absence

    Have Kick off times been confirmed and it will be interesting to see the Referee Appointments for Saturday
  10. paul bristow Fred Wood (13)

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    I’m glad I was I was able to play my part in providing that highlight for you last Saturday Sam. Great job by Linden Gunn last Saturday over here. But didn’t Linden referee these 2 teams earlier this season in a game, Whistle, which ended in a bit of controversy.
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  11. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Should be a great Day of GF Rugby at Conolly

    My Predictions - zero from 4 last week ?/

    Griffith 3rds to get up over the Deni Drovers by less than 10- both teams had similar scores in defeating the Hay Cutters in the last 2 weeks

    The Womens 10s will probably be the match of the day again after the last 2 Saturdays - like 3rd Grade both these teams had similar wins against the Minor Premiers (CSU REddies) and there doesn't look to be a struck match between them - Griffith to win by 7 or less

    2nd Grade - Waratahs won the major semi pretty easily against Aggies a fortnight ago and should again have a comfortable win - Aggies were much too good for City last weekend at Griffith on the live streaming but Waratahs will be a big mountain to climb on Saturday - Waratahs by 15 plus

    1st Grade - a no brainer - Waratahs by 25 plus - Aggies for some reason play their worst football against Waratahs and were at it again in the major semi - it will be Groundhog day again on Saturday
  12. yourmatesam Dick Tooth (41)

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  13. yourmatesam Dick Tooth (41)

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    3rd Grade – Griffith Blacks (2) v Deniliquin Drovers (3), Conolly Rugby Park 1030am kickoff. Referee: Warwick Strong

    Well, if there’s ever been a case of “Family Ties” in a game of rugby, this is it!! Check out the 7-8-9 Richardson Family combo here Kade to Staci to Mikah, not a bad combo I reckon!! Not to be outdone, the Griffith Blacks have pulled out a Father-Son combo with Bryn and his Dad Aled Francis running around together. How good is bush footy, throwing up these sort of connections!

    On the rugby front, these teams will need to put their travel bug to the side, and get over their hangovers quickly if they want to drink from the McMullen Cup tomorrow afternoon. Both teams have some speedy outside backs and if they can control the ball out there, there are points on offer. The key will be staying close enough to the forward packs to recycle the ball.

    The 3rd Grade game finished with a bit of feeling in it last week and discipline might be an important factor to consider during this game, let’s hope all 30 players can keep their composure for the full duration of the games!

    2nd Grade – Wagga Waratahs (1) v Wagga Ag College (2), Conolly Rugby Park 1210pm kickoff. Referee: Brendon Reynolds

    Will this game be a preview for the main game? No doubt there are players in both camps who have had their crack at the 1st Grade side and wouldn’t look out of place there in my view. I’m tipping a typically enthusiastic Ag College outfit will come out of the blocks with all guns blazing – the Tahs boys will be able to maintain their composure and that’ll be important for them. Nervous energy needs to be controlled by the boys in green also!!

    Waratahs beat Aggies 40-24 in the first week of the finals, but Aggies bested Waratahs 20-17 in their previous outing so they know they can get past Waratahs and will be looking to emulate that Round 10 victory again on Saturday. There’s no doubt that Waratahs have some very handy players on their roster in 2nd Grade and I think the key for Aggies will be to make the absolute most of the chances they have when they’re on offer. Waratahs will be looking to control this game and just keep their forwards rolling through, picking off defenders regularly and then flicking the ball to their slick backline and exposing their younger counterparts out wide.

    For Ag College, keep an eye on Liam Mowbray (4), Will Nixon (10) and Tareq Sorial (15), for Waratahs Nathanael Mooney (4), Sam Hobbs (10) and Shane Lutze (11) will be important. A special mention must also go to Sandy McEachern who is turning back the clock for Waratahs and bringing back some late 90’s experience to the table this weekend!

    Women’s – Wagga Waratahs (2) v Griffith Blacks (4), Conolly Rugby Park 2pm kickoff. Referee: James Martel

    This match has plenty to live up to, the Women’s games have been the highlight of the finals series for me. They play “heart in your mouth” type footy, throwing the ball around with abandon and tackling like troopers, the standard of footy in the girl’s competition has really lifted with the change to 10’s rugby which is great to see.

    The change to the 10-a-side format has meant that teams can no longer just pass the ball to the quickest player on their team, they now have to work to bend the defensive line and create space out wide. This means that there is more of a technical element to the game, which has opened up some roles for the playmaker 5/8 and the pilfering #7 to show their wares. Waratahs showed some really solid defence in their match with CSU two weeks ago and will definitely need to bring their A-game in that department as the Blacks will make them work hard around the ruck.

    Out wide, both teams have got equal measures of speed and agility, maybe the Blacks have an edge here with Australian Touch player Eliza Baddock running their outside backs. The Blacks showed one of the best set-piece moves seen all season against CSU last week, it cam off beautifully and saw them score one of the tries of the year. If they can keep this sort of good ball movement going, they’re going to be a handful out wide.

