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Sydney Subbies 2019

Discussion in 'Subbies Rugby' started by fkj, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. meatpie Herbert Moran (7)

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    Forest are definitely one of the benchmark clubs off the field. Great events, SM and charity support.

    On a side note, how was BOBs any quality players? Or will they be back down to div3? Doesn’t look like they have the numbers atm.
  2. meatpie Herbert Moran (7)

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    I like it!
    I’m still baffled as to what has happened to HAC this season. I’m probably most excited about the DIv3 finals series. Hoping for a ROBs win but must give Blacktown cudos for coming up a division and really proving themselves.

    Finally how good for Mick Munroe...600 games for the Whales (and many more Tnews!!! Go well Meho!)
  3. Crashy Alex Ross (28)

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    BOBS first grade are pretty good - just a bit green with some big backs - they had some good wins this year vs Hunters Hill and Forest to name 2, and were in the game on Sat until the last minute when Forest slotted a penalty good to lead by 6. With the collapse of the northern beaches league comp a few of the Berowra Wallabies league team switched to rugby at Bobs so there is a bit of starch. Seconds are pretty good with a mix of young and old heads. Colts until this weekend ( where it was clear half the team fucked off to the snow) are a good team and in the finals - player numbers in the lower grades are the issue but on the upside they have a women's team this season for the first time ever so the club dynamic has changed a bit for the better. The school has a fantastic girls rugby program which means a flow of talent. Think they would like to stay up and just need to recruit / retain better. ( like all clubs). Didnt like the Forest crowd booing our players when they were taking conversions and penalties. Got into a nice stoush with a Forest fan when I voiced my displeasure at said booing.

    HeavyD - I think Lindfield could go up to Div 1.
    Clubs like Kings Old Boys who have 2 teams in Halligans should have a crack at Div 4 I reckon - subbies should start to push this.
  4. Crashy Alex Ross (28)

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    Meatpie - Know Monkey Munroe well and had a big chat with him on Sunday. ( his grandson plays at the Seaforth Raiders with my fella).
    He's been on the piss for 3 days with people coming from all over Aus to celebrate. He is obsessed with subbies! A true legend.
  5. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    I’m still baffled as to what has happened to HAC this season.

    The money ended. Not much else to it
  6. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    Looks good to me. Unfortunately not sure much of that will happen, particular around div 3. Not sure if Canterbury or Quins could do colts (although I think this should be optional anyway in div 3 - Its too much of a hurdle).

    What has actually happened at Balmain?? Surely they don't just dissappear? I can see them being in div 3.

    Re a brothers saints merge, I fear this ship has sailed. I was an advocate for the merge at the time it was being discussed this time last year, however as you can imagine if for some reason Newport were to be discussing a merge, old stubborn heads on either sides get in the way of any real progress.

    Short of a merge with Saints, Brothers won't be in division 3. We shouldn't have been there this year. What little playing stocks there are will certainly leave if we somehow remain in div 3 again. Subbies are as much to blame as anyone, all the feedback we ever get is "ohh no, you definitely don't want to go down". Then when we forfeit 3rd grade first game, "ohh what you forfeited 3rd grade!?!"
  7. Bernie Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Believe he scored a try in his 600th too!
    I often say playing rugby keeps me attached to any remaining youth i have.
    Reminds me of a few years back chatting to the 800+ game veteran from Canterbury Bruce Leigh about how he fell off a ladder in his backyard and landed on his head. Was told that the only reason he didn't end up in a wheelchair was because of his neck strength from kajillion scrums he has packed into over the years.
    Keep playing while you can...
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  8. Heavyd Cyril Towers (30)

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    Forest and Newport get the best crowds in Subbies but I do recall last year when we played BOB's they had a very strong turnout but that might of been back to Barker Day.

    The beauty of the below draw is there are 5 clubs within 15 minutes of each other which may well attract opposition supporters to attend away games and add to the atmosphere and $$ of all clubs.
    Div 1
    Hunters Hill
    St Pats
  9. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    I think the beauty of promoting Pats, HH and Forest is that you are promoting 3 teams who have a similar level of playing strength.

    I think the difficulty in the past with promotion from Div 2 to Div 1 has been clubs crashing back the next season due to the difference between the divisions. Nobody has any fun going up a level and getting flogged each week.

    There have been some exceptions to this in the last few years with Waves and BM enjoying solid seasons once promoted.

    It will also allow consolidation in Div 2 and allow Div 3 to shake up the clubs involved. I think it might be sensible to drop colts from Div 3 if it will allow Canterbury, Quins and Irish to come up.

  10. thetraitor Herbert Moran (7)

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    I agree. But sadly all this innovative thinking will mean nothing when Subbies go ahead and do what they've always done.
  11. Subbies_Bloke Frank Row (1)

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    Well lads its the triumphant return of Subbies Bloke here just in time for the Final Series (where I do my best work in tips) lets get the tips happening and the discussions rumbling, here are subbies blokes tips for the first weekend of Div 2 Finals series

    4th Grade

    Hills v Lindfield - Both teams have been the bench mark in this grade this year with one win a piece in the regular season, too close to call this one but i think the Hills boys will just pip Linfield and head to their 4th Grand Final in 5 years.

    Pats v Hunters Hill - Surely Pats here to get over Hunters, Pats have been shaky this season, dropping a few of the games they should have picked up and find themselves in 3rd. Hunters to wave bye bye to the finals series this weekend.

    3rd Grade

    Hills v Lindfield - Lindfield the bench mark all season, 14 wins from 14 games and 14 bonus points, untouchable some would say, The only team all year that looked like getting close to matching them was Hills. I'm going with Lindfield here in a tight one, by 3.

