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Sydney Subbies 2019

Discussion in 'Subbies Rugby' started by fkj, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Merrylands also decided to parachute the fuck out of the comp with 2 weeks to go - forfeit last week against Mac uni and this week Canterbury, who will win the club championship by default
  2. Sully John Eales (66)

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    UnfortuneatlyI've had reports of poor behaviour in this thread. Having a look at the posts there is grounds to ban mambers on rule six

    And rule ten.

    I really don't want to do that guys. Please keep it civil.
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  3. HeavyB Bill Watson (15)

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    Brothers 2nd grade looking to set a new benchmark loss today.

    The 134-0 effort against HAC from 2018 could be under threat.
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  4. cheekymonkey Banned

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    They’d need to turn up first.
  5. HeavyB Bill Watson (15)

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    I know mate. I felt awful when I rocked up and saw what was happening.

    I knew we wouldn't have the numbers, as I said yesterday. If it was up to me, you guys would've been told as much days ago.

    Apologies. What a shit show
  6. Bernie Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Terrible off field incident today at Kerlie Park for Savers v Raptors. Ball being kicked into touch from penalty strikes unsited Savers stalwart on top of head rendering unconscious. In hospital with potential spinal injuries. Not good.
  7. The Sydney Rugby Ref Stan Wickham (3)

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    What an absolutely disgraceful turnout by the Brothers Club today - hang your collective heads in shame!

    Its time for the Brothers club to be relegated to the Halligans social comp I say. They don't offer anything to the Subbies comp - multiple forfeits throughout the season (both 3rds and 2nds today as an example) - and once again, one of their islander/ Fijian blow-ins was yellow carded (in 1st grade - according to Fusesport) for an illegal tackle (either a head high or without any arms in the tackle - take your pick.).

    Subbies Rugby can do without this lot - go back to "old mans"/ social rugby (the Halligans Cup), thats where this lot belong.

    Subbies needs more of the new age clubs like ROBs.

    Get rid of the old "has-been drift wood" I say.
  8. The Sydney Rugby Ref Stan Wickham (3)

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    So it appears ROBs put the sword to Blacktown today in 1st grade - just like I said they would earlier in the week. so much for BTown being dominant in the forwards and in the scrums.

    Blacktown will self-implode in the semis - also as I predicted.

    Good on ROBs - they will take out this division, and they will put the sword to all of the 'pretenders' - like B'town.

    Subbies needs the 'old'/ 'has been' clubs (and there is plenty of them out there - you know who you are.) to be well and truly put out to pasture, and new-age teams like ROBs to be grown, encouraged, and fostered into Subbies rugby - thats how Subbies rugby will survive into the future and be prosperous moving forward.
  9. The Sydney Rugby Ref Stan Wickham (3)

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    Looks like they "dogged" it. what a sorry state of affairs the Brothers club must currently be in for that to happen. quite shameful if you ask me.
  10. cheekymonkey Banned

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    All good mate. Every club has been there.
  11. Nath Bill Watson (15)

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    Who's the fvckin crybaby reporting others to the headmaster?

    Admit you're a low dog, ya low dog.
  12. meatpie Herbert Moran (7)

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    Not to far off for you there Pfitzy.
    I notice you had a 1st grade Shute shield player from west’s harbour this year? What’s the process for clearance.
    I think it’s great that these players come and give a boost to their local or junior clubs.
    Genuinely Interest in the process though.
  13. Heavyd Ron Walden (29)

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    Be gentle Heavyb
  14. The Sydney Rugby Ref Stan Wickham (3)

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    He retired after being yellow carded on Saturday against Beecroft

    He is now playing lawn bowls with Ernie Clonk and the rest of the 'blue rinsed' hair brigade..
  15. HeavyB Bill Watson (15)

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    I'd like to announce my comeback for Redfield Old Boys next season. I've already souvernered myself a jersey.

    She's a bit tight but apparently I'm the 3rd grade 13?
  16. ValleyGirl Bob McCowan (2)

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    Luckily no one asked you then.
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  17. HeavyB Bill Watson (15)

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    Can I borrow that Redfield jersey we flogged?
  18. Wooly Mammoth Frank Row (1)

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    what about the picket fencing?
  19. Crashy Alex Ross (28)

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    Attended the bobs vs forest game at Melwood. As a club they have the infra, player numbers and facilities to be in div 1 should they go up. They get a good crowd too. They have some big forwards and some pace out wide but not a lot of flair and creativity to threaten div 1 teams.
    I understand subbies want 10 clubs in div 1. Assuming Balmain drop to div 3 or lower, them the loss of 3 clubs will see a loss in strength in div 2. Apart from Robs, which clubs would want to go up?
  20. Heavyd Ron Walden (29)

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    Time for a shake up. Forest, Hunters Hill and St Pats to Div 1 to make it a 9 team comp featuring a bye round.

    Balmain relegated to oblivion and I reckon Knox could do with some rebuilding and is invited into Div 2. ROBs and Newport also up invited up to a DIv 2.

    Canterbury and harlequins up to DIv 3. Brothers and a northern Saints merge to close out DIv 3.

    Div 1
    Hunters Hill
    St Pats

    Div 2

    Div 3
    Brother Saints
    Hawkesbury Valley
    Sydney Harlequins.

    Geographically it works pretty well and DIV 1 in particular is filled with local derbies to help them build crowds.

    Only problem is DIV 4 and below would be in disarray. But they basically are anyway.

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