    Keep an eye on:
    Holly Stephens and Sophie Kirkby for Waratahs, these two are lynchpins for their team.
    Ua Ravu and Eliza Baddock for the Blacks. If these two can continue their form from last week, they’re going to be deadly.
  14. NeckThing Frank Row (1)

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    Great reports YMS - love them each year whilst I'm not active love checking in on the area. From the livestreams I've watched and the mail I've received here are my following predictions:

    3's - Don't know much about each side however always know the Cutters are a strong side and Tahs and Deni have both been able to put them away in consecutive weeks. Want to back Deni here but hard to tip against Tahs. Will back a huge night in Deni tomorrow as they come away winners by 3 points

    2s - Think Tahs will outclass Aggies here and demonstrate how strong they are as a club. Can't see them losing however a fired up WAC side will make them work. Tahs by 5-10

    Womens - Griffith are a quality side and have the same coach who was around for a couple years during the Leeton Dianas' dominance. Haven't heard much about the Waratahs womens side however will back Griffith - showed a lot of heart coming back against Reddies last week and will get up by 10 or so.

    1s - I would love to see Aggies get up and will back them to the moon - think the boys will be up for this and blow Waratahs away. Obviously Waratahs very hard to back against however I feel sometimes in sport you have to consider a sides heart over their skill and structure and thus I see Aggies somehow managing a win by less than 5.

    Evidently I'm back a bunch of close games tomorrow - should be a great day at Connolly. Looking forward to seeing all the matches on livestream after attending some Sydney Subbies grand finals tomorrow. All the best to players, coaches and referees tomorrow and hopefully next year we can have another cracking year of SIRU rugby. Hope that clubs like CSU and Leeton can bounce back and each club can be a force in 2020.

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  15. paul bristow Fred Wood (13)

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    Great grand final day. Watched the games on livestream. How good was it to be able to do that. Predictable results but all good games. What about the commentary of David Seruki in the Girls game. Griffith did well but once again it was Waratahs day.
  16. yourmatesam Dick Tooth (41)

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    I agree Paul, there was some great footy on display across all grades.

    The livestreaming is such a bonus, there are people dialling in across the globe to keep an eye on the footy!

    It was good to see such competitive footy in the main game, Aggies threw everything they had at Waratahs which was just awesome. Some solid defence was required for both teams.

    The first 15mins of the second half was the telling time in the game. Aggies parked down on Tahs tryline but unable to turn pressure into points. That 15-20mins of the game was where it was won/lost for me.

    Again, how good was the Women's game!! Crisp passing, brutal tackling and just flat out enthusiasm across the field. It took time for the game to take shape with Waratahs stifling the Blacks attack, eventually they were able to make sure Ua Ravu got to space and Waratahs just weren't able to shut her down. Also so good to see such solid support from the Blacks as a club, well done to all involved!
  17. paul bristow Fred Wood (13)

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    A good summary there Whistle. Leeton had struggled for as long as I can remember before Seru and Marika took over. Leeton are strongly invested in AFL, Soccer and Rugby League. They don’t have the population for a strong enough participation in a Rugby competition like Siru without a lot of imported players. The only trouble with this scenario is that locals, including juniors, feel opportunities are already taken up by the imported players in Rugby when choosing a sport. A catch 22. The CSU situation?? It will be a shame if there is no intervention from somewhere. Both great clubs. Let’s hope they find a way through the issues that face them. Waratahs can’t help dominating the competition. It’s unbelievable though that one club can attract the degree of cynicism that it does.
  18. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    The coaching Merry Go Round has kicked off already for next year
    Tumut & Wagga City have already called for nominations for all Grades - it will be interesting to see if both Morgan Grivas (Tumut) and James Curgenven (City) have finished up or both Clubs are just testing the market to see who might be out there
    Will Mitchell has finished up at Ag College after last saturday's decider
    That leaves Albury (Paul Mesarra), Griffith (Chris Morris), Leeton (Seru Roggo), CSU (Paul Hood) and Waratahs (Richard Skellern) as current leaders still standing at their respective Clubs
  19. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Apparently the Brumbies Provincial Team was playing in a Rep Tournament today in Canberra
    Nothing mentioned on the SIRU Website or Facebook page before the game ???

    What is going on here - Rep Rugby happening and nobody knows about it - does anyone know who was in the Brumbies Provincial Rep Team- some of those players wouldn't have played a game for nearly a monthh ??

    Who were the Brumbies Provincial players up against

    Looks like another smokescreen with the SIRU rep Program

    Any scores would be appreciated
  20. Reasoning Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Hi Whistle
    just found this article in the DA
    Not surprised there was no publicity before and after the Tournament after seeing the results
    The coach quotes the normal ya da ya da comments but seems like a tounament that nobody really cared about much
    Well done to the players who attended

    Brumbies Provincial Team beaten in both clashes

    The Brumbies Provincial Team lost both their Capital Cup games on Saturday.

    Five members of the Brumbies Provincial Team secured places in the Capital Cup merit side despite two losses in Canberra on Saturday.
    The provincial side, featuring plenty of Southern Inland talent, suffered a 24-10 loss to ACT Griffins in their first game before falling 36-10 to the Brumbies under 19s.
    Coach Nick McCarthy was still happy with the outing.
    "It was tough footy, but we expected that, and I think we did ourselves proud," McCarthy said. "The game against the Griffins I thought we did really well in."
    McCarthy thought they really matched the physicality of the Griffins however the under 19s proved too slick.
    "The speed they were able to play with and their structures after an extended amount of training proved too fast for us," McCarthy saidSouthern Inland forwards caught the eye with Tom Boyle, Rob Wiltshire and Eroni Naua making the merit side alongside winger Vaughn Scott and Braidwood's Riley Turner.

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