    UNSW v Hunters Hill - Another year, another UNSW stack-a-thon. Just like they did in 4th Grade last year UNSW surprise us again with a completely different team heading into the final series. Hunters Hill youthful and speed out wide. I'm picking Hunters here to beat the stackers.


    Forest v Pats - Forest here by plenty, the bench mark and will go on to take it out the Robertson Cup.

    Lindfield v BOB's - The Barker lads have somehow, snuck in to the 4 here. Got absolutely toweled last weekend by Forest. But have beat will have some stiff competition here from Lindfield. Lindfield hitting the straps at the right time of season, for that im going to pick them by 7.

    2nd Grade

    Hunters Hill v Forest - This Game is wide open, Hunters Hill have carried the torch in the comp all year but some shaky results for both teams leading into this game not ideal, flip a coin for this one, and lads its landed on heads, will go with the Minor Premiers, Hunters by 5.

    UNSW v Lindfield - Beating the minor premiers last week will do the confidence a world of good for Lindfield heading into this one. However, UNSW made a statement last weekend crushing Hills 40+ also what you want to build the momentum heading in. im picking Lindfield to advance by 3.

    1st Grade

    Forest v Pats - What a cracker this is going to be 1 v 2, tight games throughout the season. Forest big boys will come into play early i believe and get the early points on the board, but i see Pats climbing back with fitness and skill to book there place in the Barraclough GF. Pats by 7.

    Hills v Hunters Hill - Well where the bloody hell did Hunters come from here? the first half to the season was an absolute mess and disarray. But, somehow have got their shit together to make another Div 2 finals series. Hills coming off some strong performances in the past few weeks and playing finals for the first time in a long time. with this game in the balance and meaning so much to both teams (Hunters = redemption & Hills = Finals footy for the first time in years) i think that the Hills boys are going to show the enthusiasm and flare to get them into the second week of the finals. Hills by 2.

    There you have it lads, let me hear your houghts
  12. Heavyd Cyril Towers (30)

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    Div 3

    3rds Major Semi - Beecroft vs Iggies. Plenty of higher grade talent oozing through both teams and this will be a high quality encounter. Going to go with Beecroft only as they probably have a bit more toughness in them in the forwards. However if Iggies can get in front early Beecroft discipline is poor and they can become very niggly which under proper semifinal officialdom could penalise them of the park

    3rds Minor Semi - Newport vs ROBS. My concern here for Newport is as the only club with all grades in semis they are spread to thin. They should have comfortably put ROBs away in round 13 but let them back for a draw. (Question - are colts eligible for 3rds?) If some of ROBs colts play it could make the difference but assuming they cannot I will go with Newport..just

    Colts - Major Semi. Newport vs Beecroft. The Breakers have been the standout side all year although Beecroft present an enormous challenge. Some really tough finals footy awaits in both colts games but I will go with the minor premiers to eventually subdue a willing Beecroft.

    Minor Semi - Blacktown vs Iggies. The big boppers vs set piece private school finesse. I think Blacktown can barge their way to victory as long as their discipline holds. If not Iggies will destroy them particularly if any cards get handed out as they will maximise any overlaps with their sharp backline.

    2nd grade Major Semi. ROBs vs Beecroft. Will go with Redfield whom thumped is a few rounds back at home. They will prove to quick out wide for Beecroft whom will dominate the set piece but may lack to class in thebacks.

    Minor Semi - Newport vs HAC. These teams played last week and saw a close HAC victory. HACs only opportunity in semis this year and think they will be too big and too strong for the stretched Newport club.

    1st grade . Major Semi ROBs vs Blacktown. Played last week with ROBs coming from behind to beat Blacktown. Think it will happen here again with the Blacktown boys fitness ultimately proving the deciding factor. Should be a great game though.

    Minor Semi - Newport vs Iggies. This is a coin toss. Both sides very evenly matched and 1-1 for the season. I’ll go with Newport but only out of loyalty but it could go either way.

    Final comment. Finals are notoriously hard to pick with stacked grades very hard to pick prior and my experience is the less grades qualified the more chance of victory as you can bring the best of your club to bare. Let’s just hope overzealous refereeing doesn’t destroy these games and the use of yellow cards is done so in a prudent manner. Go well refs.

    Newport 4
    ROBS 3
    Beecroft 3
    Iggies 3
    Blacktown 2
    HAC 1
  13. Rumour Ronald Herbert Moran (7)

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    Excluding div6 (farkn hell Pfitzy) , I was 1 wrong and 2 draws last week.. pretty good by me

    Tips this week,
    Wakes, Savers, convicts, lions, dukes, Irish, Quins, Iggies, Robs, Hunters Hill, Pats, Waves, Shammies, Reds, Mountains
  14. The Sydney Rugby Ref Stan Wickham (3)

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    Prudent manner?! What a ridiculous thing to say/ write.

    We will go well...not sure if Subbies players will cope with the extra pressure of finals rugby.
  15. The Sydney Rugby Ref Stan Wickham (3)

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    Pfitzy is playing lawn bowls with HeavyB and Ernie...
  16. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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  17. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    Iggies up 26-0 before half time. How good to see super rugby players in division 3 suburban rugby.
  18. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    According to Fusesport, Jono Jenkins has played 4 games for Iggies this season. Does that qualify you for finals?

    They have won all those matches - 4/4 and they are 4/10 without him
  19. John S Bob Loudon (25)

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    Easy up tiger
  20. Heavyd Cyril Towers (30)

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    No exc

    No excuses for Newport. I wasn’t out there today but 4 teams in semis was always going to stretch us. Can’t see anything other than a deserving GF for Blacktown vs ROBs. Two best teams all year so with or without him fancy ROBS over Iggies.
    Glad our colts got up in 7-1 try flogging as they deserve to be GF favourites as they have some very good players.

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